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A series of one-shots involving the Fire Lord and his relationship with his lady. Rated from T to MA (PG-13 to NC-17)

Control || Like Moths to the Flame || Circling Dragon, Rising Phoenix || Possession || Turtle-duck || Killing Me Softly

However, since it's a series of oneshots, it could seriously be read without the smutty elements in this order:

Like Moths to the Flame || Circling Dragon, Rising Phoenix || Turtle-duck

This fic is also available in FF.N and AO3.
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Title: Killing Me Softly
Author: [ profile] ice_of_dreams
Rating: NC-17/MA
Characters: the gAang, Mai & Zuko
Pairing: Mai/Zuko
Warnings: (highlight to reveal) sounding, shibari, anal beads Again, set in the Control!verse, but again, is largely stand alone.
Summary: Zuko confesses to Mai that he's bored. Mai tries to relieve him of his boredom the only way she knows how.

I'm going to shower, dress and think of you the entire day. )
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Story Title: Turtle-duck
Rating: T/PG-13
Pair ups: Mai/Zuko
Mai and Zuko prepare for the next generation.

Warnings: none, again post season 3.  Another one-shot set in the control!verse. And for some very bizarre reason, I deleted the fic so I'm reposting -_-;

Oh and a little plug BEFORE ANYTHING

We're discussing the possibility of a Maiko big bang here. I'd really appreciate it if you'd comment if you want to write for it. (Or if you want to find out what it is)
here be turtle-ducks )
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Story Title: Circling Dragon, Rising Phoenix
Rating: T/PG-13
Pair ups: Mai/Zuko, implied Suki/Sokka; everybody's here.
The wedding of the Fire Lord to his lady.

No warnings. Post season 3. And... there, I hope you enjoy :) This is largely a stand-alone fic, but mostly I made it for the Control!verse, Like Moths to the Flame precedes this. But reading that is not necessary to understand.

Let me be the Heaven and you the Earth. Let me be the sun, and you its wearer. )
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Story Title: Possession
Rating: NC-17/MA
Pair ups: Mai/Zuko
Mai asks Zuko if they could try something new. Again.

Warnings: Ho hum... what to say about this uh hum post season 3. An attempt at writing threesome, but then NOT. Oh, and a little bit of crossdressing. I think this falls under... PWP.

Another stand alone that can be read after Circling Dragon, Rising Phoenix.

This was written for the pure smut factor (because I haven't written Maiko smut in a while, which was one of the reasons for my fic writing). Otherwise, we'll have a plot going.

You may touch this body, but I belong to Mai )
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Story Title: Like Moths to the Flame
Rating: R/M
Pair ups: Mai/Zuko
Mai wants the world to know that the Fire Lord has chosen her, but Zuko resists the way she wants to go about it.

Warnings: Just a little tie me up, tie me down. Some innuendo. Nothing explicit. And post season 3.

Set after Control. However that's an NC-17 fic, and if you're uncomfortable with that, a completely sanitized version of that fic can be foundhere and of course this fic can stand alone. Sort of like Zuko.

Despite the fact that I don't seem to care. I do care about you. )
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Story Title: Control
Rating: NC-17 / MA
Characters: Mai/Zuko
Summary: Being Fire Lord, Zuko has learned that in any relationship, control is necessary. And he and Mai control each other rather well.

Because I don't get why it just has to be Mai, or it just has to be Zuko.

Warnings: light BDSM, post season 3.

She didn't like losing control in public places. She leaned against a wall. It was so against her character to be anything but bored in a public gathering )
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It's the wedding of the Fire Lord and his lady. With their lives afterwards.

Like Moths to the Flame || Circling Dragon, Rising Phoenix || Turtle-duck

This fic is also available in FF.N and AO3.

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