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I love to read. Depending on the month and availability of said fiction, I read either fanfiction or real books.

I've written in several fandoms, but my most Epic work has been Rendezvous with Fate, a Ranma 1/2 AU, which needs a lot of polish becuase I started writing that when I was 12. It can be found in and fanart for that series can be found here. :) I'll be linking but give me a minute.

I've several started and semi on hiatus fics in Inu-Yasha (I need to read the ending and watch it for me to FINISH, but I think I will finish it. It has been plotted out.)

And my latest addiction to writing has been Avatar: the last airbender, on the Zuko x Mai/ Mai x Zuko variety. :p

Reading fanfiction, I read mostly whatever GOOD writing there is. Ranma 1/2 back when I was writing, but too much dead ends there lately, never got into Inu Yasha because there were too many fan girls, Avatar: anything with Zuko haha, FMA anything with Roy, and Supernatural Dean/Castiel only. Oh... and the tiny indulgence of CharliexDraco in potter dom

@ Fanfiction.Net (All my fics, but with the issues there, well... sanitized version of the fics)
@ An Archive of Our Own(currently Avatar only)
@ Ficwad
@ Media
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As for real live books, I read romantic fantasy and urban fantasy the most. My favorites being Anne Bishop, Patricia Briggs and Jim Butcher. I love them all to DEATH. Yeah.

I am in several fanfiction sites... I suggest, for Rendezvous with Fate and archive of our own for avatar. sooner or later, will be moving completely to archive of our own.

Feel free to choose which site you like the best to read from. COMPLETED Rendezvous with Fate is found in, but the Avatar fanfics are best read in archive of our own or Ficwad. Whatever your preferencce is. :)

Am in several book sites *smirk* Siuane Siuane

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