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If the other books on the Riley Jenson series got a 2, this one gets a half star. I barely even read it. Okay, I read it, but I half skimmed it, finishing it in one hour. It probably has to do with the fact that the most interesting things in the series were not in the book namely psycho guardian Vampire and extremely old masochist vampire who keeps coming back for Riley.

Even the entire mystery/investigation the directorate was after in this particular book was half-assed. They had TWO investigations going on, unlike the other books where there was one investigation which was streamlined into an entire story arc.

This book seemed like an attempt to introduce more potential men into Riley's bed (which thankfully, hasn't happened yet. She has kept to the 'three men' rule ... or the author has anyway... in which there are only three significant men in one book and all the rest are one night stands...) and eliminate some of them.

Although Kellen has been given time in this book, he just doesn't fill the role Quinn has left behind. Even though Kellen is alpha, Quinn, apparently, is more so. So Kellen has issues about being less 'manly' than vampire. (Ok, this just gives me a weird Anita flash back about her triumvirate and Richard, Anita and Jean-Claude)

It has solidified my belief though, that even if there might be MORE introductions in the future, the author will not place anyone other than Quinn in the role of Riley's soulmate. Even if he is a vampire and goes againts her motherly instinct (which I can't get anyway since she's sterile too... even if she's temporarily fertile right now).

The only thing worth mentioning in this book is Dia's prophesy about what will happen in Riley's life choices, which although prophetic for Riley herself, doesn't really come as a shock to me. Obviously she'd have difficulty with monogamy and obviously the choice that's going to be offered to her isn't something that she would normally think of. Her brother is obviously one of the men in her life, the other is Quinn, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the remaining person is going to be filled by Cole... or maybe it's Shadow..., although all bets are off, and I DEFINITELY do not think it's going to be Kellen.

More over, I just knew this was going to be how the book was going to end, simply becuase it is the pattern of how all of Riley's decicions have been taking. She doesn't want to commit most of the time (because she's a wolf) and when she finally decides she wants to, her chosen mate decides he can't. I mean, I understand if it even CAME from the same guy (albiet it has given me endless frustration), but Kellen and Quinn are two different animals all together and apparently have different twists on the same issues. Kellen isn't more alpha than Riley and Quinn can't handle the polygamy. Kellen decides he doesn't want to commit until Riley quits her job, and Quinn has already decided he wants her but Riley can't because he's infertile and has betrayed her trust.

For someone who advises heaps of compromise for her brother, Riley just doesn't find compromise.

This series NEEDS to end. Just one more book to end all of the romantic entanglements because the cycle is repetitive and old. New characters and a new story might get her into a new and better perspective in her story telling and might get her out of the cyclic, I want to be with you but can't angle. Her directorate investigations are good. The world building shows promise, it's all of these issues dealing with sex (the author wanting to show that she is a progressive thinker) and monogamy and basically romantic entanglements that have me throwing this against the wall. The only reason I managed through this book was because as I said it showed some promise... If the author actually fixes the 'romance' it might be worth reading again.

Date: 2008-02-22 08:57 pm (UTC)
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Hell, can you imagine this series if she would just leave the "romance" or sex relationships out? It would rock. Especially if we didn't have Riley whining all the time or being sexed up for information. This is pretty much how Anita is on the whole relationship thing. She advises compromise for everyone else, but doesn't follow it herself in the later books. Plus, I really don't understand the characters interest in getting a "normal" family or kids. Her personality doesn't lend itself to the monogamy or domestic situation much less the genetic changes she has gone through. I wish she would drop that topic as well as it is getting old. Hell, the whole theme of Riley herself is getting old as you said...repetitive. I don't know if the author is trying to show herself progressive (LKH went through that too which bit her in the butt with the introduction of the ardeur and not researching the BSDM community better), but it is falling flat.

I have to ask, what were your favorite parts and characters? And why? Just curious. I don't have many people I can talk honestly with about this series because they all get defensive for liking it. I have no problem with that, but I hate having someone tell me I am not a *true* fan of urban fantasy because I don't like this series.

Date: 2008-02-23 04:36 am (UTC)
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*snort* not a TRUE fan of urban fantasy because you don't like this? There are BETTER series for urban fantasy with moderate sex and more story progression than this. Just because it has potential doesn't mean it's automatically good.

I like the book when Riley was looking for Rhoane, and the book where they went undercover to get Starr... books 1 and 2 right? That's the story arcs I like plotwise since all of the other plots involve getting Riley's ova or pregnant in some version or the other, and that as a plot device is not something I like to read about. She's infertile, why do they keep trying to get her eggs? And the last book's plot wasn't really hashed out well enough, hence the two investigations at once. Romance wise, nothing, since nothing EVER happens because everyone has major issues.

Character wise... hmmm sometimes I like Rhoane, especially since he takes advice from his sister... unlike said sister. And he cares for her. The only times I don't like him is with Liander when he gets stubborn about that, but he solves that pretty quickly. I like Quinn too, ha, even if he calls Riley a whore half of the time. Maybe because I like the way he protects her, and sort of understands why he controls her the way he does. Different types of love and all. Of course I understand why Riley would get mad at him for it, but I understand why he does it. He just needs a different tactic than warewolf whore to tell her off. Dia is also a good character, even if she only appeared in book 3 and book 5 and is a minor one at that.

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