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... Okay, I could not deal with teh way that this book crossed over from paranormal to sci-fi. I don't know if other people find it odd, but I do not like vampires mingling with ALIENS. It's too bizarre by far. I think it's the whole, it's a different reality spectrum that had me flabbergasted. Yes, I know that this book was supposed to deal with a lot of inter... paranormal type of thing, but aliens seem like a completely different concept all together.

That and they have another book which has blood biting and trust issues. I get enough of that aggravation from the Hollows and Riley Jensen. But yes, this biting aggravation takes it a tad bit better.

On a side note, I appreciate the fact that Vayl has an island in the Philippines. Seven days in the tropics. Haha, and they flew from the Philippines to Austraila... although now that I think about it... isn't a flight from the Philippines to Australia just like 4 hours and not 12? That would be like a flight from the Philippines to the US.

Well, I finished the book because it was a Jaz Parks novel but I liked the earlier books better. Probably becuase of the alien Ufranite bias and not through any fault of the author
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City of Bones is another Urban Fantasy set for young adults, refreshingly *not* told under the first person as most urban fantasy is. As with most urban fantasy it begins with a girl (yes apparently urban fantasy thrives on mostly female leads) Clary finding out that she can see the otherworld.

City of Bones is interesting in the way that the world is completely new even if based on a lot of the old stories (which are always true) and a lot of quotes from scripture which will not annoy you, even if their natural course of swearing is, By the Angel.

The back story of Mortal Instruments is complex, convoluted and sometimes difficult to follow, especially if you don't like moving out of conventional beliefs, and I don't mean that there are vampires and warewolves. Although the lead in his entirety *isn't* predictable (because yes, he is as charming and brilliant as they say he is, even if you only realize it in the end and not during), the other side characters are. There was one or two plot twists which I guessed mostly in the middle (no, I never flip the books towards the end), which I thought no author would willingly touch.

As for the male lead, Jace, you want to pound him because he's egotistical, and you want to sympathize with him because you know why he's egotistical. And when you reach book two, you simply want to pound him because he's such a teenager, he won't defend his actions and he'd rather have the rest of the world think he's wrong than explain why he's right. It's the first time I actually found a lead character that is yes, charismatic on his own right, but make it difficult for others (bookwise anyway, I'm sure readers adore him a lot, mostly because it's hard not to adore someone that wounded) to love him.

I like the mystery, the world building, that an Angel came down and mixed his blood in a cup to share with warriors creating the first Nephilim. Thus this story is born, and you're living in the world where Nephilim defend you from the shadows that you don't know lurking int he night. And as in every story there is a quest, for yes, the three holy objects that seem to be in every myth ever created I've run across, (a cup, a mirror and a sword). Thus the search for the Mortal Instruments has begun, or rather a bid to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.
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One of the main reasons why I picked up the book was because the main character is a lady doctor, which I could relate to. I realized later that the closer you are to reading inside your profession the closer it is you criticize something. I wonder just how sadistic they were that their dissection cadaver was filled with puncture wounds on the last day of gross anatomy. Here, although we dissect the cadavers, we never make any cut that isn't of learning value because we are taught to respect the human and bury the dead. Or maybe it was sarcasm that was lost on me. Of course it could have been hyperbole, but I really doubted it.

And yes, sometimes people bathed in blood do actually end up alive. It's one of the things I learned while I was rotating in one of the trauma centers here in the Philippines. A cut terminal extension of the external carotid, if the patient is extremely lucky, will bathe the patient in blood, but with quick vascular reconstruction, packing and cautery, can make a person lived. One of my cases here was like that. Miracles do happen. I have seen stab wounds live and die. So yes, something like multiple stab wounds (especially in the middle of dawn, on a darned Sunday drinking spree going to Monday) really do live.

What does run parallel with the profession is, that after a while in med school, after a while of treating impossible patients, even the nice ones, doctors, interns, they get dehumanized. Death is a toll way that we either hold our patients from or send them through. And the coldly impersonal touch sometimes one gets after treating patient after patient (especially the impossible ones) are depicted so well here. People don't go into the profession because of noble reasons. Hardly. Most people go because of their legacy, in this case, they go becuase of the moneY. Or maybe because of both.

