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I played Zelda the entire day. That's why I could only read one book. That snow mountain? It's annoyingly easy to get lost in.

But enough of Zelda since I don't really write about what I play. (I should actually start writing that Epilogue 2 of rend soon, or actually end it, but inspiration hasn't been pouring lately. I do know how it ends, how it begins, it's all the connecting parts that are driving me woozy.)

But enough of that...

Read Sazi 03, was surprised that it was not in the first person POV (1&2 were) so it kind of threw me off balance. Again, firmly not in the urban fantasy genre and more on paranormal romance.

Antione Moniere representative of the cats stumbled upon Tahira sister to his equivalent in a ghost tribe of shapeshifters. He finds her in the middle of German police and was about to be sent to the zoo. He saves her (duh) discover a hidden power in her while he tries to figure out how he could get out of accusations of him not being a good leader to the weres and have a strong family enemy and rival underneath his roof. All in wintry Germany in the middle of christmas shopping.

The beginning of the book was extremely slow. I mean... really slow. But I did get to laugh at Councilman Ahmed again even if he's really .. you know the type to want to be misunderstood instead of explain (I really want that attitude, you know to hell with what everyone thinks? Unfortunately I have more pride than I have finesse).

I also loved the entire performing show thing. I learned a lot about training cats. ( I read about training cats once before in SEP's Angel... something but that's neither here or there). And we did get to see brief glimpses of Tony while Antoine calls him long distance and e-mails him.

I loved the way that the ceremonies in this book goes. It keeps surprising me. There was a cheesy part about choosing, but I guess it can't be helped. Sometimes, some things can only be accomplished with a whole lot of cheese. Some authors pull it off, some don't. SOmetimes I just don't buy the entire love solves everything bandwagon. They could have put it in less explicit terms and it would have gotten the point accross, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, would have been less cheezy but who am I to judge?

I am happy to say though that I am entirely extremely curious now about Antoine's sister Josette especially since a) she's the one who froze the snake people in the ceiling without effort and b) after the background given of the Moniere family in this book and c) the blurb at the back of the book of book 6. Let me just say that my EQ is apparently still working and 6 is soooo far off from 3.
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Map of Japan with Ranma daimyo influences [here]
Japanese Feudal Hierarchy [here]
Rendezvous with Fate fanart [here]

In a world where Akane never knew Ranma, never knew the Saotomes and is currently married to Ryoga Hibiki, she's never been more content.. Until she dies. She finds herself in the past, in the body of Kodachi and married to Ranma. Now she's lost.
Genre: Alternate Universe/ Medieval Japan
Main story link: [here]

Recent Chapters links:
Chapter 20: April to June
Final chapter and therefore has no summary. :) Rendezvous with Fate 1998-2007 :) Finished. Editing for FFML, and then off to RAAC. Still editing some of the chapters for mediaminer. Will be updating my webpage hopefully before classes start (which is next week... and I'm going to medical internship this coming april, so I really need to do it soon or goodbye webpage until two years)

Epilogue 1 

Epilogue 2 will take a while, but then it's almost a stand alone.  It's 30% complete. 

As it is, though, Rend is finished.

Thank you to Ellen Kuhfeld, Dream & JM for everything. Especially my dedicated readers and reviewers. (I mean 9 years is a long time to wait for something to finish) Comments and Criticism welcome.

Next story is being worked on. The inu yasha one is ... hohum in the design phase, but the next ranma fanfic is already in chapter 6. It will be shorter, more contemporary because I want to leave all technical first while I'm going into internship before I return to research heavy medieval Japan (yes, I have another story for RxA in that setting plotted out in my head). Haha, wait and see.

Other posts related to Rendezvous with Fate, inspiration, basis etc. [here]

for someone standing at the peak of happiness it's an obligation...
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Map of Japan with Ranma daimyo influences [here]
Japanese Feudal Heirarchy [here]

Chapter 18 : February (Chapter 19 in FF.N because prologue counts as CHapter 1)

We attend a funeral.

Kuno admits something.

Ranma runs.

Akane learns how to fish.

The Tendo siblings fetch an unruly bodyguard.

Someone new steps in.

All in one chapter... 15,661
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If you're looking for the political map of Rendezvous with fate itcould be found [here]

Although I really don't have time for the net, I finally updated rend in CHapter 17 is up. (18 in FF.n becuase it counts the prologue as chapter one).

Part 17: January

Chapter Summary:
Sei and Hanae are up to something.

The Tendos interact.

Nabiki gives her sword away.

It's a family chapter.

It's a short chapter compared to the others. After all we're in the falling action already.

If you didn't read the Kikuko torture scene in chapter 16, please read it . It's not necessary but it would put things in the right perspective.

Following the links go to )
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Part 16: January
Chapter Summary:

The Tendo secrets are closing in on the House of Tendo.

