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I've been busy, I haven't had the time to travel lately. Med school does that to you I guess.

But here's Boracay for you, all served up and pretty. The older pictures in my account's links are being fixed so I'm going to have to change them but these links are okay.

Tropical beaches are the best, and Boracay, dubbed the land of the beautiful is another famous summer spot here in the Philippines. We reached Boracay by plane via Katiclan (becuase the plane is larger than when you use the Calibo airport of which there are only SMALL planes, and I hate riding in small planes.) If you're saving up, you could also take a bus and a roro to get to Boracay.

We have a hotel at Terminal 2. If you've more money than us students, Terminal 1 is the place to go, there are less people, but if you're saving up again there's terminal 3. We stayed at Courtyard inn, Php 1000 per night five to a room. So if you only have two people in one room it's more expensive. But hey we're students.

Tons to do in Boracay, there's scuba diving, although I'm not licensed (and don't have the money to go diving anyway) since it's 10,000 a dive. It's popular with foreigners though, but I think Puerto Galera is the place to go for better dives. It was once a port hence old shipwrecks in the area, and therefore better dives, and the marine life is better there too.

We went sunset sailing on a paraw. It's sunset sailing, but you could ride a paraw any time in the day. But as the name implies, you get the better deal if you sail off into the sunset than if you sail in the middle of lunch. Where's the fun in that? Php 1,200 for the paraw. If you're planning to propose, don't drop the ring.

There's a glass bottom boat if you don't want to snorkel, but unless you're a kid, snorkeling is better. There's a Php 100 rental for the snorkel and additional snorkeling environmental fee. Again the sea life is better in Puerto Galera, but since you're in Boracay, go ahead.

Crystal caves is also another one of those popular stops, and pookah beach. Don't get the pookah, they're an endangered species. I think regulations allow you to take one or two, I wasn't there so just check.

Other things to do, NO surfing, we don't have strong waves in Boracay, but there's jet skiing, banana boating, fly fish. And Parasailing (Php 1,400) Strapped on to a parachute connected to a boat. It feels like a ferris wheel except that you're over the sea (and more expensive than a ferris wheel too)

If you're not into the daytime activities, the land of the beautiful also has an active night life on Terminal 1. As I said, there's always something to do.

Boracay Pictures )
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More pictures, haha it's fun to be on vacation isn't it?

Having freshly graduated from UP Diliman some of my blockmates and I decided on a road trip to idyllic Laluz Resort in Batangas.

Unlike Boracay and Puerto Galera, Laluz Resort isn't a party scene, so it's something that you'd take your family to on a nice quiet weekend to get away from the busy and quite noisy city life.

It's not the cheapest place on the block, but the place is good, you have a cabana in front of your room for the open fresh air of the sea, beach side lounge chairs and free life vests. Why free life vests? Unlike usual beaches, laluz beach resort has sudden plunges into the deep sea. However, it's a very rocky beach, big rocks sprout out of the water and my friend recieved a long gash on her leg for it.

Wet shoes(?) are advicable. Thing is the snorkeling here is ok. Considering it's in the shore, you could already see a number of gaily colored fishes even if you don't venture far. If you take their free life vest, use a snorkel and goggles you brought along you'd do fine.

However, Batangas isn't a place that you'd spend weeks and weeks over sicne you could barely do anything there but swim, take pictures, lounge in the sun and talk to your friends. It's the quiet get away, but after you've soaked in enough sun, you don't know what to do anymore.


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Taken with a Sony Ericsson K500 camera. Don't expect SLR quality.

Non-clickable. WYSIWYG.

I have more pics but they're still not scanned... I wonder when I'll get around to actually scanning pictures.... **sigh**

Puerto Galera pics )

More pictures to come hopefully, especially that batangas trip.
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Hmmm... I was looking through old pictures. I was going to upload some of my Ilocos pictures but decided I didn't want to tackle my scanner right now. :/

But I did find pictures from that trip to Subic from last October. Which is just as good. There are only a few pics because I wasn't in a photography class at that time, and I didn't have time to take pictures of that opposite end of the beach.

The pictures are a result of boredom while waiting for our parents to finish eating breakfast. So my sister and I decided to take a stroll on the Boardwalk, and bring my dad's SLR along the way.

Half of the pictures were me in a half-baked attempt to try to be a biologist, so most of them were little species with six crablet pictures, and just two or three photographs of the view.

Subic Bay was formerly an integrated Naval force of the Philippines and the United States by order of President Roosevelt in 1940. On 1992 Subic Bay was handed over to the Philippine Government.

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I promised rend fans I'd give this, so here it is. :)


For my birthday last year I had the insane idea that I should climb a mountain. Fortunately for me, it was a small volcano (the smallest volcano in the world in fact) that we climbed. (we meaning the five other insane people with me... namely my barkada).

Of the six of us, there was only one person who was remotely athletic, (athletic meaning she was the captain of the pep squad when we were in high school). One of us took tennis way back whenever and the rest of us were couch potatoes. So what made us want to climb a mountain in the middle of nowhere. [A caldera actually]

Oh it was BONDING. :) I actually enjoyed it (minus the gripes of course). We slept late the previous night because we were a possy of girls. We just had to giggle at every little story that we were telling each other so that we could catch up with our lives.

So naturally, we woke up late. We were planning to be out of the house at five, but ended up leaving at seven because almost all of us were fast asleep. (Including me as I am inherrently noturnal rather than a morning person).

So we set out late, and we had three caps between the six of us.

We also had two water bottles and one gatorade. (Wow, imagine going up a small mountain with that much water to be shared. And since it's a tourist spot, water costs thrice as much than your supermarket).

Us being the penny pinchers that we were. We haggled for the price of the boat, as well as the price of the tour guide. The locals being the devious people that they are, decided that the tour guide didn't come with the money that we were willing to spend.

... ok backtrack... why is there a boat in the middle of a mountain? ... sorry. We were in a caldera (as previously mentioned) therefore we were at the rim of the outer volcano. We had to cross a small lake (Taal Lake) to get to the base of the inner volcano to see the main crater.

picture of the mountain while we were in the boat )

So anyway, we trekked without the comforts of a tourguide with only three bottles between ourselves. We were conserving the water like crazy, especially since it was hot, humid, dusty and if you stepped in the wrong place you could land in horse shit. (We didn't ride a horse because from memory, I thought the area was very easy to climb especially since there were really no sheer drops).

where we could fall )

It was a relatively small mountain, therefore if we fell down, we could just break our bones. Oh, but everything was complicated by the fact that daki our ever loving friend had heat stroke at the last tenth of the way.

Imagine, we were on our last leg at around eleven in the afternoon, our body was overheating from the excercise (not to mention my feet irrevocably damaged because of the rocks) compounded by the heat of the sun, it was really bound to happen. And with no tour guide and sparse water, we were hardly the girl scouts here.

Fortunately, we were able to continue (through sheer will or whatever blind luck you might want to call it). We were divested of ten pesos when we reached the last leg of the climb, which I absolutely didn't remember paying the first time we went up, and managed to walk/crawl/slither all the way up to the peak.

Was that climb worth it? Well, let's just say I didn't have an SLR camera at the time to capture the essence of the entire show, but here's sample pictures of the crater.

taal crater )

That doesn't exactly show you looking down from a great height, but it was a good distance.

Not the most spectacular thing you'll ever see in your life, really. But it's a small achievement that you're not likely to forget.

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