Jan. 20th, 2008

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I wrote this sometime ago, and sine I haven't been posting anything lately, I wanted to post this.

Belladonna by Anne Bishop )
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I take it back. I am equally enamored in the Mercy Thompson series as I am with her Hurog and Raven and Sianim stuff.

I almost cried four times when I read this book. Maybe it helps that, unlike Princess Meredith, Mercy isn't turning out to be a six to one girl.

It's a mystery, (I can't remember if the first two books were a mystery or not, but I know the first book were warewolves and the next were vampires so maybe they were), and I like the pack dynamics, and the fact that Mercy isn't well loved by everybody. Maybe what I love about this book is that though Mercy has qualities to be irritating, she's equally determined not to be ruled and she stands up for everything. OH... and this book deals with the fae. And unlike Hamilton's take of sex and violent torture, these feel more like the original faery tales. (You know, burn your eyes out, eat little children type of fae).

I don't have enough things to say about this book. (or the series... I really want to... but arg.) I'm off to read Sunny first then off to retire and read more medicine
Spoilers )

Some rants against Mona Lisa Craving.

Arg. I hate the fact that Sunny is using the words "demon dead". I hate the fact that Sunny is saying that Mona Lisa won't have an afterlife in Hell as Demon Dead (yes, Jenelle doesn't have that choice either becuase she is Witch and she burns more fully and goes into the darkness.)

And therefore I am putting off READING her poor excuse of creativity and dumping it until tomorrow when I can laugh about it.

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