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banked-flame:a maiko big bang

Yes, it's a Mai x Zuko Challenge. Come and join the fun :) *grins*
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A series of one-shots involving the Fire Lord and his relationship with his lady. Rated from T to MA (PG-13 to NC-17)

Control || Like Moths to the Flame || Circling Dragon, Rising Phoenix || Possession || Turtle-duck || Killing Me Softly

However, since it's a series of oneshots, it could seriously be read without the smutty elements in this order:

Like Moths to the Flame || Circling Dragon, Rising Phoenix || Turtle-duck

This fic is also available in FF.N and AO3.
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Title: Killing Me Softly
Author: [ profile] ice_of_dreams
Rating: NC-17/MA
Characters: the gAang, Mai & Zuko
Pairing: Mai/Zuko
Warnings: (highlight to reveal) sounding, shibari, anal beads Again, set in the Control!verse, but again, is largely stand alone.
Summary: Zuko confesses to Mai that he's bored. Mai tries to relieve him of his boredom the only way she knows how.

I'm going to shower, dress and think of you the entire day. )
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Story Title: Turtle-duck
Rating: T/PG-13
Pair ups: Mai/Zuko
Mai and Zuko prepare for the next generation.

Warnings: none, again post season 3.  Another one-shot set in the control!verse. And for some very bizarre reason, I deleted the fic so I'm reposting -_-;

Oh and a little plug BEFORE ANYTHING

We're discussing the possibility of a Maiko big bang here. I'd really appreciate it if you'd comment if you want to write for it. (Or if you want to find out what it is)
here be turtle-ducks )
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Story Title: Circling Dragon, Rising Phoenix
Rating: T/PG-13
Pair ups: Mai/Zuko, implied Suki/Sokka; everybody's here.
The wedding of the Fire Lord to his lady.

No warnings. Post season 3. And... there, I hope you enjoy :) This is largely a stand-alone fic, but mostly I made it for the Control!verse, Like Moths to the Flame precedes this. But reading that is not necessary to understand.

Let me be the Heaven and you the Earth. Let me be the sun, and you its wearer. )
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So I was reading over the weekend. a lot of Mai x Zuko Avatar goodness. And out of the blue Charlie x Draco pops up (and I can't even begin to explain the many ways that that's just plain weird... because... I stopped reading Potter at book 2, and the mere fact that I had to look up who the hell Charlie Weasly was in GOOGLE is a mere testament to its weirdness.)

That said, I actually read most of the CharliexDraco fics out there and then slid in to another weird shipfest, Supernatural Castiel x Dean. Oh Well, there, I just can't begin to imagine the ways that that's plain wrong. First off I ship them at the beginning of Season 4, where Castiel was just some ambigous sound and fluttering against the light and burns out Pamela's eyes. (And in this case, though I do KNOW who Castiel is, I had to google the guy to remember his face, becuase it's been a year since I last watched this show.)

Now well, I got into the ship (and my brain was blown into kingdom come) quite literally, and I had to WATCH Castiel in season 4 now, right? So anyway, though this show, Supernatural, is not really scary, and a lot of it is a bit overdone, I really really watch the show because of the humor in it.

I mean really, at the beginning, they pay homage to the X-files by Dean alluding that he and Sam were Scully and Moulder. And the references to a lot of TV shows and real figures are just so hilarious that you have to watch it for mere laughs.

My most FAVORITE episode, though has to be Season 4 Ep 18: The Monster at the End of this Book, wherein a writer ... well writes about them, and Sam and Dean find out. Oh GOD, just coming to terms with their fans was sheer winner. "Oh it gets better." "What's slash?" "You know, Sam SLASH Dean." .... "They do know we're brother's right???" Oh God, face-palm right there. And if in season 1 I didn't care much for the acting I so love it now. Bwahaha, they should have let the writer write up to Castiel. I'd want to know what Dean's reaction to a Cas SLASH Dean is. Bwahaha.

BUT the real winner for me is the prophet's words saying: "Writing yourself in teh story as one thing, but as a prophet? That's M. Night level douchiness."

And there.

That's why Supernatural is a winner for me. Because they're not scared to say the truth. And they're not scared of evil fan girl slash either. It's the entire reason why the show reached Season 6 even though they only planned for 5 seasons.

shippy ships )
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Story Title: Possession
Rating: NC-17/MA
Pair ups: Mai/Zuko
Mai asks Zuko if they could try something new. Again.

Warnings: Ho hum... what to say about this uh hum post season 3. An attempt at writing threesome, but then NOT. Oh, and a little bit of crossdressing. I think this falls under... PWP.

