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I finally found myself a copy of season 1 of the series of firefly and marathoned it for three days in between fifteen minute monitoring. It was one of the old series of sci-fi, meaning a lot of good graphics, fair world building and semi-decent actors, so I was really surprised that firefly turned out more than I expected it to be.

No offense to fans, but I initially thought it might just be another overbudget series which never went into ending becuase it was prolonging the inevitable. Not so. I think, yes, just like Star Trek and earlier TV series that are off world based, it was mostly character centric and a lot less action that what would normally quakify right now, and there isn't enough mystery in the series there for it to be popular with the modern trend of CSI, Bones (which I liked a lot LESS than firefly) and even the dramas like uh... Gossip girl or one tree hil. Basically Firefly is for all Star Trek fans looking for another ship to board. And my best loved characters are the doctor and River. I really need to see the movie Serenity again.

Any chance that firefly went into season two?
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First in the Thorn St. Croix Series.

Buying it I was scared that this was going to be similar to Sharon Shinn's Samaria series (which I stopped reading after Book 2. I understood that the god they thought was god was a computer and that there was a god beyond that god, but the entire logistics of it was strange. A society that was God-fearing, suddenly introduced to modern science which to a medieval mind feels like God's miracles... but enough about that.) A few pages into it, I revised my opinion and thought it had the feel of Lilith St. Crowe's Dante Valentine series, such that mages (neomages in this book) were regulated and forced to wear bands with a GPS tightly monitored by the seraphs. But others are less tolerated in Faith Hunter's book than they are in St. Crowe's version. At somepoint, it also reminded me of Robin D. Owen's HeartMate especially since T'Ash, the lead male of the book is also a stone working/jeweler mage like Thorn St. Croix.

The POV in this book is a bit strange, shifting from first person perspective to third perspective when the heroine wasn't in the scene. Strange, I understood it was to keep the characeter blind, and the reader, more aware, but it was a bit disconcerting. If the author was going for the reader knowing all aspects of the story, then a third person all throughout would have been more consistent... But if it works for her...

Thorn is a neomage hiding in plain sight, in the middle of humans. While she's trying to remain inconspicuous, her ex-husband Lucas gets kidnapped. Suddenly everyone in her ex-husband's family is in danger, and she has to find a link between what Lucas was doing and the appearance of dark creatures. She has to do this, while keeping the higher ups away from her city, so she won't get discovered and sent to punishment by death.

As for story line... for me it had more politics than I want in my paranormal romances. Sometimes politics is good sometimes, it's just plain boring (or maybe it's because I picked this up hoping for a romance)... anyway... The mystery part, is intriguing. A lot of questions on a lot of coincidences popping up, and no close to solving it 3/4 of the way through.

As for romance, it doesn't deliver it (which leads me to a bang in the head, why the HELL is it classified as a romance if it doesn't have any? I wouldn't have procastinated with this had I known that because I would have known that I should stay away until I had TIME). There's a healthy dose of attraction, but nothing beyond that since it's that type of forbidden can't be together type of love. I was really sad that Thaddeus couldn't possibly end up in more books, which probably puts off reading the next few books for me for later. Although I'm hoping Raziel might be present for some more books in the future.

World building though, that is great. The setting is in a post-apocalyptic ice age. (After the angels came down and set the plagues upon the earth starting in Paris). There is no technology unless you recycle and recycle and religion and government is bound together as one. The otherworld includes mages, seraphs and dragons, but are kept away from humans for their own good. And god has declared that mages don't have souls. Similar to Shinn it deals with religious figures, unlike Shinn, she really does quote Bible verses and the like and uses it in some incantations. Mages are called prime-unforseen (unforseen by the prophesies) and a child, a halfbreed born of a mage and a human was called a second-unforseen. There'r kylins (sp?) too, which are children half seraph and half human. But inter-species relationships have been banned for some time now.

Finally, the book cover art. The angels are nice. But really, in this book the seraphs only appeared really late (chapter 18) and they aren't the story's protagonist. When I see a cover like that, you'd think epic battles. It wasn't not really. It was more urban fantasy or maybe dark fantasy. (SOmething I should never read for procrastination because I end up reading the entire series and forget about studying). Maybe it would work for book 2, but certainly not in book 1. I have to admit though, the covers get better looking seraphs as it progresses. Look at book 3: Host and book 2: Seraphs in to see. But still, doesn't really reflect content. ALTHOUGH, I take it back. After finishing the entire thing, the Angel cover was all right and in context. Pretty late in the context of all things, but still all right.

All in all I'm excited to actually finish this and start on the next book, but am stopping for a while because I really really need to study. (I'm in Chapter 19)

Quote from the book:
Portents never helped. They offered only a single moment to catch a breath before I was trounced by whatever they foretold.

You are a stone in my river of eternity.
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I wonder if I'll manage to finish 70 books before 70 days...

It's a futuristic sci-fi with a dash of paranormal into it. The psy is a race of people who close off their feelings from childhood. They are taught not to feel emotion. This entire program called "the Silence" was done in an effort to control insanity and serial killing in the populace.

As with most paranormal stories... it's a mystery. There's a serial killer on the loose. Unfortunately the serial killer is pretty much easy to guess. The only real reason why the serial killer was difficult to find for the psy lead was becuase she was conditioned earlier on. OR maybe I'm deluding myself in that.

The next mysterious thing is how a very powerful psy have no designation. That other story clue I also guessed half way through the second chapter. So honestly, this book isn't really readable because of the suspense or the twists.

It is however worth it for the world building. There were a lot of technical moments when the psy lead, Sascha, tried to explain the PsyNet (the network of psychic minds termed the "hive" by some non-psy people), but it was supposed to be technical and the mechanics of it was well thought out.

The entire heirarchy of the psychic communtiy, as well as the changelings (Nalini Singh's term for shifters, not the changelings of the fae) was where the world building was at strongest. (And of course the PsyNet theories). Especially since this was futuristic but doesn't spiral into predictable warewolf/shifter heirarchies.

Not an instant favorite, and not something I'd be re-reading any time soon. But I would be on the look out for her next books. This was better than reading Mona Lisa Craving and even rivals the latest works of Kenyon and Robin D. Owens in my heart.
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Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Sci-fi Slightly alternate universe
FF.N: (Really difficult to find since Ten is attached to so many chapter names. *sigh* but worth the long look)
Status: Last Update was 06/24/04 at 21 chapters
Site: Ten: Perfection has a Price

One of my favorites. Really great author.

FF.N Summary:
Ranma Saotome is the sole living heir to the Saotome school of martial arts. Living the life of a nomad, she wanders from town to town; seeking answers to questions she does not know how to ask, wielding a power she cannot fully understand.

Summary from the Author's site )

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