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To commemorate the fact that my PS2 is now obsolete (well at least in Japan) I am posting my PS2 RPG games, does anyone know if I'm missing any of the good ones? (there might be action/adventure there somewhere ignore it)

I have:
Chrono Cross, Kingdom Hearts, Harvest Moon, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy X and X-2, FF VII: DC, Disgaea, Phantom Brave, Unlimited Saga, Grandia II, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, Suikoden III, Wildarms 3, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, Xenosaga, Arc the Lad: Twilignt of the spirits

And anime lover that I am, I have Inu Yasha: The secret of the Cursed Mask (even with its bad graphics); .hack infection .hack mutation (haha "playing .hack is like falling in love with someone you initially can't stomach."); and Full Metal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir.

Other than that, since it's InuYasha manga's 10th year anniversary this monday I decided to post a mostly unfinished, but roughly started fic in FF.N.

Shards of the Spirit

Kagome wakes from dreams that she can't remember and goes through days sensing something different yet unnamable.

What has Kagome forgotten?

It's my SHORTEST chapter to date, and only has around 1,700 words. It has not been pre-read or seen by anyone other than me. I sent it out to FF.N to feel for pre-readers. I will be sending it out to the FFML after I finish rend.

As always Rend is still top priority (come on wiht only 3 chapters to go, how can I not make it top priority?) but I am still dedicated to finishing this.

I was planning to ask my pre-readers to pre-read this, BUT... it so happened that they pre-read Ranma and I was a little scared to ask if they were willing to pre-read IY too.

To commemorate this joyous event, people at [ profile] rumic_fans also have a tenth anniversary quiz, going on. So please JOIN.

Also I'm plugging: [ profile] whatwasthatfic: a community for reuniting people with the fics they've lost. You have to join. As the mod said, it won't work if not enough people join.

... totally unrelated to that is...
I realize that I already have like 200 fic in my links in my homepage. I'll have to copy that to my livejournal.

Man, I need a gaming icon. haha.
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In Detective Conan manga volume 4. Ranma appears as a cameo. I can't remember the title of the case, but it was the case where the Junior Detective League found a "treasure map" (that limits it right, there are like three treasure map incidents with the children in Detective Conan) which actually came from the Italian Mafia with the word "Oro". Conan insists that they stop by a bookstoore. While Conan is looking at dictionaries, the children look at Shonen Sunday magazine and the magazine has Ranma on the cover.

A book a day )

** Picture taken from scanlation. Scanlator unknown but most probably it's "Randomfan". Downloaded through emule.

In Inu Yasha visual Selection volume 30, in the anime this is episode 90, I don't know if there's a manga equvalent. This episode has Sota confessing to a girl he likes (I forgot her name, H something... damn I just watched it). He dresses up in fancy clothes, blue overcoat, red bowtie and rubbershoes -- exactly like Conan Edogawa (note, they don't have uniforms in elementary school), right down to the bowtie and the maximum power shoes. (well... except the glasses)

Dress Me Up )

** conan's picture taken from [here]

Inu Yasha anime episode 128. Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri appear in Kagome's High school Festival (haha they're visiting the school festival). They appear after Kagome is dragged away by Ayumi for the choir. I found this because of [ profile] ytak.

Just Visiting )

This particular information comes from [ profile] ytak's page: Detective Conan comes on after Inuyasha in Japan. They are even in the same compilation, Shonen Sunday.

So... it's either Shonen sunday wants to have their characters gain more publicity by spoofing in their series, Takahashi Rumiko and Gosho Aoyama are friends or the two just like each other's series. Haha.
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Ranma's voice actor is Yamaguchi Kappei. Originally, I thought he didn't appear in too many TV series (Ranma, Inu Yasha and 12 Kingdoms as Enki) but apparently he appears in more than just that.

Here are some of the anime he appears in which I watched:
Yu yu Hakusho - Jin (ok I semi watchded this, not really watched)
B'T X - Kimiira
Detective Conan - Shinichi Kudo, Kaitou Kid/Kaitou Kurobara(name?)
Escaflowne - Shesta (I saw the credits here so I know)
CLAMP SChool detectives - Kentaro Higashikunimaru
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne - Noin
12 Kingdoms - Rokuta (Kirin of En or more formally Enki)
Weiss Kreuz Gluhen - Sena
Tokyo Babylon - Subaru Sumeragi
RG Veda - Ryuu-Oh
Haruhiko Kasama - Please Save My Earth
Ruroni Kenshin (movie) - Yasuharu Musashino
One Piece - Usopp
Sailor Moon - Artemis
JAPANESE dub of Bugs Bunny
JAPANESE dub of Boy Meets World "Cory Matthews"

Video Games
Breath of Fire III - Adult Ryu

I didn't ehar this but notable:
Singing Roles
Fushigi Yugi - Chichiri
One Piece Usopp

THIS MEANS... wah I want to watch Detective Conan again. My sister told me that the voice actor was a woman, and then this comes to me as a surprise.

BY the way... I pity the american dubbing, JIMMY KUDO? Please. Rachel for Ran? What was Sonoko's character's name again?
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Sango-Miroku. In the Doujin section there's a doujin made by the webmaster on the vein of "what would the Ranma universe be like after 20 years".

Very Good art work. So much so that I'm kind of sorry that he/she isn't doing any more Ranma. Ranma being an old series kind of does that. -_- *sigh*

Anyway, this kind of makes me think... what if I finish writing rend, make a segue into the Inu Yasha universe? I am a fan of Inu Yasha, btu that means I'll have to rewatch everything. Erg. I usually like writing fics when the entire series is over so that I can tweak the things that I didn't like in the series in the first place.

I read the latest release of Inu Yasha in Ear-tweak just the other day and the entire Miroku arc has me almost in tears. *cheers for Miroku* I'm rooting for you. *cheers for human inu Yasha*. Geh.

I'm kind of flustered now becuase I deleted my Inu Yasha icon.... for the sake of a Detective conan icon...

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