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So I was reading over the weekend. a lot of Mai x Zuko Avatar goodness. And out of the blue Charlie x Draco pops up (and I can't even begin to explain the many ways that that's just plain weird... because... I stopped reading Potter at book 2, and the mere fact that I had to look up who the hell Charlie Weasly was in GOOGLE is a mere testament to its weirdness.)

That said, I actually read most of the CharliexDraco fics out there and then slid in to another weird shipfest, Supernatural Castiel x Dean. Oh Well, there, I just can't begin to imagine the ways that that's plain wrong. First off I ship them at the beginning of Season 4, where Castiel was just some ambigous sound and fluttering against the light and burns out Pamela's eyes. (And in this case, though I do KNOW who Castiel is, I had to google the guy to remember his face, becuase it's been a year since I last watched this show.)

Now well, I got into the ship (and my brain was blown into kingdom come) quite literally, and I had to WATCH Castiel in season 4 now, right? So anyway, though this show, Supernatural, is not really scary, and a lot of it is a bit overdone, I really really watch the show because of the humor in it.

I mean really, at the beginning, they pay homage to the X-files by Dean alluding that he and Sam were Scully and Moulder. And the references to a lot of TV shows and real figures are just so hilarious that you have to watch it for mere laughs.

My most FAVORITE episode, though has to be Season 4 Ep 18: The Monster at the End of this Book, wherein a writer ... well writes about them, and Sam and Dean find out. Oh GOD, just coming to terms with their fans was sheer winner. "Oh it gets better." "What's slash?" "You know, Sam SLASH Dean." .... "They do know we're brother's right???" Oh God, face-palm right there. And if in season 1 I didn't care much for the acting I so love it now. Bwahaha, they should have let the writer write up to Castiel. I'd want to know what Dean's reaction to a Cas SLASH Dean is. Bwahaha.

BUT the real winner for me is the prophet's words saying: "Writing yourself in teh story as one thing, but as a prophet? That's M. Night level douchiness."

And there.

That's why Supernatural is a winner for me. Because they're not scared to say the truth. And they're not scared of evil fan girl slash either. It's the entire reason why the show reached Season 6 even though they only planned for 5 seasons.

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I finally landed a copy of the Dresden files and found out that it was precisely to my taste. Witty banter nerdy if somewhat lost wizard and a skull companion. And because I was sooo giddy about the book and I got semi-depressed on the ending of book 3, I went and found myself a copy of the series. Ugh. This is where making a series/movie is never as good as reading a book. Bob doesn't ever look like that, but then we have to ahve some corporeal body else the talking skull would be freaky most times, so okay. Susan was completely cut out of the picture probably due to money saving matters. And Harry Dresden looks more like the womanizing, brooding and rough wizard, which he isn't. He sounds more like an introverted, albiet clever, wizard. Bob lost all of his weird and sex crazed mind, and Harry got loads of girlfriends. And they didn't even get the diner right. *hmph* Serves me right to get excited over a series based on a book.

Which means, maybe Anita might be toned down in her TV series version... hmmmm. ;p

Anyway I'm off to read the fourth book.
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I finally found myself a copy of season 1 of the series of firefly and marathoned it for three days in between fifteen minute monitoring. It was one of the old series of sci-fi, meaning a lot of good graphics, fair world building and semi-decent actors, so I was really surprised that firefly turned out more than I expected it to be.

No offense to fans, but I initially thought it might just be another overbudget series which never went into ending becuase it was prolonging the inevitable. Not so. I think, yes, just like Star Trek and earlier TV series that are off world based, it was mostly character centric and a lot less action that what would normally quakify right now, and there isn't enough mystery in the series there for it to be popular with the modern trend of CSI, Bones (which I liked a lot LESS than firefly) and even the dramas like uh... Gossip girl or one tree hil. Basically Firefly is for all Star Trek fans looking for another ship to board. And my best loved characters are the doctor and River. I really need to see the movie Serenity again.

Any chance that firefly went into season two?
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Anita Blake. I don't know if I should be happy or what :/ *sigh* I want a Merry Gentry one, but short of a porn movie, LKH already expressed that it's not happening. I'm not sure if I'm game to watch Anita Blake. That means I have to invest more time and effort to like the series ;p

Fibished Books 1-5 of Jaz Sparks. Liked it. Need to think on it. Am sleepy though and need my beauty sleep.

Ang Sugo

Jun. 27th, 2006 06:11 pm
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GMA 7 dropped Sugo because of the small following. Unfortunately, there's not too many screen caps in the web for icons, and since they're probably purging these pictures from the web already, I recopied them here. Just in case I might need it for future reference.

There aren't a lot, just the publicity photos, and all of them are available in except it'll probably be out of circulation soon, as no one except a smattering few likes the series. The premise is good, except I guess some of the concept was lost in production. I really want to write out a good Filipino "myth like" story someday. It's the too many twists in the story I think. Filipino TV series writers should take after the US and just write 24-26 episodes per season. They'll get better acting, better script writing and the story would be better.

Of course, who would watch it? *sigh*

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