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I can't believe it, what's with all the authors in the world deciding to ...
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I must admit that since May, I've been dying to watch this movie (nothing piques curiosity more than having Ran say, "Goodbye Shinichi" in the trailer). As graphics go, you could already see from both movie 9 and 8 that they're incorporating a good deal of CG into the background. So in the intro (you know the one that explains to you why a 7-somethingish year old kid has such a brilliant mind)... I enjoyed all the clicking mouse thing (even if I have watched the intro 10 times already).

However, when I watched the movie, I was a bit disappointed. The case was extremely easy to solve. You knew what the twist was, as Heiji put it, "You don't need a great detective to solve this case."

Getting all of the characters (minus one) was a novelty though (even if some of them were REALLY squeezed into the plot. This mainly Kudo and Hattori working together case, although it wasn't completely a Hattori movie (unlike Movie 7 - Crossroads in the Ancient Capital). Interaction between the other characters and Conan was sparse. Although for all the Haibara fans out there, I liked her in this movie. And, I guess, having the detective boys out of Conan's way is a bonus.

At least in this movie, Shinichi knows English instead of staring dumbly at Roman characters (which we all know he can read anyway) and waiting for an English translation, unlike some other movies. This is probably the single movie where Shinichi didn't have to say "Oh, I learned this in Hawaii with my dad." [and don't let me start ranting about the out of character-ness of Shinichi in the tv drama special -_-; he treats ran extremely bad and... Ran just takes it (I mean look at the first episode/case in the manga, Shinichi may forget that Ran isn't a mystery freak but he looks out for her) ... and they really act so badly.]

If you're mainly looking for a romantic seguey, uh it's better to check out movie 9 Strategy above the dephths and/or movie 4 Captured in Her Eyes for Shinichi-Ran and movie 7 for Kazuha-Heiji. And in some movies, since Kaitou kid doesn't show his true identity, there's a hint of Sonoko-Kid. Although for this movie a Conan-Ai might be stretching it. (haha another pair up I'm partial to.)

Anyway, I watched this for completion, but so far my favorite is still Movie 6: Phantom of Beika Street and for Ran-Shinichi Movie 4: Captured in Her eyes
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OK I just got back from the long awaited trip. It feels like a Detective Conan tour to me. We kept saying: Oooh that's the Kyoto case, where Shinichi found out the killer guaging from the picture of the flames in the mountain. Oooh we're in a bullet train, there was a case where a bomb was in one of the suitcases and conan had to figure out who the men in black planted it into (Oh, and we finally realized why Conan could call inside a train, even without the cell phone... they had pay phones... somehow we understood that but when we saw it it was like... a lightbulb moment). Oh gosh, we're in Osaka castle, this was where Heiji and Conan went in one of the movies. Oh gosh look at that map, it's the map of Kyoto, wasn't that what Hattori's "true love" sang to remember the roads of Kyoto?

We pondered over the fact that there are 300,000 suicides in Japan per year (around 100 per day... and therefore Shinichi would never run out of cases) and that there are a total of 6,000 traffic accidents per year. (It was decreased from 10,000 becuase of strict traffic rules. 800,000 yen for drunk driving etc) And police could tell if you're driving a fast truck because if three green lights are lit on the truck it means it's speeding, two lights means it's under speed limit and one light means it's slow.

What else? Well if I remember more conan factoids when we were walking around the trip I'll write it down.

We shopped around, got gashapons for our friends who likes miniatures, got a Draco-Harry doujin for one of our friends who likes those type of doujins.

who would like to scanlate Roy-Riza Doujins? I can provide scans. I bought a ton of them, and I haev no idea what to do with them because I can't read. I was just supporting the circle. My sister bought a couple of Lupin-Sirius and Roy-Ed doujins with Naruto doujins and FujixTezuka (POT) doujins.

I also bought several Detective Conan special edition manga, and some of the shoujo manga that I download off the net. Merupuri, Wanted, Shinishi Doumei Cross, some Chie Shinohara book, a Yuki Yoshinara book, a couple more Arina Tanemura books, a couple of books done by the author of Mucha Kucha Daisuki etc.

As I said it was a shopping trip too. Oh and I now have a couple more ideas for rend since we visited two castles and two shrines. Just check out the pictures.
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Another one of my favorite voice actors. Also because she appeared in Ranma 1/2 as my favorite character: Nabiki Tendo.

But here are some of her other roles which I've watched:

Yami no Matsuei - Minase Hijiri
Detective Conan - Edogawa Conan, Nakamori Aoko, Takayama Minami***
Kiki's Delivery Service - Kiki, Ursula
Magic Knight Rayearth - Ascot
Mermaid's Scar - Mana
Record of Lodoss War - Shiris
Shaman King - Hao
One Piece - Hamu
Vision of Escaflowne - Dilandau, Prince Ciedo
Yu Yu Hakusho - Mukuro

*** In one detective conan episode, Takayama Minami plays herself as a singer of Two Mix. One kid notices Conan and Minami have the same voice (well they're voiced by the same person) so there was a time when Takayama was going to be late for a concert and Conan tried to sing. Conan being Shinichi and can't sing a tune butchers it up. Haha.