AND, why the HECK do they boil BLOOD in KETTLES? Haven't they heard that warming it to body temp through body heat is better... although yes they don't have temperatures, but yeah, maybe water between blood would have been better... but direct to kettle? And that it probably denatures the RBCs hence it's not blood anymore but iron and lots of clumps? Heck, I should introduce them to dinuguan (a Filipino dish made with chicken blood mixed with vinegar and your choice of chicken or pork... don't write it off until you try it... and cooked blood with vinegar is BLACK not RED)

AND when you do CPR, you don't check for pulses at the wrist, you check for it at the carotid. Barring that, if the pulse is so weak, you check at the femoral. Any first aid lecture book would know the carotid at least.

The bad thing about the series again, is Carrie's and Nathan's personal issues with their fledgling relationship and their boyfriend girlfriend relationship. As with every other paranormal that includes romance in it, they always seem to make it a point that when one person is ready for commitment the other party isn't. Or that there are a load full of baggage in one person's side. Thankfully, it isn't the girl's side this time. You can't "hear" the guilt completely.

What I do appreciate about it is, that they did try with a doctor (an ER doctor at that, which I have experienced and definitely relate to especially since I've been to a trauma center.), that the author wasn't scared of touching sensitive details, and that the author stopped at five books. She knew when she was pushing it with three relationships, 3/4 of the story in first person view and the rest in 3rd person view, and the repetitiveness of the entire issue. (Ok, how many times can you resurrect the dead and how powerful the lead can become pushes close to Mary Sueish, but what can I say?).

As I said, I appreciate it that they finished it in time. Although I wasn't spared the repetitiveness and the melodrama, Ms. Armintrout finished it with a good and palatable ending.
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Probably one of the better Riley Jensen books out there primarily because of the fact that there were no weird repetitive issues. Riley was amenable to Quinn without large rehashes of age old conversations. The only irritating thing was the overly lewd conversations, but I guess with Riley you learn to accept that. The mystery was all right. With some weird conversation about "It's not a vampire." "So what is it?" "It's a class of vampire that...".... ooops blooper in the worst sense.

Nothing much to say, it's same old same old.
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After one month sans books and 36 hour duties I finally settled down to read something from the paranormal genre. I picked up One Foot in the Grave because I liked the lead characters Cat and Bones... and yes the Spike undertones in Bones character was all right.


However, I think I was mostly disappointed with the second book of the Night Huntress series. It mostly revolved around the sex that Cat and Bones missed out on the first book. I feel like most of the plot progression, finding Cat's father, solving the mystery in this particular book (mostly, it was just murder close to home) and challenging Ian for separation of loyalties, leadership to a house took a back seat to Cat and Bones' relationship... mostly a non-issue because I always knew she had hang ups when she left Bones, and we all knew that Bones, being the character that he was made out to be was never going to be a homicidal maniac nor would he betray Cat. And with the number of issues they actually finished in this one book, it was kind of surprising that they didn't spend more time with it (they found Cat's other side of the family, they tried to challenge and defeat her father, she found the man she loves etc etc... you kind of wonder at what else they could do in the next few books)

The way they resolved the entire issue ... marriage was something which was so EXPECTED I didn't expect it to come out. (Well look at it this way, I always knew they were ending up together, I just didn't think that they'd marry since most non-romance urban fantasies end up with 'mutual understandings' anyway... I don't know in that track it made it look more like a romance novel with paranormal stints rather than urban fantasy with some romance hitns.) Well, I'd buy the next book, but the next book would be the deciding factor for me. Most of the loose ends in book 1 were already tied up in book 2, hence me not knowing what a book 3 could accomplish... okay finding Cat's way in the middle of a vampire society for one, but how many ways could that go. She's married to the head of the house, and there's no divorce.

I would like to see how Bones adopts to the Cat's world, although I kind of know that it's going to be Cat's team adapting to his rather than the other way around. The sex was all over the place... so I was wondering half of the time if I was reading erotica or urban fantasy... I do applaud Ms. Frost in the way that she actually varies the sex at least, and the sex kind of fits Crispin's background as an ex-whore in London, sometimes some people forget the characteristics that they build into their characters.

