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... why stop at one? I would change the entire casting of The Last Airbender using a different cast.


( Discussed further here... )
I realize belatedly that I don't have native americans (this is due to my lack of exposure to them and not because of lack of want) for the film, but I'm welcome to suggestions.
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I recast everyone OLDER, (because it's very difficult for me to go searching for child stars, in an ideal world it would all have been auditions etc, but since this is just fancy.... I don't know any native american actors, so if you have suggestions in that department, feel free to comment.)
The Cast & a VIDEO AUDTION for Aang )

[ profile] naru_naoe and I talked about this, and though the photoshopping sucks at the moment (I have things I musts do), we already also have the minor characters plotted out.

Zhanwei Wang as Aang. Zhangwei Wang was first seen as the bully in Karate Kid (2010), he knows kung fu, and he can act. Of course Aang is a happy-go-lucky kid compared to his role in Karate Kid, but at least we know that he can act.

Miao Xie (or Miu Tse depending on your romanization) for Zuko. Miao Xie is actually best known for being Jet Li's on screen son in "My Father is a Hero"/"Jet Li's Enforcer" (a personal favorite of mine) and "The New Legend of Shaolin". I know a lot of fans want Dante Basco here, but, though Dante Basco is Zuko's voice, I think it would be better to cast at least the main characters as Chinese as Zuuko is mainly a Chinese influenced character.

Jet Li as Ozai. I've wanted to see Miu Tse as Jet Li's onscreen son again.

Jacki Chan as Iroh. Comedy and action in Iroh. Jacki Chan was the first person who came to my mind.

Zhang ZiYi as Azula. Zhang Ziyi could do a pretty mean crazy when she wants to. And her fight scenes in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as well as House of Flying Daggers was a must see. Zhang Ziyi doesn't actually know kung fu but rather uses dancing moves in her fighting, a little bit hard if she's cast in Azula's role for the military hard style but could be improvised.

Chow Yun Fat as Roku. Seen him in Confucious? Although if Mr. Miyagi or Mr. Mako was still around they'd be better.

Now... well here we have some non-Chinese cast in the roles, because outside of the Fire Kingdom, I think it was more vague. For example, I always thought the water tribe looked darker and a bit more Native American soo....

Summer Glau for Katara. Katara's moves are all very fluid and not a lot of her bending is about kung fu. Summer Glau has shown in "Serenity" that she could pretend to fight using her ballerina skills. Also she fits in the water tribe, she looks like she has ambigious ancestry too.

Dante Basco as Haru. Again, although a lot of people would like to cast him as Zuko, I think he should give the chance to others and play a more minor role. Plus he looks more of a Haru than a Zuko. His dancing would make the bending fine.

Dev Patel as Jet. Although Dev Patel was cast as Zuko, he doesn't fit into Zuko's looks. I think he'd do more of a Jet. Nuff said.

Conchita Campbell as Toph. I really really wanted to give this to Dakota Fanning. Seriously, it's hard to find child actors to fit this tally sheet. And it's difficult to find someone who could play blind. But then I remembered 4400 and Conchita Campbell. She could do serious and blind well.

More Minor Cast:

Dichen Lachnan as Mai. She's half-Tibetan and half-Australian. I know her best from the series "Dollhouse" where she mostly played a Korean/Asian roles for Sierra.

Amuro Namie as Ty Li. [ profile] naru_naoe wanted a dancer for Ty Li and immidiately thought of Japanese singer/dancer Amuro Namie.

Gina Hiraizumi as Suki. We had to search for new upcoming Asian faces for her. We really couldn't think of anyone. To be honest, we only chose her because other people thought she was someone to watch out for.

Maggi Q as Kiyoshi. Same reasons as Hiraizumi. (see Suki)

Morena Baccarin as Yue. We wanted Brazilian actress Morena Baccarin from "Firefly" to come join the mix. Completely minor, but when we remembered how beautiful she looked in firefly as Inara, we remember how beautiful Yue as a moon goddess is.
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How to train your dragon is a story about Hiccup, a kid who lives in a tribe who kills dragons everyday, and has to convince his tribe that they had it wrong all along, and that they could train their dragons.