Two Mix is actually a real group, whose vocalist is Takayama. They sing Just Communication and Rhythm Emotion for Gundam Wing.

Shinichi Kudo (played by Ranma's seiyu Yamaguchi) cannot sing in the correct tune (although he's definitely NOT tone deaf, he could decipher if a note being played is C D etc just not play/sing it). Incidentally, in Ranma 1/2 Ranma doesn't sing unless in girl form becuase Ranma has a 'bad singing voice'.

SINGING roles:
DoCO (Ranma songs)
Gundam Wing W
W Juliet

and a couple more.

An interesting factoid about her, is that she married Gosho Aoyama (the writer of Detective Conan) on May 5, 2005. :p Let's do that again 05/05/05 :)
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In Detective Conan manga volume 4. Ranma appears as a cameo. I can't remember the title of the case, but it was the case where the Junior Detective League found a "treasure map" (that limits it right, there are like three treasure map incidents with the children in Detective Conan) which actually came from the Italian Mafia with the word "Oro". Conan insists that they stop by a bookstoore. While Conan is looking at dictionaries, the children look at Shonen Sunday magazine and the magazine has Ranma on the cover.

A book a day )

** Picture taken from scanlation. Scanlator unknown but most probably it's "Randomfan". Downloaded through emule.

In Inu Yasha visual Selection volume 30, in the anime this is episode 90, I don't know if there's a manga equvalent. This episode has Sota confessing to a girl he likes (I forgot her name, H something... damn I just watched it). He dresses up in fancy clothes, blue overcoat, red bowtie and rubbershoes -- exactly like Conan Edogawa (note, they don't have uniforms in elementary school), right down to the bowtie and the maximum power shoes. (well... except the glasses)

Dress Me Up )

** conan's picture taken from [here]

Inu Yasha anime episode 128. Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri appear in Kagome's High school Festival (haha they're visiting the school festival). They appear after Kagome is dragged away by Ayumi for the choir. I found this because of [ profile] ytak.

Just Visiting )

This particular information comes from [ profile] ytak's page: Detective Conan comes on after Inuyasha in Japan. They are even in the same compilation, Shonen Sunday.

So... it's either Shonen sunday wants to have their characters gain more publicity by spoofing in their series, Takahashi Rumiko and Gosho Aoyama are friends or the two just like each other's series. Haha.
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Ranma's voice actor is Yamaguchi Kappei. Originally, I thought he didn't appear in too many TV series (Ranma, Inu Yasha and 12 Kingdoms as Enki) but apparently he appears in more than just that.

Here are some of the anime he appears in which I watched:
Yu yu Hakusho - Jin (ok I semi watchded this, not really watched)
B'T X - Kimiira
Detective Conan - Shinichi Kudo, Kaitou Kid/Kaitou Kurobara(name?)
Escaflowne - Shesta (I saw the credits here so I know)
CLAMP SChool detectives - Kentaro Higashikunimaru
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne - Noin
12 Kingdoms - Rokuta (Kirin of En or more formally Enki)
Weiss Kreuz Gluhen - Sena
Tokyo Babylon - Subaru Sumeragi
RG Veda - Ryuu-Oh
Haruhiko Kasama - Please Save My Earth
Ruroni Kenshin (movie) - Yasuharu Musashino
One Piece - Usopp
Sailor Moon - Artemis
JAPANESE dub of Bugs Bunny
JAPANESE dub of Boy Meets World "Cory Matthews"

Video Games
Breath of Fire III - Adult Ryu

I didn't ehar this but notable:
Singing Roles
Fushigi Yugi - Chichiri
One Piece Usopp

THIS MEANS... wah I want to watch Detective Conan again. My sister told me that the voice actor was a woman, and then this comes to me as a surprise.

BY the way... I pity the american dubbing, JIMMY KUDO? Please. Rachel for Ran? What was Sonoko's character's name again?
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Detective Conan the Movie is showing in Japan NOW. And I was supposed to go to Japan NOW, if not by a STUPID twist of fate that had me staying here.

Of course... I would never had understood the movie if it was shown in Japan, but still. And my sister's going to be in Japan in a couple of hours. :(.

The saddest part about this is, Detective Conan is well into 400 episodes, and I could only buy about 97 episodes here in the Philippines. My supplier doesn't have anything over 97 OR the movies apparently, I'll have to download them, but I don't have the harddrive space to keep all of that. *sigh*

This is so sad. Which reminds me, why don't I have any Shin-chan icons????? I need to go look now.
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Argh. Conan is keeping me from studying. Haha. I've always liked Shinichi Kudo's detective skills but I never realized just how many girls he has linked to him in the entire series. And half of the time I'm scared becuase he just might be killed by hte black organization.

Anyway, my greatest shout out is: WHY THE hell aren't there more Ran-Shinichi doujins out there? (Maybe less translated ones anyway.) Or Conan-Haibara? I'm rooting for Ran but Haibara is ok too. Haha. There are too many Conan-Kaitou Kid, Shinichi-Hattori doujins out there. -_-; I'm scarred for life.

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