But since there are only a few threads left to this book, I'd probably wish for one final book to tie the last few loose ends left in the plot before hoping Ms. Frost starts on another series all together.
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I started reading this because of the Sazi and I couldn't get hold of the latest Sazi book. I was pleasantly happy with the results. I must admit the idea of the vampire as a "virus" a genetic defect etc has all been run by me a time or two. I think I've read a few which had vampire as a parasite, but I'm not entirely sure.

Courier Job, reminds me of ... what was that shape shifter dragon thing again? With the green dragons? With the annoying stupid female?

Fortunatelythat was it for annoying things. The heroine, albiet female (haha) was actively trying to ignore a vampire even though she had a vampire bite (sort of like.... Rachel in the Hollows... I should just stop reading if I keep comparing them to each other haha). She's strong without being overly emotional and mule-headed without being annoying. Don't you just like that in female leads?

What I think I like best about a Touch of Darkness is that it was strongly about family too. I cried a lot during the book. Relationships between the siblings Kate, Joe and Bryan were close knit and palpable. You know Joe and Kate were annoyed with each other and the way they lived their lives but you can sense that they loved each other too. It wasn't a perfect relationship, it was a "real" relationship. Meddling, overprotective brothers with their own agendas but still loved you. The entire time when they were watching the VCR with Bryan's birthday party had me in tears. Tom (the authors have a knack of giving out common names, I'm just missing Harry) was also very family oriented. He talks about his sister and his family. I guess that's what's extremely strong and a must read in this book, the family ties.

The werewolves heirarchy was also good world building. The alpha is called Acca and it's matriarchal. Completely different from what most paranormal books write with regard to weres.

I also like a lot of the males in the book. I was envious that I don't have a Joe for an older brother, Mike for a priest and Tom for a potential boyfriend were equally good characters. Mary as an alpha and a minor supporting character in this book was also good. I can't wait to read more from the series. I have now to choose between the Sazi and the Thrall.

report no. 24905
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Kind of crazy since I don't know who Jamil is I don't follow AB, juswt MG

Would the characters in the Anita blake series like you?

You are: Dalora Shakter

Boyfriend: Jamil
Best friend: Richard

What they think of you:

Anita: Doesn't know you but knows that you come over to her house to help Nathaniel do house work
Jean-Claude: Doesn't know you
Richard: She is a really sweet girl. If Jamil dumps her then Jason will get her.
Jason: SHE IS HOTT! She always brings food to the pack meetings and it taste delish.
Nathaniel: She's nice and likes to help out. I remeber when her and Jamil first met...
Requeim: The flower that blooms late is always the brightest and sweetest smelling.
Byron: she's nice, but she'll end up getting into trouble if she keeps it up.
Asher: Doesn't know you
Rafael: She's a nice girl and brings food to the meetings.
Louis:Her brownies are to die for. If I wasn't dating Ronnie, I'd date her.
Jamil:Oh NO YOU WON"T!! *louis: Just kidding*
Malcolm:She believes in my religion and critisizes it!!
Micah: She trys to attend ALL the were-animal meetings but she needs to slow down
Damian: Doesn't know you
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I managed to get hold of a copy of Halfway to the Grave without Lucky me. Shipping would have taken forever and my parents are yet to leave for Indy. Besides Zelda: Twilight Princess has been eating my reading time (I've spent 30 hours on it... if you believe the save screen) The cover girl kind of reminds me of Kirsten Dunst... but enough of that.

Another urban fantasy. Lucky me. And all the better to gobble it up with. Catherine Crawford (Cat) is a half-vampire out for blood (okay, bad bad bad joke). She's hunting vampires in the secret hope she'd manage to stumble on to her vampire father who raped her mother and produced the extremely rare half-vampire her. (Halflings really are a great theme in a lot of things aren't they?). One night she ends up trying to stake more than she can handle, and she's given a deal, join forces with the vampire named Bones to kill bad vampires, or die.

First book in the series called the Night Huntress. And I am glad I picked it up. And that [ profile] shartyrant pointed me in the right direction. Cat is a character full of self-hate and prejudice. She lives at home where her mother constantly tell her that she is half a monster. And other than the fact that she'd rather stake first before asking questions, she's a great character, even with her flaws. I've read enough urban fantasy to know that most female characters in them have some anguish about who they are, about how they're chosen to be this and about how their lives are current wrecks. A good thing about Cat is, she may be a bigot in the beginning and she may have large doses of vampire hating (thus self-loathing) thrown into the mix of her character, but she shows a willingness to grow beyond that. She gets hurt, but she's not snippy, she's not whiny and she can hold her own. All in all she's one of the better characters that urban fantasy has produced. I give her bonus points for saying that the words "you're not dumb" is actually truth with her. She really isn't dumb. And her actions prove it.