Another family oriented film from dreamworks. Loved it so much because of Hiccup's wit, his sarcasm, his need to fit into his family when he was obviously an oddball and the way he tried to handle things his way (the stupid and crazy way).

I also loved the cuteness of Toothless, and though he was modelled off Stitch, from Chris Sander's previous works becuase they have the 'same personality flaws' I can't help but love toothless better.

And I really really love the sarcasm, did I mention I love the sarcasm? (And its execution).

Although based off a children's book, How to Train your Dragon has a lot of dissimilarities from the original, first off is the fact that in the book, the Dragons were being trained by the vikings in the first place, not being killed off. And that Hiccup's best friend is a guy named Fishlegs which was replaced by Astrid (voiced by America Ferrera, because obviously, you need a romantic interest in films for the grown ups and that's not quite necessary for a kid's book).

I'm going to buy the DVD as soon as it's out. Does anyone sell 3D DVDs now? haha
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Anita Blake. I don't know if I should be happy or what :/ *sigh* I want a Merry Gentry one, but short of a porn movie, LKH already expressed that it's not happening. I'm not sure if I'm game to watch Anita Blake. That means I have to invest more time and effort to like the series ;p

Fibished Books 1-5 of Jaz Sparks. Liked it. Need to think on it. Am sleepy though and need my beauty sleep.
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ARGH. ARGH. I knew that if I watched a Sony produced film it was going to be 50-50 (again), but I ended up watching Gabriel anyway. If only because it sounded like Constantine and I'm a big sucker for Constatine like movies.

Gah. Gah. Gah. It was Constantine like. As far as the premise goes, of course it can't be not Constantine like if you're dealing with Heaven, Hell and Angels and Fallen. However, where Constantine succeeded, Gabriel utterly failed.

The plot was extremely SLOW going. Even the action scenes were slow. You were watching things for five minutes when you could actually condense it to a few seonds. Everything was too unrealistic. So you get the entire feeling of BAD MOVIE BAD MOVIE BAD MOVIE from the start (sort of like when you were starting out watching The Covenant, there was this niggling feeling in the abck of your mind that something was wrong, you just can't pin point it.) which started on my senses right when Gabriel fall from the cosmic high to becoming human and entered the world to rid humans of the fallen.

There was no bad acting, because there was no need for acting, so to speak. Gabriel, played by Andy Whitfield was at least eye candy. Michael Piccirilli who plays homosexual (or probably bisexual) Asmodeus is also eye candy. (ALTHOUGH, he would have been better eye candy in his original form, for some odd reason the image of gay in the movie couldn't be reconciled with rugged the way Micheal Piccirilli is... good looking. I had to compare the Asmodeus pictures and the Micheal Piccirilli pictures and see the big difference.) Dwaine Stevenson, playing Sammael (originally picked to play Gabriel) also looks better without his makeup. (Honestly, is there rule that says Fallen guys have to look ugly? the costumes were reallt bad looking)... they could have dones something, and the red eyes were all right (the white milky eyes with pinpoint iriss were not winnders)

There was a good idea somewhere... hmmm... wait let me see, like the wings of the angels while mortal were tatooed behind their back (and it says so much for the entire movie that that was the only good idea). Oh and that the blue eye effect was alays extrenely

The biggest twist in the end (which I am going to spoil becuase I don't want anyone making the mistake of watching the movie), that Micheal has taken the place of Sammael, was so obvious, especially after Raphael said "None of us saw Micheal, but we all felt him here. All force and power and we felt him weaken slowly and slowly until he was suddenly gone." solidified by the fact that after all of the comrades died Gabriel momentarily turned to the dark side and flashed red eyes instead of blue of the "light".

Of course I also somewhat kind of suspected that Micheal would try to lure Gabriel to the darkside and in the end sacrifice his last remaining power for him. All that love going around.

