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Becaue of Rend, I'm actively looking for Historical Japanese Manga.

Here are the things that people have pointed out to me from [profile] free_manga  

Any period is welcome, Heian, Tokugawa Era or the Bakamatsu period or whatever else other period there is before the 1900's.

Time travel is ok too. Flashbacks like Gekka No Kimi, are fine too.

The Shojou/Shounen sometimes is a bit stretching it because there are things that don't fall under that category, but for simplicity's sake I just kept it under Shoujo, Shounen and Shounen-Ai/Yaoi.

DD= has direct downloads. All underlined I've already sifted through and downloaded.

Getsumei by Morita Kenji [Entropy]
Shinsengumi Imon by Kurono Nanae [MangaCity] and [The Jupon Gatana]
Samurai Executioner by Kazuo Koike [Licensed by Dark Horse Manga]
Rurouni Kenshin by Watsuki Nobuhiro [Licesed by Viz] (uh is this shounen or shoujo?)
Samurai Deeper Kyo by Kamijiyo Akimine [Lic. by Tokyopop]

Amatsuki by Takayama Shinobu [Hanami] (DD)
Onmyou Taisenki by Kaido Hiroyuki [[profile] pms_manga  ]
Kurogane by Toume Kei [DV] & [M-S] (check out manga-ka)
Peacemaker Kurogane by Kurono Nanae [Lic. by ADV Manga]
Vagabond by Inoue Takahiki [Lic. by Viz]
Blade of the Immortal by SAMURA Hiroaki [Lic. Dark Horse] 
Lone Wolf and Club by Koike Kazuo [Lic. by Dark Horse]
Lady Snowblood by Kamimura Kazuo [Lic. by Dark Horse]
Shigurui by Nanjo Norio [Kotohana] BT

Gekka no Kimi by Shimaki Ako [ShoujoMagic]
Hana no Utage by Tami Takada [Impossibility & Solaris]
Hanakanmuri no Hime by Tami Takada [Impossibility]
Hana Meguri Goyou by Ishimoto Miho [Shoujomagic]
Tsuki no Toiki by UEDA Rinko [The Sylphs]
Tsuki no Shippo by UEDA Rinko [The Sylphs] initially, licensed later on, I have no later copies
Ryo by UEDA Rinko [ETC] and [Hikaru no Go Translations] (time travel)
Sakuran by Anno Moyoko [] ** (DD) hosted in [profile] manga_haven
Otogi Zoushi by Seto Narumi [Lic. by Tokyopop] [M-S] started downloading
Kaze Hikaru by Watanabe Taeko [Lic. by Viz]
Amakusa 1637 by Akaishi Michiyo [Aerie] & [Perfect Illusions]
Haikara-san ga Tooru by Waki Yamato (unknown translator/licensor)
Oedo wa Nemuranai (Edo Never Sleeps)by Honda Keiko [Wingtip Cafe] (DD)
Nashi Muku Samurai by Waki Yamato (unknown translator/licensor)
Yokohama Monotogari by Waki Yamato [Ivyscan] (DD)
Home by UEDA Rinko [Nekohana] & [K2less] & [Boku-tachi]
Niji no Okusa by Miuchi Suzue [Stage Storm]
Motto Kokoro ni Hoshi no Kagayaki wo by Matsuba Hiro [Lic. by ADV] 
Inu-yasha by Rumiko Takahashi [Lic. by Viz]

Mangetsu Monogatari by Nakamura Shungiku [SiH]
Tsuki wa Yamiyo ni Kakuru ga Gotoku by Nakamura Shungiku [SiH]
Umi ni nemuru Hana (Sleeping Flower) by Nakamura Shungiku [Essence of Purity]
Taisho Mugen Kitan by Higuri You [SiH]

Amasakaru by Azumi Moka [Peccatore Sanctuary]
Romance by Azumi Moka [Eigomanga]
Bakumatsu Seisyun Hanafubuk by Nabako Kamo 9 [Countless Time] etoangayama
Soshite Haru No Tsuki by Ikushima Miya [Hanami] on going not yet finished downloading, maybe later

If you have any suggestions that aren't in the list, or if you know a place where I could get direct downloads of these manga point me out in the right direaction. 

Thanks for all the help!
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I just finished watching Ouran High Host club (in youtube, since it's still unlicensed).

The shoujo comedy was a good choice to waste time with. It was hilarous becuase the cast of characters blend so well together (and for girls like my sister who believes there's shounen ai in everything we watch, satiates her).

