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After more than 10 years of looking for an artist for Rend, I finally found one with superb coloring skills!!! The art leans more toward bleach than Ranma in Takahashi verse, but I am content with this work.

Check out the picture of rend!

( cover art for rend )

Please leave comments in his deviant art if you have a deviant art account. :)

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about:
Rendezvous with Fate is a really old fanfic I wrote when I was in high school. Have pity on my high schooler's pen. It's a Ranma 1/2 fanfic set in medieval Japan. I might write another medieval Japan fanfic becuase I just have so much research that spilled over from rend!

Here are the stuff that supplement rend scattered throughout this journal:
Map of Japan with Ranma daimyo influences [here]
Japanese Feudal Hierarchy [here]
Rendezvous with Fate fanart [here]

In a world where Akane never knew Ranma, never knew the Saotomes and is currently married to Ryoga Hibiki, she's never been more content.. Until she dies. She finds herself in the past, in the body of Kodachi and married to Ranma. Now she's lost.
Genre: Alternate Universe/ Medieval Japan
Main story link: [here]

Other posts related to Rendezvous with Fate, inspiration, basis etc. [here]

for someone standing at the peak of happiness it's an obligation...
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It's been ... some months since I've finished Rend.

I've been meaning to book bind the entire fanfic and put it in my shelf, but I only have a handful of Rend Fan art. Several of Kodachi/Akane, one of Rian, a digital composite of Sohin and Hanae.

So, I wonder, when I finish the final Epilogue of rend, should I say that I would make copies of rend in book format to the person who makes the best cover for it?

Really. That's an honest to goodness offer. (Haha, I'm really begging for fan-art here), because I really have no skill at drawing. I wonder if anyone would be interested in that. *sigh*
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This is an old book of mine, lost some time between 2001 and 2005 but a friend sent me a copy through the mail, and have dutifully read it from cover to cover. I've based Rend (Rendezvous with Fate is my Ranma 1/2 alternate universe fanfic... if you've never heard of it and are wondering) off it.

I have liked other workds of Goofdger better, find that she has imrpoved over time. (This particular piece is her first published work). I have found Anything for LOVE a better story with similar themes to When tehre is Hope and stronger characters. However, This book would have a special place for me because this book is what started Rend.

Though not a favorite story of mine, I love the time-travel, and people rarely pull off the time travel well enough. I have though, because of criticism of my fanfic (which I based off this particular book) noticed that there were indeed great flaws in the entire romance of the lead characters.

For instance, though I like the lead male, Carter, I hate the way he treats his wife, even if she is evil, and I do understand why he does it. (Which makes me think, did I ever hate the way I portrayed Ranma in Rend. The next is I hate the fact that the lead female, cries and almost sank into depression, which I have managed to do with Akane when I was writing Rend.

As my sister pointed out to me in Rend, and what is glaringly obvious in this book is, it was clear why Carter could fall in love with Maggie, but puzzling why Maggie would settle for Carter.

Although a lot of the plot points in Rend are different from When there is Hope, I ran parallel to the book. Which, if you see my detest for Sunny, is something that I shouldn't have done. (But then... it was fanfiction, with a cross to Ranma and When there is Hope. Sunny gets PAID for her work, and she says it's copyrighted. PLUS I was twelve when I started writing rend.) Okay, excuses excuses...

Another bothersome thing about Goodger's work is that she shifts perspective in the middle of the scene. Something which I had to be broken out of by a lot of my pre-readers. (I patterned myself too much after her in writing and writing style, bad for me)

But still, I am grateful that I have the book, because without it I wouldn't have been able to start (not finish, the finish was entirely MINE) a finished fanfic which I have poured research and time to. And of course, it should sit in my desk beside a copy of Rend which I hope I'll manage to make someday. (Print and bind it someday. I'm going to get someone to draw me a good cover and bind it)

Which is the reason why, one day, I am going to write a Ranma 1/2 fanfic someday entirely in the 1600's or 1800's or whatever period that is my idea. Maybe after internship I'd start penning it down.

As for the second epilogue of rend, I'm working on it. I haven't had much inspiration lately, possibly because I've been buried under a lot of ... um... Dark Fantasy works that is not conductive to writing a 1600's Ranma 1/2 fanfic.