What would have piqued my interest as a girl would have been a continuation of the fact that Amatiel, who had been tricked to becoming mortal by Sammael (the original one) had some fleeting romantic interest in Gabriel in the mortal world, but he's going to forget about it once he returns to home base.

Of course nothing will come of it because Gabriel actually killed himself after he killed all of the fallen. (What a tie), leaving Amatiel as the mortal Jade, looking out of Gabriel's hidey hole in the break of dawn. *sigh* really, nothing is happening iwth the movie.

Okay off to play Resident evil 4. :0
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Before starting the movie, I knew it was going to be 50-50 for me. It was action, something I liked well enough in my movies (not my books) and it was about history, so some good points about it. I was scared that it was going to be entirely bloodchillingly take his head off.

It was.

What was the plot the plot.... ahh yes. Vikings came to North America to steal the land from the natives "savages" and trying to do so kill everyone in the land. For no apparent reason, after they won, they left the Americas and went back leaving a young boy, later on known as Ghost, there. He was found by a Native American (they're actually the Beothuk people of Newfoundland in Canada but that's not movie related) woman who guilttripped the rest of the Elder council into taking on the boy because otherwise, they would be the savages.

Fast forward to fifteen years later, boy is now a man, who can't become an Indian brave because he has not come into terms with his "past". While he's out with his little sister, he leaves said little sister to wander by herself and him to go far of and skin animals. Little sister then goes of, is attacked by Vikings, and by doing so leads Vikings back to her village, where they slaughter everyone. Ghost comes back too late to save anyone and goes into vengeance mode.

The location of the filming was great. Half of the time I was wondering if they cheated using digital graphics or if it really was God's gift to mankind. So it's great for screencaps of nature, I think it's even better than Lord of the Rings for pictures. Even the Pathfinder's house looked great. I wonder and will always wonder how great they got the coloring off this movie. In the end, near spring when they already won, it was washed out, but I believed that was a bit of before and after anyway.

BUT I think that was the only thing going for the movie. There was no plot. There was only bloodletting, head cutting and lots of screaming thumps. (Funny, there was this one scene where a shield is flung over water, but since shield was made of rubber it was FLOATING instead of sinking... they actually had two sets of costumes one metal for show and one rubber for stunts). If I wanted to watch something a bit more substantial with lots of bloodletting, head cutting and screaming thumps, I'd go for Apocalypto. It had a better story, a well thought out plot and good cinematography too. Even the lead actor was better looking. I'd take Rudy Youngblood over Karl Urban any day.

It is a testament to the sad state of this movie that there are a handful of quotable quotes some of them recycled ones: One who lives by the sword, dies by the sword is an old classic. And a predictable one:

Gunnar(big bad viking): I am the last of your kind in this land.
Ghost:I am NOT your kind.

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I watched Masked Rider Black back when I was a kid in TV, wondering why the heck the lips aren't in time with the words (later, when I was older I realized it was because the TV was playing Japanese dubbed Tagalog)

I had a chance to watch Masked Rider Black again today. So I downloaded a copy from while I was studying for neurology. (I'm finally becoming neurotic... watching tv while studying)

So anyway, I remember the opening song and the henshin sequence, but everything was pretty much unfamiliar to me. Hehe, I can't believed I watched this as a kid. I mean, the plot is weird, who would believe a guy donning a mask to a grashopper anyway? And a man just *happens* to be helpful in the middle of nowhere offering a boat ride right? With scuba equipment.

Gah, well your typical lone ranger super hero. Cute when you're 7 but not particularly appealing now that I'm 23. Here's the link incase anyone want's to download it for nostalgia's sake.

Subbed by Century Kings
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I must admit that since May, I've been dying to watch this movie (nothing piques curiosity more than having Ran say, "Goodbye Shinichi" in the trailer). As graphics go, you could already see from both movie 9 and 8 that they're incorporating a good deal of CG into the background. So in the intro (you know the one that explains to you why a 7-somethingish year old kid has such a brilliant mind)... I enjoyed all the clicking mouse thing (even if I have watched the intro 10 times already).

