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Premise: This is Historical Fiction. I wrote this for a class, and well, I have a tendency to keep my stuff that I write in class.

What you should know: Jose Rizal is the Philippine National hero and he wrote Mi Ultimo Adios (the poem in italics here) and as you may have noticed from the title, it was originally written in Spanish.

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Premise: Rapunzel written from the eyes of the villain.

Should be script format because will be acted out.

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I was the narrator witch!! Yay, and my acting prowess showed, I was congratulated!! Hehe (don't mind me I'm inflating my ego bit by bit.)

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Not written by me, but acted out by me.
Premise: Was a group presentation, we were asked to choose a part of Merchant of Venice and custom make it into our specifications and interpretation.

Us being the anime junkies that we were, it turned out like this.

This is the judge 'trial scene'.

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Premise:  This was sort of a challenge, write a fairy tale with required elements: I was required to put in three elements :: a princess, a tikbalang and a college professor.

The tikbalang is a mythical creature in Filipino folklore they're structured oppositely from centaurs, because they have horses for heads and human bodies (they're two legged, some say they have human arms, some say they have claws), and they smell awful with glowing amber eyes. They are languorous, tobacco-smoking man-horses that reside deep in Philippine forests and reward pursuers who could wrestle three hairs from its mane with three wishes. They like to confuse travelers' paths and are omnivorous (most are evil by nature but some are non-evil). A Balete is a large tree that starts out as a vine clinging on to other trees. Traditionally, it is known as a hideout for bad spirits. It's not endemic since I found a place that says 'we hold the biggest Balete in Asia' but I don't know the scientific name. Okay that's that beyond that you could enjoy this story on your own already.

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