Bones, as a vampire kind of reminds me of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have to agree. He's also a pretty well made character. Unlike most of the other characters, Bones does not have the silver spoon stuck in his mouth in the past. He wasn't an upstanding citizen before he was turned, and he wasn't nobility. (I find that most vampires born out of the 18th century tend to be noblemen and rich sods, not so with Bones) And the characterization works.

Some people didn't like the book after his appearance, probably of all that romantic tinge to it. (more than a tinge...) but I am after all a romance lover, and therefore don't really mind. If they want to skip all that read a male written urban fantasy, I always say, Romance there is underdone.

As for the mystery, they weren't really out to solve it. It's a bounty hunting story. Meaning there was a search for murderers but they were all pretty laid out already. All they had to do was follow the trail. There were little clues, and a whole lot of information gathering, but not really anything to sink your mystery teeth in. You know initially who's behind the murders, you're just out to get them. Pretty straightforwawrd. It's more a book about how Cat trained, how Cat is dealing with all of her self issues and her relationship. 'Nuff said.

I'm definitely waiting on the stands for the next book, One Foot in the Grave, out April 29 (oh God, oh God, my internship) and her part in the Anthology Weddings from Hell on May 27.
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If the other books on the Riley Jenson series got a 2, this one gets a half star. I barely even read it. Okay, I read it, but I half skimmed it, finishing it in one hour. It probably has to do with the fact that the most interesting things in the series were not in the book namely psycho guardian Vampire and extremely old masochist vampire who keeps coming back for Riley.

Even the entire mystery/investigation the directorate was after in this particular book was half-assed. They had TWO investigations going on, unlike the other books where there was one investigation which was streamlined into an entire story arc.

This book seemed like an attempt to introduce more potential men into Riley's bed (which thankfully, hasn't happened yet. She has kept to the 'three men' rule ... or the author has anyway... in which there are only three significant men in one book and all the rest are one night stands...) and eliminate some of them.

Spoilers on issues on the clicky )
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While my father has been playing Wii and killing German Axis in the second world war, I have locked myself up again and started reading books. I picked up a couple of urban fantasy and settled for the Riley Jenson series... What can I say about this series....


I think it's probably the only urban fantasy series there that could parallel Meredith Gentry in the sheer amount of sex the lead girl gets. While Meredith got away with it stylishly, Riley can't because though she's a warewolf and has the wolf's urge to mate, her current love interest is a vampire who has human views on sex in general.

Which brings a lot of arguments that goes: you're a whore. No I'm not, I'm a warewolf. Which is an otherworld whore. I can't believe you're bringing human views to a non-human spcies. I'm a vampire who was once a human... type of crap. At least in Meredith Gentry, you only get absurd arguments like that when she's dealing with humans, which she rarely does, and you really don't want to lip it with the next queen of the fae.

Admittedly, there is more plot progression to Riley Jenson than there is with Meredith Gentry. An entire story arc was finished in four books after all, with a lot of curveballs thrown in your way that makes it the least bit predictable (and a lot more sex to it to label it half as porn). She also has at least only JUST a third of the men in Meredith's bed (at any one time anyway) which helps keep all the character straight if there is that.

However, the entire issues on the love squabbles is something I could really do without (they just rehash the old whore conversation over and over again with dominance mixed into the fight). Besides Riley and Quinn (said sometimes vampire lover) actually decide at different points that no they can't do this, yes, they should do this AT DIFFERENT POITNS IN TIME! So all they do is argue if Riley wants it and Quinn doesn't and argue again if Quinn wants and Riley doesn't. And the characters have loads of issues on their plates. Least of all is the entire whore issue. There's also the children they could have and becoming a killer, and whether or not they should trust each other. They would argue that the sun is in the sky if they could. And the recaps for everyone just makes my head hurt (especially since I've been reading one after the other and don't need the recaps).

All in all, I'd just borrow it from a friend. At least until Quinn and Riley get past their issues and actually decide on a course of action. Geesh.

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