However, when I watched the movie, I was a bit disappointed. The case was extremely easy to solve. You knew what the twist was, as Heiji put it, "You don't need a great detective to solve this case."

Getting all of the characters (minus one) was a novelty though (even if some of them were REALLY squeezed into the plot. This mainly Kudo and Hattori working together case, although it wasn't completely a Hattori movie (unlike Movie 7 - Crossroads in the Ancient Capital). Interaction between the other characters and Conan was sparse. Although for all the Haibara fans out there, I liked her in this movie. And, I guess, having the detective boys out of Conan's way is a bonus.

At least in this movie, Shinichi knows English instead of staring dumbly at Roman characters (which we all know he can read anyway) and waiting for an English translation, unlike some other movies. This is probably the single movie where Shinichi didn't have to say "Oh, I learned this in Hawaii with my dad." [and don't let me start ranting about the out of character-ness of Shinichi in the tv drama special -_-; he treats ran extremely bad and... Ran just takes it (I mean look at the first episode/case in the manga, Shinichi may forget that Ran isn't a mystery freak but he looks out for her) ... and they really act so badly.]

If you're mainly looking for a romantic seguey, uh it's better to check out movie 9 Strategy above the dephths and/or movie 4 Captured in Her Eyes for Shinichi-Ran and movie 7 for Kazuha-Heiji. And in some movies, since Kaitou kid doesn't show his true identity, there's a hint of Sonoko-Kid. Although for this movie a Conan-Ai might be stretching it. (haha another pair up I'm partial to.)

Anyway, I watched this for completion, but so far my favorite is still Movie 6: Phantom of Beika Street and for Ran-Shinichi Movie 4: Captured in Her eyes
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I've been obsessing over this manga for ages. I can't wait for the kdrama. I've found out that kdramas have better actors and better scripts than their taiwanese counterparts. (I shuddered when Yamada Tarou was shown here and played F4 band members...)

Parent's Trip to the states... which will give me ... Anatolia Story/Red River
Nothing puts an end to my manga reading than licensing. And although local bookstores have started stocking manga in their shelves, the unpopular ones like Chie Shinohara's Anatolia Story is kept at a backlog. I have yet to see Tokyo Pop's translation of Kare Kano here too. Since I have book 11 and book 21 and scanlations up to book 10 I'm not too worried... but still... I wonder if anyone has scans to kare kano...

I don't know if I like the story because as one of my books say, "Reformed rakes make the best of husbands", or because I'm just a plain sucker for romance. I thought the banter would be witty but the only nice dialogue present was, "The mistress says the animal cannot come in... but the pig we'll take." It was funny at points, especially when Casanova's "identities" get all mixed up, and I've always loved Lena Olin (probably because she plays Irina Derevko in Alias...)

I wonder if I'm ever going to get to watch Underworld : Evolution since whenever I promise myself I'd watch it, something happens that makes me completely NOT watch it. I haven't watched Pride and Prejudice either and I keep mistaking it for Sense and Sensibility (the one with Kate Winslet... who I do not like SIMPLY because of Titanic).

I finally watched Harry Potter 4: Goblet of Fire (and I'm still stuck with book 2; I wonder if I'm ever going to start reading book 4)

Aeon Flux
I was expecting Aeon Flux to be decidedly more.... adult. I don't know, that's what I remember about the cartoon. (OK so I watched the cartoon ages ago, when I was still in high school but I remember there was a lot of graphic violence, graphic sex and graphic swearing... if there is such a thing).

When I watched the movie (which I liked), I realized at the end that it was a romance story disguised in science fiction. Something which the guys who watch this genre would not like. (Unless they're a sucker for romance...). I can't even remember why the Monicans went against the Goodchild regime (other than the fact that some people keep disappearing... OK so maybe it was because the Goodchild regime seems dictatorial... nevermind).

This movie reminds me of Equilibrium. You know, Christian Bale? Awesome Gun Moves? Little kids covering for their father?

