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Photos From All over )

OK I just got back from the long awaited trip. It feels like a Detective Conan tour to me. We kept saying: Oooh that's the Kyoto case, where Shinichi found out the killer guaging from the picture of the flames in the mountain. Oooh we're in a bullet train, there was a case where a bomb was in one of the suitcases and conan had to figure out who the men in black planted it into (Oh, and we finally realized why Conan could call inside a train, even without the cell phone... they had pay phones... somehow we understood that but when we saw it it was like... a lightbulb moment). Oh gosh, we're in Osaka castle, this was where Heiji and Conan went in one of the movies. Oh gosh look at that map, it's the map of Kyoto, wasn't that what Hattori's "true love" sang to remember the roads of Kyoto?

We pondered over the fact that there are 300,000 suicides in Japan per year (around 100 per day... and therefore Shinichi would never run out of cases) and that there are a total of 6,000 traffic accidents per year. (It was decreased from 10,000 becuase of strict traffic rules. 800,000 yen for drunk driving etc) And police could tell if you're driving a fast truck because if three green lights are lit on the truck it means it's speeding, two lights means it's under speed limit and one light means it's slow.

What else? Well if I remember more conan factoids when we were walking around the trip I'll write it down.

We shopped around, got gashapons for our friends who likes miniatures, got a Draco-Harry doujin for one of our friends who likes those type of doujins.

who would like to scanlate Roy-Riza Doujins? I can provide scans. I bought a ton of them, and I haev no idea what to do with them because I can't read. I was just supporting the circle. My sister bought a couple of Lupin-Sirius and Roy-Ed doujins with Naruto doujins and FujixTezuka (POT) doujins.

I also bought several Detective Conan special edition manga, and some of the shoujo manga that I download off the net. Merupuri, Wanted, Shinishi Doumei Cross, some Chie Shinohara book, a Yuki Yoshinara book, a couple more Arina Tanemura books, a couple of books done by the author of Mucha Kucha Daisuki etc.

As I said it was a shopping trip too. Oh and I now have a couple more ideas for rend since we visited two castles and two shrines. Just check out the pictures.
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Here's a map of old Japan with their names. (A lot of the prefectures were renamed)


Here is a better map from the PCL Map Collection:

Found here:
**From Japan as it was and is by Richard Hildreth. Phillips, Sampson, and Company 1855.

It's a more detailed map than the one in "The Samurai Archives" because other than Province Boundaries (Sagami, Sanuki) it has the Administrative Divisions(more modern) although around 1855 and presumably earlier it was called 'Do' roughly translated into 'Ways'.

Names in parenthesis are the ones in the "samurai archive" and the ones used in the fic. Names in the old map were written by a foreigner so it has letters like j etc. A Japanese friend assures me that there are few changes in Japan when it was closed so history books even if it's 200 years apart are ok for information. But really, LAND BOUNDARIES change so much in the feudal eras. I'm in 1600's and the earlies boundary map I have is 1855. It's really sad.

The Administrative Division, from the 1855 map, has grouped these provinces together:

Tokaido, East Sea Way: fifteen provinces. Fitats, Simusa, Katsusa, Awa, Musasi (Musashi), Sagami, Isu (Izu), Suruga, Kai, Tutumi and some other provinces I can't find.

So in the fic, the entire administrative division's head would be Happosai ruling the Tokaido. Ranma has Sagami. And Happosai stays at Musashi.

Ranma's han (fief) is in [12 Samurai Archives Map] (The Province of Sagami) which has a city called Kamakura where Rose Brier is. I relocated Nerima to Kamakura (yes, it's time for suspension of disbelief) to Kamakura so that there would only be one place for all of Ranma's cities.

Kuno land would be the Tosando, east mountain way: Dewa, Muts (Mutsu) Simotske, Kutske, Sinaro, Fida, Mino and Umi. Which by the way, is a large friggin amount of land. (7 in the PCL map)

Tendo land (2 on the PCL map) is Narikaido, South Sea way : Isje (Ise) and Kiu (Kii), Awa, Sanoki (Sanuki), Tosa, Ijo (Iyo), Awasi(Awaji) and Iga.

Although I'm placing both Ise and Kii in 5 (PCL MAP) so that Tendo land is surrounded by water.

I'm placing Ise and Kii as Ikaasei land along with Setsu (Settsu), Yamatsiro (Yamashiro), Yamato, Kawatsi (Kwatchi) and Izumi. This is Ikkaasei land. This is 5 on the PCL map bringing me an ordinate amount of trouble because this is Gokiraido or the Imperial Way.