Another stand alone that can be read after Circling Dragon, Rising Phoenix.

This was written for the pure smut factor (because I haven't written Maiko smut in a while, which was one of the reasons for my fic writing). Otherwise, we'll have a plot going.

You may touch this body, but I belong to Mai )
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Story Title: Like Moths to the Flame
Rating: R/M
Pair ups: Mai/Zuko
Mai wants the world to know that the Fire Lord has chosen her, but Zuko resists the way she wants to go about it.

Warnings: Just a little tie me up, tie me down. Some innuendo. Nothing explicit. And post season 3.

Set after Control. However that's an NC-17 fic, and if you're uncomfortable with that, a completely sanitized version of that fic can be foundhere and of course this fic can stand alone. Sort of like Zuko.

Despite the fact that I don't seem to care. I do care about you. )
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Story Title: Control
Rating: NC-17 / MA
Characters: Mai/Zuko
Summary: Being Fire Lord, Zuko has learned that in any relationship, control is necessary. And he and Mai control each other rather well.

Because I don't get why it just has to be Mai, or it just has to be Zuko.

Warnings: light BDSM, post season 3.

She didn't like losing control in public places. She leaned against a wall. It was so against her character to be anything but bored in a public gathering )
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It's one of the anime I watched while growing up. It was really hard to look for subs of this, but I found some dubs online. Which was ... yech. I liked the Tagalog dubs better (a first), because Zorro was written in Spanish ruled California, therefore the words Commandante Raymundo rolled off the tongue better, and was more apt than Commander Raymond. And of course they changed Diego de la Vega's name to Diego Vega! Since Tagalog has a lot of borrowed words from Spanish, and since a lot of what was happening at the time was parallel to what was happening in the Philippines, I had (mistakenly) thought that Zorro had been a Filipino story before I grew up and found out it was translated into Tagalog for children.

That being said here are some episodes I managed to hunt down, and if you ever stumble on them online give me a holler.

Kaiketsu Zorro in Youtube, dubbed in english, with select episodes making it look like one movie.

Episode 8 English dub, done in two parts, in you tube.

Episode 44 English sub, with German(?) dub. I like this better than the English dub. Mostly Gabriel centric, the uploader took out parts without gabriel in it.

I can't find more but it seems most of it was uploaded in Spanish and Polish. I approve of the Spanish dub, except that the sound quality makes it ... sound so much dubbed.

Anyway if you stumble on english sub drop me a line too.
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I'm soooo happy, this october, the re-written Masques will finally come out! Although the story is going to be the same (I loved all the characters and the plot), there are some changes which I think will be for the better.

There were some abupt POV changes in the book, from Aralorn to Wolf in one scene which sometimes made for confusing reading. and of course something that most authors with lots of books under their belt never do anymore. So I think she might have fixed these errors.

Anothing thing she fixed is that a lot of Wolf and Aralorn's past is told from backstory and there are new scenes and an entirely new perspective on it.

Not to mention that the original Masques has been out of print for some time now, and in November the sequel, Wolfbane will be out, so a good refresher would be to buy it. I am SOOO happy that my father is going to be in the US this october (and me too if I get my VISA), so that I could get this book!

I can't hold my excitement.

Here's a sample chapter from Patricia Brigg's site ( I hold this mask on my face... )
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It's the wedding of the Fire Lord and his lady. With their lives afterwards.

Like Moths to the Flame || Circling Dragon, Rising Phoenix || Turtle-duck

This fic is also available in FF.N and AO3.
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... why stop at one? I would change the entire casting of The Last Airbender using a different cast.


( Discussed further here... )
I realize belatedly that I don't have native americans (this is due to my lack of exposure to them and not because of lack of want) for the film, but I'm welcome to suggestions.
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In an effort to promote Dakota Fanning as Jeanelle Angelline (of the Black jewels Trilogy) I made a few icons for everyone :)

[7] Jeanelle Angelline icons


spiralling down... )
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After more than 10 years of looking for an artist for Rend, I finally found one with superb coloring skills!!! The art leans more toward bleach than Ranma in Takahashi verse, but I am content with this work.

Check out the picture of rend!

( cover art for rend )

Please leave comments in his deviant art if you have a deviant art account. :)

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about:
Rendezvous with Fate is a really old fanfic I wrote when I was in high school. Have pity on my high schooler's pen. It's a Ranma 1/2 fanfic set in medieval Japan. I might write another medieval Japan fanfic becuase I just have so much research that spilled over from rend!