I want to know if Ultraviolet would prove to be of equal quality to Aeon Flux since they're both produced by Sony Entertainment.

What do you think of Female assassins? AND I extremely want her pajamas!

Jet Li's final move. **groans** If I ever take screencaps of fighting scenes it would have to be this movie. The footwork, the weapons, the speed. You appreciate Jet Li's style of fighting here. Most of Jet Li's Chinese movies are great, and this is no exception. I even liked the subtitles, haha the Japanese guy was DUBBED into Chinese (his lips were late) and SUBBED into English. Although yes, there were Japanese conversations too.

[I hated The One and Unleashed simply because The One has no story and Unleashed is ... prostitution, slavery and I can't decide if Jet Li is supposed to look young beside the Americans because he looks 18 when he *has* to be around 40. I think the fact that he was made to look stupid and eighteen annoyed me more than prostitution and slavery.]

I think the best American produced Jet Li film was Kiss of the Dragon (Jane Fonda the prostitute, drugs, a little girl, Chinese secret police, Paris. See all are nice elements), followed by... Cradle to the Grave. (The diamonds are not what you think they are, but insert evil bad guy's name here is exactly what you think he is. AND MAN the access to the 15th floor from the top was great.) I have no opinion of Romeo must die or earlier (Hollywood) movies and I *did* follow his eariler Chinese movies.

New World
I STOPPED watching after John Smith returned to Radcliffe. Not only was the dialogue (or the lack of it) boring, the entire introspective thing is not my cup of tea. I like the actress portraying Pocahontas, but otherwise... I kicked the movie under the rug.

Heart of the Dragon by Gena Sowalter
I seem to be reading too many dragony things these days. I was over my vampire phase last December, and now I'm moving to shape shifters.

Although I do seem to remember liking the Meredith Gentry series of Laurell K. Hamilton since it portrays fairies as the way they are and not as they should be... but I'm starting to get turned off by the fact that Princess Meredith seems to be adding more than four BODYGUARDS to her bed. I'm okay with the fornicating, fine they're FAIRIES they're darker creatures than what fairy-tales write, and I understood the initial four 'harem' concept. But six is a ridiculous number. Of course, if I was watching an Arabian sheik with all of his 100 nubile women I would object too.

Smoke Thief by Shana Abe
Another dragon story. This was the start of my dragon vein. Now that I've read Shana Abe, I want to read more of her books. My problem is they're not available in the country. I have now tried to procure it through asking my American citizen classmate to buy it for me by asking another classmate to pretend she's buying it for her COUSIN. The subterfuge. (I'm too ashamed to ask in my name). HAHA.

SOMEDAY I'm going to have to coerce one of my classmates to migrate to the US so they could buy my books for me and ship it here. Of course, by that time, I'd probably have free reign over my own credit card and therefore, it wouldn't matter.

Warprize By E. Vaughn.
When I looked at the cover, I wasn't going to read it. (Honestly the book cover is not the book's strong point). I finally decided to pick it up to read, and I'm thankful I didn't put it aside. The book made me cry THREE times.

It was touching when the princess agrees to be the Warprize/slave of the invading country and all the people whom she passed on the way to the throne room touched the hem of her (very slave-like dress) and whispered, "Thank you daughter of Xy." I thought we were both going to breakdown when the warden hugged her before going to the throne room and said, "Thank you beloved daughter of Xy." Well... she almost did. I kinda sniffled.

war movies

Apr. 25th, 2005 01:14 am
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I was finally able to pursuade my parents to go out and watch a movie today. Unfortunately, my father had to be bullheaded and watch THE PACIFIER of all things. -_-; I could pull my hair out. I was actually leaning towards either 'Ring of Nebulungs' or 'The Interpreter' Gaah. I was so depressed afterwards I moped enough not to eat dinner. Quite stupid and all. Haay.

