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Well, I finally went to Kamakura today. I was going to go to Sanuki (which apparently in tourist terms means Takamatsu and NOT Sanuki itself... because Sanuki is the old Japan name for the city and Takamatsu is the New Japan prefectural system that was once part of Sanuki along with Sanuki city itself...

Anyway, I got lost in the sleepy sleepy town of Sanuki, (In which case, I STILL have no idea what to write for the Nabiki arc, which is entirely set in Sanuki/Takamatsu... I have ideas, but not enough research and not enough plot for it to work) which had nothing in it but... things I can't read because no one speaks a lick of English, and I wasted four whold hours in that trip becuase I kept falling asleep in the train and missing my stops....

After Sanuki I went to Kamakura, which from most people who read Rendezvous, was the town in Sagami that I set the entire fanfic in.

I got off at Kamakura station and got tourist maps and tourist information off the information counter (a must for any tourist, right?)... then I walked around 700m (around a 30 minute walk for me) from the station towards Sagami Bay, which again, from most people who read my fic know that that's where I placed Rose Brier... after which I walked BACK towards the stations, taking smaller roads to the Zeniarai Benten Shrine (The money washing shrine) where Nodoka was supposed to meet up with Ranma and Nabiki when she was visiting for the New Year. The Zeniarai Benzaiten Shrine was SPECTACULAR, and Unique... however if long treks up steep slopes turn you away, there might be difficulty reaching it. (I have pictures... will upload it when I have time... when I get back to the Philippines).

I then walked all the way from Zeniarai Bentzaiten through Genjiyama Park towards Kuzuharaokaininja Shrine. (Which is not part of rend, but seeing I walked through it anyway, is part of this...) And I also took a picture of Hino Toshimoto's grave, also not a part of Rend, but was included in today's walking list... thus is written down. After that ... and I do not suggest doing this just before the sun sets or if you have terrible directions, and if you are alone (as it is a hiking trip through treess), and marginally, if you don't know Japanese (I was lucky, I asked directions from someone who knew English pretty well, and we were both going towards the same direction anyway)... I walked towards Tokeiji temple, which unfortunately closes as 5, and I arrived there at 5:30PM ( had I reversed this entire trek... started at Kitakamakura walked through Genjiyama passed Zeniarai Benten and walked towards Sagami Bay, I would have been able to see everything before five, and the walk would have all been down hill... alas, it was not meant to be... especially since all the tourist maps and all tourist information centers are in Kamakura station and not in Kitakamakura station in the first place.

Finally, (as I said) my last stop was the Tokeiji temple, which was where Ifuku took refuge along with Omokage. I have realized that the walking in my fic was all a bit off. It took me roughly two and a half hours (by walking) to get from Sagami Bay towards Tokeiji Temple, which was brisk walking, but also slow going since I was doing touristy things (like dipping all of my yen in the spring water and taking lots of obscure pictures so I can upload it)

SO honestly, I think the entire trek from Sagami to Tokeiji would have taken one hour and a half to two hours by brisk walking. And in Ranma 1/2 speed, probably half the time it took me to get there. Pictures will be uploaded soon ;p (I have to let you guys see the Zeniarai benten shrine)

Anyway... anyone know ANYBODY in Sanuki? Takamatsu? ANy tourist guides in Takamatsu and Sanuki that you guys know?
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I am so enamored with the entire Dark Jewels trilogy that I had to buy myself a copy of the Japanese Invisible ring since I liked the covers, and they have a tendency to draw in the middle of books here. So I wanted a copy.

Two cities and ten bookstores later I realized that knowing "Kono hon ga, arimasu ka?" (Japanese for: do you have a copy of this book?) was not going to cut it. It's either it is because it had so low ratings in Japan, or there are only so much translated books that Japanese people buy, or they're more into manga. Gah, I wish they had translated Dark Jewels trilogy instead of the Invisible Ring. So that all of her books are here, (and probably would have had better reception here if that was what they sold here.) Girls are big fans of this type of fantasy here anyway.

THe point of this post is... after searching for 9 days in ALL the bookstores I've been to, I decided to heed EVERYONE's advice and order it on, where they are selling the book for the grand prize of a second hand copy for 1YEN (that's the cheapest book I've ever bought EVER) and whose shipping costs (Y350/book) was quite more than the book itself.

I now have to call my hotel room in Osaka to tell them that yes, I am planning to be in the Hotel by the sixteenth and that I have a shipment of something coming over by tomorrow, and could they please recieve it. (As shipment here in Japan is QUITE fast... I ordered a book tonight and it would be coming today or tomorrow.... haha)

Anyway... I am hoping I get my book in Japanese (yes, even though I can't read it)I am planning to learn it someday...)
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OH MY GOD. There's a Ranma and Akane festival in Japan on October 11, 2009. I found the flyer at a shop in Shibuya (which I can't read because I left my sister at home who serves as my level 1 translator) anwyay... I'll post a picture when I get home to my scanner, but the website page is at:

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