Here are the stuff that supplement rend scattered throughout this journal:
Map of Japan with Ranma daimyo influences [here]
Japanese Feudal Hierarchy [here]
Rendezvous with Fate fanart [here]

In a world where Akane never knew Ranma, never knew the Saotomes and is currently married to Ryoga Hibiki, she's never been more content.. Until she dies. She finds herself in the past, in the body of Kodachi and married to Ranma. Now she's lost.
Genre: Alternate Universe/ Medieval Japan
Main story link: [here]

Other posts related to Rendezvous with Fate, inspiration, basis etc. [here]

for someone standing at the peak of happiness it's an obligation...
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I found this over at [ profile] queenmidalah's blog.

I tested it over the last paragraph of Rend, when Nabiki and Sei are having a mother daughter talk.

I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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I recast everyone OLDER, (because it's very difficult for me to go searching for child stars, in an ideal world it would all have been auditions etc, but since this is just fancy.... I don't know any native american actors, so if you have suggestions in that department, feel free to comment.)
The Cast & a VIDEO AUDTION for Aang )

[ profile] naru_naoe and I talked about this, and though the photoshopping sucks at the moment (I have things I musts do), we already also have the minor characters plotted out.

Zhanwei Wang as Aang. Zhangwei Wang was first seen as the bully in Karate Kid (2010), he knows kung fu, and he can act. Of course Aang is a happy-go-lucky kid compared to his role in Karate Kid, but at least we know that he can act.

Miao Xie (or Miu Tse depending on your romanization) for Zuko. Miao Xie is actually best known for being Jet Li's on screen son in "My Father is a Hero"/"Jet Li's Enforcer" (a personal favorite of mine) and "The New Legend of Shaolin". I know a lot of fans want Dante Basco here, but, though Dante Basco is Zuko's voice, I think it would be better to cast at least the main characters as Chinese as Zuuko is mainly a Chinese influenced character.

Jet Li as Ozai. I've wanted to see Miu Tse as Jet Li's onscreen son again.

Jacki Chan as Iroh. Comedy and action in Iroh. Jacki Chan was the first person who came to my mind.

Zhang ZiYi as Azula. Zhang Ziyi could do a pretty mean crazy when she wants to. And her fight scenes in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as well as House of Flying Daggers was a must see. Zhang Ziyi doesn't actually know kung fu but rather uses dancing moves in her fighting, a little bit hard if she's cast in Azula's role for the military hard style but could be improvised.

Chow Yun Fat as Roku. Seen him in Confucious? Although if Mr. Miyagi or Mr. Mako was still around they'd be better.

Now... well here we have some non-Chinese cast in the roles, because outside of the Fire Kingdom, I think it was more vague. For example, I always thought the water tribe looked darker and a bit more Native American soo....

Summer Glau for Katara. Katara's moves are all very fluid and not a lot of her bending is about kung fu. Summer Glau has shown in "Serenity" that she could pretend to fight using her ballerina skills. Also she fits in the water tribe, she looks like she has ambigious ancestry too.

Dante Basco as Haru. Again, although a lot of people would like to cast him as Zuko, I think he should give the chance to others and play a more minor role. Plus he looks more of a Haru than a Zuko. His dancing would make the bending fine.

Dev Patel as Jet. Although Dev Patel was cast as Zuko, he doesn't fit into Zuko's looks. I think he'd do more of a Jet. Nuff said.

Conchita Campbell as Toph. I really really wanted to give this to Dakota Fanning. Seriously, it's hard to find child actors to fit this tally sheet. And it's difficult to find someone who could play blind. But then I remembered 4400 and Conchita Campbell. She could do serious and blind well.

More Minor Cast:

Dichen Lachnan as Mai. She's half-Tibetan and half-Australian. I know her best from the series "Dollhouse" where she mostly played a Korean/Asian roles for Sierra.

Amuro Namie as Ty Li. [ profile] naru_naoe wanted a dancer for Ty Li and immidiately thought of Japanese singer/dancer Amuro Namie.

Gina Hiraizumi as Suki. We had to search for new upcoming Asian faces for her. We really couldn't think of anyone. To be honest, we only chose her because other people thought she was someone to watch out for.

Maggi Q as Kiyoshi. Same reasons as Hiraizumi. (see Suki)

Morena Baccarin as Yue. We wanted Brazilian actress Morena Baccarin from "Firefly" to come join the mix. Completely minor, but when we remembered how beautiful she looked in firefly as Inara, we remember how beautiful Yue as a moon goddess is.
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I am not quick to judge an author in Plagiarism, I think that there are only so much material in books and therefore it is difficult to find ideas that are completely new.