Well anyway at least I was able to watch a nice film by Cate Blanchett the day before 'Charlotte Grey'. It was quite nice actually, I fell in love with the entire thing. Gaah I'm such a sucker for war movies. Honestly, I was going like, why can't I find some guy like Julien for me who'd probably try to kill me half of the time than trust me? Hmm... did I just say that? Let me just say I have weird tasts. That and the fact that the movie was hardly a romance flick. (Kinda shouts RELEENA all over, but not until I thought of Julien as 'KILL ME!' Kind of thing, it was actually more like: Charlotte: I'm going to have to kiss you AGAIN because you're too idiotic to stay silent and the Nazis are going to shoot you! kind of thing.)

AND I finally found the title of the movie I watched some months ago about this little chess master who remembers codes for a swiss bank. It's a good movie, with lots of twists along the way... and quite a number of deaths actually. Entrusted is the US title with DADDY being the UK title. Entrusted is better though. You actually see an entire family in the resistance and they die one by one through Nazi hands. There's the big mystery of who has the codes, who the boy's father is, just how the heck is he half-french, half-american with a bloody English accent and who the heck is going to betray them next. It was made for TV though I was fortunate enough to be able to watch it on cinemax (or was it Hallmark?) last month and I've been over myself wondering if the name of the movie was ENGAGEMENT? I was ginally able to get hits with the search words movie, thomas and chess master.

Through this address:

I do like my war movies, I even remember Tears of the Sun quite well.

I've been talking about movies lately. I must be bored out of my MIND. God, they've been scaring me about med school. They tell me one subject is 18 units. Who the hell has 18 units in one subject anyway? That's the entire load.

Carl has just adviced me to get laid. -_-; Why is it that everyone's advice has been that? Yech. Even if I am who I am, I am probably one of the most CONSERVATIVE people I know (morals wise anbyway). I have to get married first. It HAS to be a Church wedding.
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I was watching old reruns in Cinemax of old movies. (In other words, I've been bumming around now that It's summer) Well, actually, I was getting my will set up to finish the last leg of Tenshi na Konamaiki (since the later episodes were so god-awful I watch it in fastforward) when I came upon The Concierge (I like this Australian title better than the US one). I already watched it before once (after all it's a 1993 movie) but you kinda miss seeing Micheal J. Fox on TV.

I watched spin city most of my teens but that's a different story. -_-;

Anything Micheal J. Fox stars in is bound to be witty, and it was fun watching it and of course, him being a hopeless romantic kinda tugs at your heartstrings.

Of course, the reason why I'm drawn to the movie now, so many years later, is because my top dream business is owning a hotel. To have a tangible dream such as that and aim for it. That's something. :/ **Sigh**, if I could only get enough will to start save 3 million dollars ...

Line that I didn't forget after watching the entire strip:
"I came here to fall in love! You came here to fall asleep!"
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I just finished watching Spiderman (for maybe the sixth time). This was a rerun on AXN. I was really really mad at the entire thing when I watched it so I couldn't really comment. Now that I've watched it for nth time, let me say just how FRUSTRATED I am over the entire movie.

Don't get me wrong. Spiderman has been my all-time favorite, even in Comics up to the point that I was gushing about theoretical physics calculations on Spiderman's web being able to break a human body into two (Just as he was able to do with his first girlfriend (Gwen Stacy, who is not in the movie, thank you) on the golden gate bridge becuase he used his web to catch her on the back. The tensile force of his web broke her into two.)

I adore Peter Parker because he's a nerd but he's witty. He's a hero but he's made a mistake (costing his Uncle Ben's life). He's a genius but he hasn't graduated college (becuase of his little side job as a hero). He saves lives but he sometimes doubts his ability to remain as spiderman.

I watched the old old 1950's Spiderman cartoon on Star World back when... it wasn't Star world, whatever it was called. I watched Spider Man (the old 1990's cartoon where he was all buffed up) in a local channel and finally am watching the latest Spider Man (where everybody is a disjointed block of weird movement, the voice actor is Lisa Loeb for Mary Jane and the guy from Doogie Howser M.D. as Peter Parker) on channel 23. I've read several of the comic books (though I absolutely HATE the Spiderman 2020).