Kodachi tries the improbable.

Akane fights. In more ways than one.

Ranma has a choice to make.

This... is sooo not a Nabiki chapter -_-; :)

Finished uploading Rend in This chapter's thanks goes to Emma Kuhfeld for all the grammatical advice in the future as well as tin. There were scenes that were cut becuase of sheer cheezyness. You'll find those scenes at the end of the chapter. :p Not officially part of the chapter but too much effort on my part to throw away.

I think I'm posting a chapter in mediaminer again. Who knows. I realize that for posts in nfiction and taht new place, I'm going to need to segment my chapters more.

My sister tells that if our writing were really books released in chapters at a time people would go: Wow a book, a really good book. It's a chapter from a good book.

And REND would go like: WOW, a NOVEL, a really really long novel. A chapter. it feels like a book. Groan. There are 16 books. It's not over yet. Groans too long. :p

Apparently, I really should have listened to all those people nagging me way back in chapter 4 telling me taht my chapters are just too darned long. It's just that ... well... I started writing this waay back when Alan Harnum was writing Waters Under Earth. Remember that? Epic right? It was so epic that my third world dial up at that time couldn't read the entire chapter in his website. He had to send me the entire chapter in my email for download so I could read it. Then I look at my chapters and say, WHAT's SO LONG ABOUT THIS? Haha, in retrospect, I think Alan Harnum was this big fantasy writer, Robert Jordanish.

I was just writing about drama. James Clavell type, people had a right to be annoyed. They wanted I don't know ... Christina Dodd they get James Clavell length, without all of his editors.

Following the links go to )
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I managed two chapters in two months. ... Hmm... for people who know me that's... a lot.

Rendezvous with Fate:
Part 15: December to January

Nabiki helps Ranma with his small Akane set back while juggling preparations for the New Year.

Omokage finds out that Sohin and Ifuku still keep secrets while in captivity.

Kodachi finds herself in a bind.

Ranma tries to teach Akane Akane a new skill... other than destroying household tasks.

And the New Year begins.


It's cross posted everywhere, I'll release all the everywheres when I finish editing the entire thing. Since we're wrapping up with Rend, I'm cross checking my 'English as a second language' with Common Errors in the English Language.

Rend entries in livejournal [here] (Although ff.n is more recent, I'll upload here as soon as I finish my exams)
Rend fan art [here]
Rend Hierarchy of Feudal Japan [Here]
Excerpt of Ryu Kumon arc (manga) [here]
Post that inspired chapter 13 [here]
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I've fully revised Chapter 8 in and in livejournal. So there... yes, I was shocked at how bad I wrote back in highschool.

This is probably the reason why author's never re-read their past works -_-;


What did I do:

1) Deleted 14 "after alls"
2) Deleted 5 scenes
3) Corrected some grammatical and punctuation errors. There might still be some left over, so please tell me if you see some.
4) Resubmitted the chapter to my wonderful beta...

links to Rend )
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I've finally found the easiest way to start/finish a fic. Anyway, my greatest motivation to want to finish a fic. If you've been reading my updates, you'll know when that is. :) It's when I need to study! I'll most assuredly get rend a few scenes if I need to study! I'm such a procastinator.

For chapter 13 I've prepared an excerpt of volume 28 scanlation of the manga so that you can see how Ryu Kumon is viewed by the rest of the world. You can see the exerpt in my fanfic page. Should I post it here too? (I don't know how to yet...)

Thanks for all of the support! I would never have finished chapter 13 without you guys!

I've updated the fic in and waiting for my last prereader so I can post it in FFML and finally post it in my website. :)

Chapter 7 is newly revised with an additional RxA scene and you may want to check it out! :) It was also uploaded in!

I also opened a new account at so prologue and chapter 1 are already there. (I'm so trigger happy with these subscriptions to fanfiction places.) So you can choose the area where you want to go.

All of these are also updated in my mirror account, which I'm reminding everyone is popupless and bannerless hooray! So you can go over there to check out rend!

Although admittedly this site is more popular than the mirror, please check it out as well. Really I'm happy that the mirror is there fore everyone to enjoy.
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Ok I've revised Chapter 6 and uploaded it in (yes, I have an account there too) not yet in since the server is undergoing some renovations. There are major changes on how Hanae was born into this world plus grammatical changes.

[edit]: Here's the revision: Chapter 6

Chapter 13 is in the middle of the editing stages already, with just two more fight scenes to go and a surprise scene... surprise scene meaning after I wrote it it suddenly popped out and surprised me by writing itself into the story. Anyone who wants to help me with the fighting scenes can still contact me through the feedback form.

I've added two portions on the nav-bar, adding the mirror site into it and adding another portion an update log for Rendezvous with fate, so that I can delete the older updates in the release log.

OK, now I'm heading over to the mirror site and uploading again. See you guys.

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