One good thing about Ouran is that it could blend the saddest part of human emotions and then make a complete turn around and make you feel light and happy in spite of all the problems. Becuase in the club, everyone is broken in some way, and BECAUSE they are tragically flawed, they are endearing.

Haruhi as a central character has a good personality. A bit oblivious to suggestive comments, but is genrally loved by the club (even if she is dirt poor). Tamaki, the president, might come off too strong... either with the paranoia, the Haruhi love, the hiding in the corner, or my personal favorite in the anime, "Kyouya! Mon Ami! Kyouya! Mon Ami!" (and hopefully you can believe he's half-French while listening to him speak supposedly foreign Japanese -- my sister says that the seiyuu's Japanese while subbing Tamaki does sound a bit weird) but he's the ... figure that holds everyone together (unwittingly or not). Kyouya as the shadow king is also extremely well played. Kauru and Hikaru as being evil/misunderstood is another central plot point in the anime (which any way I look at it turns into a lose-lose situation if they ever grow up)

Unexpectedly, the fight scenes in the anime was well drawn/animated. (I mean it's shoujo, you don't really expect shoujo to have good fight scenes look at Fushigi Yuugi or... ahh.. Shounen ai Kyou Kara Maou). It's not within the standards of Full Metal Alchemist, but it's passable. The movement is fluid, and since you're not watching this for the action scenes anyway, pretty good.

There's not much difference between the manga and the anime (of course the manga is still running in Japan, so the ending in the anime is totally off kilter). Except that the twins are played out to be more humane/less evil in the anime. (You have got to gape at the amazing seiyuu who dubbed the twins. You have to hear them together to understand). And the manga has more funny moments.

The sad thing about the anime, was that they weren't able to add Mori's brother (unlike in the manga) and the Zuka club episodes were dragging (especially with all of the shoujo-ai undertones). Another thing that I would have liked to see in the Anime but didn't reach it, was the school festival. The anime also didn't play up on both Kyouya and Tamaki's background. In the anime, Kyouya's family was more sinister than in the manga.

On a final note, other than it being a fun read/watch witha good deal of heart wrenching moments, I could waste my day looking at all the references to other anime/cultures. Kyouy's laptop is a parody of the Mac powerbook wehre instead of an apple in the cover, a pineapple appears and Renge mentions Edward Elric of Full Metal Alchemist several times. OH and it's also fun trying to distinguish who Kaoru and Hikaru is once you get the hang of it (their voices and attitudes) without looking at the telling hair parting.

Ouran High
Manga Licenced by Viz
Anime Fansubbed by Lunar
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My sister came back from Japan today! Yes! I finally got all of those Manga that I've been waiting for: List

Meitantei Conan Movie guide, 10 year anniversary by Aoyama Gosho
Meitantei Conan Complete Color sketches (up to 2002) by Aoyama Gosho

Meitantei Conan V.35 and V. 42
Meitantei Conan Special Edition V. 26
I wanted the normal V. 26, we thought that the only difference would be the color etc, but it so happens that the two volumes are completely different T_T; I like the special too, but I would hvae also liked a V. 26. No matter there's always next time.

Shishin Doumei Cross V. 3 and V.4 by Arina Tanemura

A book of short stories by Yuki Yoshihara.

My biggest problem is, Shishindoumei cross v.4 and Meitantei Conan Special Edition as well as Yuki Yoshihara;s works are still untranslated. I can't read them T_T

Still! WAI I love my sister.
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I was hoping this would be a post about rend... but it so happens that med school/manga reading/books have been getting in the way of editing rend against "common errors of the english language". *sigh* (I'm still in the middle of the letter H, and well it's taking longer than i anticipated)

However, for those of you who haven't read Ranma the Manga yet, SHADE the original propagator of "The Ranma 1/2 Project" which to the newer generation would be better known as Ranma scanlations, has finally decided that since Ranma is a relatively old series, new blood must be exposed to it and uploaded the manga on his website. The Ranma 1/2 Project

A word of warning, the site domain is ranma hentai becuase it houses Ranma ecchi doujinshi and a lemon fanfiction archive. But that link leads you directly to Rumiko Takahashi's work.

It's time to get to know Ryu Kumon and the rest of the strictly manga only characters. :p
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I uploaded previous chapters in this post: Vol 1

Vol 2 chapter 1

Sorry it took so long [ profile] madhatter_99

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