However, I really can't stomach Sunny's Monere series.

I vowed not to read this series AGAIN ever, but I think someone needs to point out all the similarities in Sunny and Bishop's Dark Jewels and LKH's Meredith Gentry Series.

If you have more lines to add, not themes, but exact lines of the books that are the same in Sunny's Monere series and other books comment and we'll add it. Honestly. This has got to stop.

"Each territory is ruled by a Queen," Gryphon answered. "And the land is divided into many territories."
--Sunny, Mona Lisa Awakening


The Blood villages within a District would look after, and treat fairly, the landen villages that were bound to them. The District Queens would serve in the Province Queen's court. The Province Queens, in their turn, would serve the Territory Queen, who was chosen by the majority of the darker-Jeweled Blood, both male and female, because she was the strongest and the best.
-- Anne Bishop, Daughter of the Blood

They are full-blooded warriors, stronger and faster than you. Fear not, you will be drawn to them in the same manner as you are drawn to me
--Sunny Mona Lisa Awakening


It wasn't just the magic that had drawn the males. It was the inner radiance housed ithin those female bodies, a luminescence that some men had craved as much as they might have craved a light they could see glowing in a window when they were standing out in the cold. They had craved that light as much as they had craved being sheathed in the sweet darkness of a woman's body, if not more.
Males had become Blood because they'd been drawn to both.
-- Anne Bishop, Daughter of the Blood

"If Mona Sera detects the intimate scent of her men upon you, she will slay you all. She will kill you because she will see you as attempting to take her territory, her men. She will destroy the men who dare touch you because she will view it as betrayal against herself, a rejection. And as you can see," he grimaced and gestured at himself, "the lady does not take rejection well. If, in the unlikely event the men manage to constrain themselves, do what you can to seduce one or two—all would be best—and make them yours.
-- Mona Lisa Awakening


Sholto was one of the Queen’s Guard, which meant he couldn’t sleep with any sidhe except her. She didn’t share her men, not with anyone. The punishment for breaking the taboo was death by torture.
-- Meredith Gentry

An entire scene here... with Gryphon and Mona Lisa in Mona Lisa Awakening mimicks Doyle and Merry's scene in A Kiss of Shadows. Where Gryphon and Doyle are both wounded and Mona Lisa and Merry are wearing nothing underneath their night shirt and though Mona Lisa convinces Gryphon to lie with her, in Merry and Doyle's case, Merry didn't tease Doyle but brought him with magic accidentally.

In fact, Gryphon mimicks Doyle to the extent that Gryphon is also a Falcon and Doyle is an Eagle.

There has never been a Mixed Blood Queen before.
-- Mona Lisa awakening


Meredith is the first half-sidhe Queen in Unseelie court.

As you see, males may gain power from joining with a Queen
-- Mona Lisa Awakening


"No one who has not become a god can sleep with Merry until we understand what the chalice and the Goddess want
-- Seduced by Moonlight
Doyle referring to Merry bringing back the Raven's godhead through sex.

Demon dead was perhaps a more accurate description. They were not creatures from hell as we think of them, although they did live there—in Hell, that is. Demon dead are Monère who died, yet retained enough psychic energy to sustain their existence in another realm—a forever twilight where no life, no colors, existed
-- Sunny, Over the Moon Anthology, Mona Lisa Three


He'd never feared anything in Hell, but he'd always felt an aching despair for the cildru dyathe, the demon-dead children. In Hell, the dead retained the form of their last living hour. This cold, blasted Realm had never been a kind place, but to look upon those children, to see what had been done to them by another's hand
-- Daughter of the Blood

And another disturbingly SAME scene:

"You… uh, you're not going to eat me, are you?"

"Not yet," he growled. "My hunger for you is too great for such restraint this first time."

"Amber," I said almost desperately as his head dipped down, as I felt the brush of his lips and the alarming edge of his teeth stroke over the base of my neck where my pulse bounded suddenly like a desperate thing. As he lingered over it, fear and desire pumped my heart equally. A delicious combination, that edge of danger. But only if I knew there truly wasn't any.

"Amber," I said more sharply. He lifted his head, his nostrils flaring, his eyes dilating as he breathed in my fear-tanged arousal. "I mean as a meal. You don't see me as food, do you?"

He shook his head as if coming out of a daze. His eyes still looked cold, inhuman, but his voice, his voice was the Amber I knew and loved, warm with reassurance… and a bit of amusement. "No, love. I want to fuck you. Not eat you."

"Oh good." The tension left my body, leaving an almost painful, sagging relief in its wake.