Yes. I am a fan. That's why I watched Spider Man on the cinema twice, bought the DVD and watch it when it shows on TV. The script is good. The wit is present, the good lines are there.

Green Goblin: This is why only fools are heroes. You never know when some LUNATIC comes along with a sadistic choice. Let die the woman you love or suffer the little children?

Aunt Mae: (to Peter) You're not Super Man you know.

THE FAMOUS: With great power comes great responsibility.

And a lot of other quotable quotes that I can't remember right now, because I came in 15 minutes to the end, which kinda obliterates half of the talking with fighting scenes. Fighting scenes are good, if you ignore the little Matrix look-alikes here and there (after all The Matrix set the standard for future fighting scenes when it aired out).

The special effects are excellent, and whoever is under that suit when Peter Parker is in spiderman mode sure is more flexible than your brick Tobey Maguire. Tobey Maguire doesn't move fluidly, when he walks away, his arms are squared off and doesn't sway with his body, his lips have only four shapes. Somewhat open, somewhat close, somewaht smiling and somewhat frowning. If he wasn't handsome, there would be no redeeming quality to him. Remember a few weeks ago I said Keeanu Reeves acts woodenly? Well at least Reeves acts Maguire looks like he's reading half of the time.

It's so irritating to watch terrible actors act out a good script. And don't get me started on MARY JANE. If you ask me blonds should never ever ever play red heads. OK, maybe not, I could accept the actress that played Allegra Cole (Amber Valleta... which reminds me who was she at What Lies Beneath?) in Hitch to play Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst). At least I wouldn't be half irritated by her teeth and she doesn't look stupid when she's smiling. Harry Osborne (James Franco) is no better.

At least they did well when they chose Goblin (Willem Dafoe). Too bad that character was the one major character in the list that definitely under no circumstances would make it into the second movie. I wonder if the guy who played Harry Osborne would be able to play the schizophreniac half as well as 'father' did. The scriptwriters got it right, he could only wish to be half the man his father is.

I need a change of characters here! Even X-men had good characters! If a somewhat urghh plotline. Why didn't they get James Marsden (aka. cyclops) play Peter Parker instead, or maybe even Harry Osborne. At least Aunt May is endearing. I wish someone would make a cast overhaul, but apparently SPIDERMAN has good enough reviews for bad actors to wear it out. Gag me with a spoon. SPIDERMAN 2 was a LITTLE bit better. But that's for another ranting day.
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If you're watching Constantine, you're going to have to watch it twice for all of the biblical nuances out there. I'm surprised though, for people ot have invested so much in the movie and not researched on the key players. For example: the devil, nicknamed Lucie, Luke or some derivative of Lucifer happens to turn up, Most well researched passages will tell you that Lucifer portrayed as the devil is a misinterpretation of the biblical text. Lucifer, the morning star who lit up the heavens rebelled and wanted more power, as a result, he was stricken down from the seventh heaven and demoted to the third. Still with the ranks of the angels, and not necessarily the Lord of Hell, which is mostly Beelzebub etc.

Of course, it's also quite a possibility that they researched it and decided that Lucifer is the name people recognized off hand and used it instead.

Keanu Reeves as Constantine was a good choice though. No one plays the I-don't-care-what-happens-to-me, cynic better than he does. You kind of understand why he's fallen so far. And he's not your average good guy either. And you've got to admit, the reason why he's doing the things he's doing is pretty unique.

I liked the conversation, it made me laugh, and considering it was a suspense movie, laughter is a bonus. (not exact quotes, I was in a cinema, where St. Jude boys thought I was epileptic so I didn't have a pen and paper with me:)

spoilery quote )

[Constantine sees a spider, traps it inside a glass and blows cigarette smoke into it]
Constantine: Welcome to my life.

Angela: I don't believe in the devil.
Constantine: Why not? He certainly believes in you.

Constantine [After getting beaten badly] This is a 200 dollar shirt you know.