I want to write again. Reading has been this grand adventure, but I want to write something again. I miss writing fanfiction. I may not have been a prolific writer, and I may have not written to release every month, but it's something I want to keep doing.

Unfortunately muses have been silent.
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OK. I have now fully graduated into lunacy.

Although admittedly, Med School is easier on my nerves than chemistry (easier meaning my grade output equals effort input) I realize why fewr and fewer people enter the profession. It takes too long to be a doctor.

And this is after I dropped my Anatomy in College. -_-;

I actually do very well in my theoretical, barring the anatomy questions and the anatomy practical exams. Haha, I actually fail my practicals by three and a half points every module and then make up for it by getting 80%'s in the theoretical. Which is the reason why I am never going to be a surgeon.

On other things. I've had a Palm m505 since I was in college but never really believed I needed it right? So I've never really used it... until med school.

MAN. What the hell was I thinking? I should have used it ages ago. Anyway, I finally uploaded rend into it and instant editing of rend wherever I go. Three cheers for Rend. No more scribbling in scrap paper only to retype it later on in life and wasting time, paper and most of all, REND GETS DONE.

WAHAHAHAHA. However, for some odd reason, the 'card' I'm using is already half filled with my dad's old junk (read journals etc) which I can't delete because it's medicine related, but can't read because I can't find the serial code etc. Erg.

See you guys when I see you. :)
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I promised rend fans I'd give this, so here it is. :)


For my birthday last year I had the insane idea that I should climb a mountain. Fortunately for me, it was a small volcano (the smallest volcano in the world in fact) that we climbed. (we meaning the five other insane people with me... namely my barkada).

Of the six of us, there was only one person who was remotely athletic, (athletic meaning she was the captain of the pep squad when we were in high school). One of us took tennis way back whenever and the rest of us were couch potatoes. So what made us want to climb a mountain in the middle of nowhere. [A caldera actually]

Oh it was BONDING. :) I actually enjoyed it (minus the gripes of course). We slept late the previous night because we were a possy of girls. We just had to giggle at every little story that we were telling each other so that we could catch up with our lives.

So naturally, we woke up late. We were planning to be out of the house at five, but ended up leaving at seven because almost all of us were fast asleep. (Including me as I am inherrently noturnal rather than a morning person).

So we set out late, and we had three caps between the six of us.

We also had two water bottles and one gatorade. (Wow, imagine going up a small mountain with that much water to be shared. And since it's a tourist spot, water costs thrice as much than your supermarket).

Us being the penny pinchers that we were. We haggled for the price of the boat, as well as the price of the tour guide. The locals being the devious people that they are, decided that the tour guide didn't come with the money that we were willing to spend.

... ok backtrack... why is there a boat in the middle of a mountain? ... sorry. We were in a caldera (as previously mentioned) therefore we were at the rim of the outer volcano. We had to cross a small lake (Taal Lake) to get to the base of the inner volcano to see the main crater.

picture of the mountain while we were in the boat )

So anyway, we trekked without the comforts of a tourguide with only three bottles between ourselves. We were conserving the water like crazy, especially since it was hot, humid, dusty and if you stepped in the wrong place you could land in horse shit. (We didn't ride a horse because from memory, I thought the area was very easy to climb especially since there were really no sheer drops).

where we could fall )

It was a relatively small mountain, therefore if we fell down, we could just break our bones. Oh, but everything was complicated by the fact that daki our ever loving friend had heat stroke at the last tenth of the way.

Imagine, we were on our last leg at around eleven in the afternoon, our body was overheating from the excercise (not to mention my feet irrevocably damaged because of the rocks) compounded by the heat of the sun, it was really bound to happen. And with no tour guide and sparse water, we were hardly the girl scouts here.

Fortunately, we were able to continue (through sheer will or whatever blind luck you might want to call it). We were divested of ten pesos when we reached the last leg of the climb, which I absolutely didn't remember paying the first time we went up, and managed to walk/crawl/slither all the way up to the peak.

Was that climb worth it? Well, let's just say I didn't have an SLR camera at the time to capture the essence of the entire show, but here's sample pictures of the crater.

taal crater )

That doesn't exactly show you looking down from a great height, but it was a good distance.

Not the most spectacular thing you'll ever see in your life, really. But it's a small achievement that you're not likely to forget.

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