His body shook. His breath hitched against my skin as he bent his head once more to my neck. "Amber." Alarm kicked in once more. Had I hurt his feelings?

His head remained lowered.

"Amber, you're not… crying, are you?"

"No," he choked, his breath huffing against me.

"Look at me."

He did. Mirth danced in his eyes, not tears.

"Beast," I said succinctly.

"Don't worry," he choked out, "not too much of one."

His body shook with the laughter he was trying to suppress. "Don't be mad, my love." But his words were ruined by the shaking merriment of his heaving body, and he suddenly lost the battle. A shout of laughter burst out. Then another, and another, until he was fairly howling with it, shaking against me not with lust but with hilarity.

Oh, the bastard! He was laughing at me!
---- Sunny, On the Prown Anthology, Mona Lisa Betwining


"Are we having fun here, Doyle, or are you going to eat me?" My voice was a little steadier, firmer.

"This first time I would not trust myself to put my mouth to such tender places."

It took me a second to realize that he had misunderstood me. "I don't mean eat me in the euphemistic sense, Doyle. I mean, am I food?" My voice sounded utterly calm now, ordinary. Pinned to the bed by his body, his eyes still animalistic and wild, and I sounded like I was in the office, talking business.

He blinked and I saw the confusion in his eyes. I realized that I was asking him to think too deeply. He'd given himself over to a piece of himself that he rarely let out. That part didn't think like a person.


He put a hand back to touch the blood on his back, as if he hadn't felt it until that moment. He propped himself up on one elbow and stared at the blood on his hands. Then he threw back his head and laughed, laughed until he collapsed on top of me again, and when he finished laughing, he cried.

--- LKH A Caress of Twilight

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I really tried to like this, but the writing style simply isn't something I would go for. World building is unique, we are at an alternate Boston, where zombies and demons are a result of the plague and are all lumped together in a zone that the humans had called dead town. Enter Victory Vaughn who kills demons for a living. It's unique amongst a saturated market of urban fantasy.

Although a lot of people have read demon killing females before, I promise that Vicky's fights are unique and the demonology, based largely on Welsh Mythos, is also a fresh take.

What I personally didn't like about the book was the writing style. The author falls into the trap of trying to explain her entire world in her initial chapters, which makes reading the story an info dump. There were a lot of cliched lines in the book, in weirdly written sentences: "He died for you, how DARE you dishonor his sacrifice!" see.

Vicky was an uninspiring lead, who also comes across as completely bipolar. In one segment she goes from "You BITCH!" one minute and being sober asking what the world means the next.

And if the lead was uninspiring, her supporting characters were completely unlikeable. Tina was just plain idiotic, Kane was too activist to be likeable, Daniel who was too boring to be remarkable and Juliet thefiller roommate vampire, because urban fantasies need vampires in the stories. Tina through sheer stupidity almost gets the lead killed a dozen times, which she seems barely sorry for and doesn't ever learn from. Kane's lobbying for human rights is always more important than Vicky (understandable, as it really is more important) which, if Vicky does not commit to, or Kane does not give enough down time with Vicky, something I'd rather they broken off completely than keep filling up pages I had to read. In fact, I really wonder why Vicky would actually try and look at these two men when she says if she gives birth, she will lose her shifting powers completely.

The plot was predictable, and not even worth the read through for a mystery. As a social-political book, it lacked the focus on the paranormal's rights because Vicky was not interested in the politics. So, a good world-building, does not make up for a bad plot and extremely unlikeable characters. The book is a waste of time and money. I'd much rather read Lillith St. Crowe's Jill Kismet or Dante Valentine (first two books only) if I wanted to read a demon slaying urban fantasy, or Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson if I wanted to read paranormals trying to get rights for themselves. Both are better written than this.
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OMG. The book is very, very aptly named. It's a good thing a few bookstores outside US released this early or I would have gone on a Dresden starvation early.

What to say about the book. Wow. It was... just mroe than most of the other books. It was the "movie" of the Dresden Files. You saw everyone who was still breathing, a lot of things were given "Aha!" moments, and it quite literally was a very surprising, touching and crazy book all together. A lot of sad moments too and the first time that an ending from the Dresden files had me looking for the next release date of the book. (becuase yes, there is this weird cliff hanger at the end of the book! Argh!)

I love the pop culture of this book, and yes, I am always a fan of the sarcasm.

I am just thoroughly amazed at how many women fall at Dresden's feet. It's quite a growing number.

Changes, is truly a big leap, and a definite ending to the Dresden Files as we know it. I wonder what will be next. Damn it. April 2011, I better have time to read this book.

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