Other than the dialogue, I thought the twists in the script were good too. Well, at least I didn't see most of the things coming.

twists in the story so obviously spoilers )

It's a very visual movie, with some of the jokes needing visual experience, and promise, watch it in a cinema where everyone could laugh with you. I had to sit in the middle of St. Jude boys one row away from my scattered family at Powerplant. Yes, guys, everyone wanted to watch Constantine on a Saturday evening.

So anyway, because of that I have seen trailers for the next movies. Star Wars III is up May 2005. Although yech, I don't really want to watch Star Wars III... I don't like the actor of Vader. Warriors of Heaven (?) Something of Heaven anyway with Orlando Bloom is also coming up, I want to see that, as well as Hitch with Will Smith.

Please, just not the Child of the Mask.
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I was going to say Aviator, but hell, I don't like Leonardy d.C. and though I find Howard Hughes inspiring, we've already done lots of films that shows mental disorders. Case in point: A Beautiful Mind, with Schizophrenia and well, okay, he's Obsessive Compulsive... but anyway... the logic in the thread is gone.

So why supersized me?

Nothing, just for the sole reason that a) I never really knew a lot of people were that obese and b) I'm glad our school doesn't allow sofdrinks and junk food on our cafeteria lines. Even if it sounded really mental to us at the time that it was implemented and therefore banned.

Supersized Me is a documentary/non-fiction thing which asks the question: Where does corporate responsibility begin and public awareness end?

It focused mainly on mcdonalds, for the reason that mcdonalds is the only company which caters especially to children. It's a good watch and I promise, you'd think about eating in McDonalds twice.

As for the flashcard thing where people were shown to see if kids could find out who the figures are... let me just say two things a) A child in a normally raised Filipino community would always recognize Jesus because of the images (imahen) in the house b) American kids are raised too much on fast foods.
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After watching National Treasure and my entire disbelief that a girl like that would fall for a receding hairline guy like him in the span of about one day, let me just say that: A) Damnit, they have a clean room in their backyard and B) I wish I had the computer nerd (forgot the name already, Riley?) to fix my godammned harddrive.

That beside the point, let me just say that watching that movie was like watching several films rolled into one: Mission Impossible seasoned with the Knights of Templar (in whatever legend/movie/book you want to choose from ... including the sucky movie named.... 'Knights of Templar'), a couple of pages from Dan Brown's da Vinci Code and a whole serving of The Mummy.

I forgot a nice historical movie that could go along with it, but hell The Mummy was all about a British woman who knew about almost all Egyptian legends etc who happens to be a reincarnation of some Egyptian princess anyway so it serves as a parallelism to our... BEN Gates. (B. Gates, what are the odds huh?) But I'm.... diverging.

The entire feeling of B. Gates running around trying to decipher the treasure map that an entire generation of his family failed to understand has the same feeling as da Vinci code. Except it was less uh... brilliant? B. Gates gets almost all of the clues on the spot in an instant, and his only obstacle is your usual FBI agent spoiler ) and your average villain Ian somebody.

Oh and by the way: I hate it when the guy ends up with the girl just because he pseudo-kidnaps her at the beginning.

I do like the dialog, what I can remember off it anyway both from Riley (your dash of humor who) and from Ben's Dad (your average, I'm not interested, but I do know chemicals and my history you know).

Snippets of dialoge... from my memory which means that they're not exact quotes )

Funny, though Riley is your computer techie (which heists like this always need), he's not portrayed as highly technical and is almost always the one who asks 'what the hell is going on?', for the benefit of the viewers (which every movie needs anyway, a guy who explains what the hell is going on??? that was Kazuki in the Anime of Get Backers... not in the Manga, and Akane in Ranma 1/2... I just had to put that in)

On a whole I enjoyed the movie: except for the fact that it had a clean room and I want a clean room. It just made me break down to think of my files again.

My dad has my harddrive on my mothers altar right now (my father is not that religious). He said he left it there because Jesus can resurrect dead people and performs miracles. -_-;

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