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Map of Japan with Ranma daimyo influences [here]
Japanese Feudal Hierarchy [here]
Rendezvous with Fate fanart [here]

In a world where Akane never knew Ranma, never knew the Saotomes and is currently married to Ryoga Hibiki, she's never been more content.. Until she dies. She finds herself in the past, in the body of Kodachi and married to Ranma. Now she's lost.
Genre: Alternate Universe/ Medieval Japan
Main story link: [here]

Recent Chapters links:
Chapter 20: April to June
Final chapter and therefore has no summary. :) Rendezvous with Fate 1998-2007 :) Finished. Editing for FFML, and then off to RAAC. Still editing some of the chapters for mediaminer. Will be updating my webpage hopefully before classes start (which is next week... and I'm going to medical internship this coming april, so I really need to do it soon or goodbye webpage until two years)

Epilogue 1 

Epilogue 2 will take a while, but then it's almost a stand alone.  It's 30% complete. 

As it is, though, Rend is finished.

Thank you to Ellen Kuhfeld, Dream & JM for everything. Especially my dedicated readers and reviewers. (I mean 9 years is a long time to wait for something to finish) Comments and Criticism welcome.

Next story is being worked on. The inu yasha one is ... hohum in the design phase, but the next ranma fanfic is already in chapter 6. It will be shorter, more contemporary because I want to leave all technical first while I'm going into internship before I return to research heavy medieval Japan (yes, I have another story for RxA in that setting plotted out in my head). Haha, wait and see.

Other posts related to Rendezvous with Fate, inspiration, basis etc. [here]

for someone standing at the peak of happiness it's an obligation...
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I've finally finished checking rend against common errors in the english language. It took me three months to finish the entire alphabet. Sorry. I know, I promised one chapter per month but it took longer time for me to check out all of those things.

I've enlisted the help of two pre-readers help me with spotting grammar misakes (verb consistency anyway). Hopefully, they'll finish with chapter 16 within one week. (Hey, I managed to get chapter 15 out by new year, and that was ONE WEEK apart, give me a little bit of credit here. :p From someone who releases once every six months that was something else.)

I will NOT be in the country on Wednesday - Saturday and I will not be able to use the internet during Lent (next week...too much webtraffic as EVERYONE will be at home doing nothing) so don't expect anything during those dates.

Reuploaded everything in and will be reuploading everything in I need to fix the webpage. Something is wrong with it. IF someone knows HTML enough to help?

Once I finish with rend I'm going to have to print it and book bind it so I can say ahh there goes my life's blood. Haha. All it needs is that grand cover -_-; Alas I can't draw.

REND IS FINISHED. You just have to be patient a little bit longer ok? I'm impatient too, but I can't rush the technicality of grammar. It would ruin the writing.
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Yes! I finally got down to uploading the fic in LJ. (even if I had to cut some parts into little tiny pieces.)

Follow the links to go to::

Rendezvous with Fate : Ranma 1/2 AU Fanfic

         - Ryu Kumon Excerpt
         - Chapter 13 Extra A
         - Chapter 13 Extra B

(insights on some of the things in chapter 13... no spoilers but you'd understand why I wrote Chapter 13 better)

Original Fics

External Fic Links:

For the people uncomfortable reading in LJ: : iCe

Fanfictionpress: iCeDreams iCe : iCe An6el
own site:

in other words it's crossposted everywhere

Major Questions people have been asking about Rendezvous with Fate )

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Uploaded Chapter 13 into my website :) Can't do much changes in the website since I don't have a copy of the entire website in my harddrive. I'll have to download it later using FTP. Good thing they actually have FTP.

For the people who wrote to me in my LJ, I already replied.

If you want to be notified by mail, leave your email :)
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Uploaded chapter 13 to FFML today. Will upload chapter 13 in webpage when the FFML people finish shredding with it.

I never realized that 30,000 words were... a lot of words. Hmmm... and it might be truncated in email clients like gmail... which gives me headaches. 30,000 words was the product of one year worth of writing and several year's worth of editing that chapter, so it better count with all of the years in between that I post -_-;

I have been told before that I could split my FFML posts into parts 1 and 2, but I forgot. hmmm...
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[ profile] khym_chanur just edited Prologue to chapter two and I've just gone over the changes and
re-edited everything.

That was uploaded in I'm still not redoing my webpage because that's such a 
big task to handle right now with my harddrive crashing, but I do have a copy of the pages
downloaded from FTP (what a nifty thing FTP is isn't it).

Grammar changes and technical stuff. Right now I'm very confused with punctuation with quotes.

For example, a previous pre-reader told me it was like this:

She sighed. "Tell me what to do."
She sighed and then said, "Tell me what to do."
"Too bad you can't come with me," She said, "You should go to your dad."
"I wish I could come too," He said, clearly meaning it.

But now it's:

[profile] [profile] "I wish I could come too," he said, clearly meaning it.


I am now really confused where to take the punctuation of Rend and am going back to consult my English grammar/punctuation books waaay back in high school.

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Ok, one day after my harddrive failed, I finally found a pre-reader through livejournal. [ profile] khym_chanur someone I'm extremely grateful for becuase over the past couple of years I've been collecting and dropping pre-readers on and off.

The Rendezvous with Fate found on has been revised three times (from prologue-current chapter) over the course of its edits, and with the help of 
[ profile] khym_chanur[profile] we're doing a fourth system wide edit. I know I should be moving on and writing chapters 14 to 18, but give me a little leeway and try to salvage my harddrive until the fourteenth, so I'm occupying myself with reediting rend.

I didn't think that finding more errors could be possible, after all Rend went through three editors before it was released in the FFML, but somehow khym has found the natural flaws in it. So yeah, we're updating. (Yes, Rend is not dead! yay)

As we progress along the editing of rend, prologue was edited once, chapters1-6 was edited twice already and 7-13 were edited once. So khym will be adding to that. Remember though, as the chapters go along, the word count gets as large as 30,000 words, and editing sometimes takes twice as long as writing.

Thanks for all of your support on this matter. I will be writing rend again. I'll update you guys when rewriting of rend is finished as well as the editing of rend. As I've said, I've finished reoutlining rend, it's only a matter of time before I finally start typing those words away. With khym's help, I'll probably be inspired to write a few more chapters before this month is through.

Since I've finished re-installing all of my old software, and the newly Microsoft Office my dad bought, I can finally type. Now, if I could only get the mouse to work, I can finally check those annoying radioboxes in the installShield.

Caret browsing is fine, but hell, it takes thrice as long as normal. If it were just system files I'm toying with an occasional install it would be fine...

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As of today, I finished re-outlining the entire Rend series that was lost.

I also recieved the re-edited version of Prologue and will be re-uploading it both in, mm.o, and my site... whew in a couple of days.

After surfing on LJ for a while, I realize that there are a lot bashing that happens in the LJ community. Not just your typical comments on improvement but the entire I-hate-your-work-you'll-never-get-better kind of feeling.

Although to some extend I understand that the entire purpose of an LJ is to rant about what you find annoying... harsh flames sometimes are best kept behind a lock and key... or your friends only post. Which can't be the case if I stumble into most of them almost every other week on a lot of LJ posts.

I'm too tired to rant about it now -_-; and besides that would defeat the purpose of having a post about people who flame over the net anyway.

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