Anyway... ... ... Here's the photoshop version of Rend with Ranma 1/2 characters as main political leaders. [click]
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Just finished with chapter 9 and 10 edit.

But since this is also a resource post:

Heirarchy of Feudal Japan )

Following the links go to )
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[ profile] khym_chanur just edited Prologue to chapter two and I've just gone over the changes and
re-edited everything.

That was uploaded in I'm still not redoing my webpage because that's such a 
big task to handle right now with my harddrive crashing, but I do have a copy of the pages
downloaded from FTP (what a nifty thing FTP is isn't it).

Grammar changes and technical stuff. Right now I'm very confused with punctuation with quotes.

For example, a previous pre-reader told me it was like this:

She sighed. "Tell me what to do."
She sighed and then said, "Tell me what to do."
"Too bad you can't come with me," She said, "You should go to your dad."
"I wish I could come too," He said, clearly meaning it.

But now it's:

[profile] [profile] "I wish I could come too," he said, clearly meaning it.


I am now really confused where to take the punctuation of Rend and am going back to consult my English grammar/punctuation books waaay back in high school.

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I promised rend fans I'd give this, so here it is. :)


For my birthday last year I had the insane idea that I should climb a mountain. Fortunately for me, it was a small volcano (the smallest volcano in the world in fact) that we climbed. (we meaning the five other insane people with me... namely my barkada).

Of the six of us, there was only one person who was remotely athletic, (athletic meaning she was the captain of the pep squad when we were in high school). One of us took tennis way back whenever and the rest of us were couch potatoes. So what made us want to climb a mountain in the middle of nowhere. [A caldera actually]

Oh it was BONDING. :) I actually enjoyed it (minus the gripes of course). We slept late the previous night because we were a possy of girls. We just had to giggle at every little story that we were telling each other so that we could catch up with our lives.

So naturally, we woke up late. We were planning to be out of the house at five, but ended up leaving at seven because almost all of us were fast asleep. (Including me as I am inherrently noturnal rather than a morning person).

So we set out late, and we had three caps between the six of us.

We also had two water bottles and one gatorade. (Wow, imagine going up a small mountain with that much water to be shared. And since it's a tourist spot, water costs thrice as much than your supermarket).

Us being the penny pinchers that we were. We haggled for the price of the boat, as well as the price of the tour guide. The locals being the devious people that they are, decided that the tour guide didn't come with the money that we were willing to spend.

... ok backtrack... why is there a boat in the middle of a mountain? ... sorry. We were in a caldera (as previously mentioned) therefore we were at the rim of the outer volcano. We had to cross a small lake (Taal Lake) to get to the base of the inner volcano to see the main crater.

picture of the mountain while we were in the boat )

So anyway, we trekked without the comforts of a tourguide with only three bottles between ourselves. We were conserving the water like crazy, especially since it was hot, humid, dusty and if you stepped in the wrong place you could land in horse shit. (We didn't ride a horse because from memory, I thought the area was very easy to climb especially since there were really no sheer drops).

where we could fall )

It was a relatively small mountain, therefore if we fell down, we could just break our bones. Oh, but everything was complicated by the fact that daki our ever loving friend had heat stroke at the last tenth of the way.

Imagine, we were on our last leg at around eleven in the afternoon, our body was overheating from the excercise (not to mention my feet irrevocably damaged because of the rocks) compounded by the heat of the sun, it was really bound to happen. And with no tour guide and sparse water, we were hardly the girl scouts here.

Fortunately, we were able to continue (through sheer will or whatever blind luck you might want to call it). We were divested of ten pesos when we reached the last leg of the climb, which I absolutely didn't remember paying the first time we went up, and managed to walk/crawl/slither all the way up to the peak.

Was that climb worth it? Well, let's just say I didn't have an SLR camera at the time to capture the essence of the entire show, but here's sample pictures of the crater.

taal crater )

That doesn't exactly show you looking down from a great height, but it was a good distance.

Not the most spectacular thing you'll ever see in your life, really. But it's a small achievement that you're not likely to forget.
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As promised, here's the Ryu Kumon Arc excerpt.

This is licenced by Viz Video. Please support Rumiko Takahashi and Viz by buying the manga if you really like it.

These are just the major points of the Ryu Kumon arc, and hopefully it'll entice you enough to want to read the entire thing by buying it.

The scans and translations were not made by me and was downloaded through eMule.

Volume 28 in thumbnails )
There's also a Happi sidestory after that. :) But mainly the entire volu,e 28 is Ryu Kumon.

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