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OK I just got back from the long awaited trip. It feels like a Detective Conan tour to me. We kept saying: Oooh that's the Kyoto case, where Shinichi found out the killer guaging from the picture of the flames in the mountain. Oooh we're in a bullet train, there was a case where a bomb was in one of the suitcases and conan had to figure out who the men in black planted it into (Oh, and we finally realized why Conan could call inside a train, even without the cell phone... they had pay phones... somehow we understood that but when we saw it it was like... a lightbulb moment). Oh gosh, we're in Osaka castle, this was where Heiji and Conan went in one of the movies. Oh gosh look at that map, it's the map of Kyoto, wasn't that what Hattori's "true love" sang to remember the roads of Kyoto?

We pondered over the fact that there are 300,000 suicides in Japan per year (around 100 per day... and therefore Shinichi would never run out of cases) and that there are a total of 6,000 traffic accidents per year. (It was decreased from 10,000 becuase of strict traffic rules. 800,000 yen for drunk driving etc) And police could tell if you're driving a fast truck because if three green lights are lit on the truck it means it's speeding, two lights means it's under speed limit and one light means it's slow.

What else? Well if I remember more conan factoids when we were walking around the trip I'll write it down.

We shopped around, got gashapons for our friends who likes miniatures, got a Draco-Harry doujin for one of our friends who likes those type of doujins.

who would like to scanlate Roy-Riza Doujins? I can provide scans. I bought a ton of them, and I haev no idea what to do with them because I can't read. I was just supporting the circle. My sister bought a couple of Lupin-Sirius and Roy-Ed doujins with Naruto doujins and FujixTezuka (POT) doujins.

I also bought several Detective Conan special edition manga, and some of the shoujo manga that I download off the net. Merupuri, Wanted, Shinishi Doumei Cross, some Chie Shinohara book, a Yuki Yoshinara book, a couple more Arina Tanemura books, a couple of books done by the author of Mucha Kucha Daisuki etc.

As I said it was a shopping trip too. Oh and I now have a couple more ideas for rend since we visited two castles and two shrines. Just check out the pictures.
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Originally, I was planning on spending Valentine's day with me, myself and I (or maybe me, myself and the computer). However, as luck would have it, my uncle invited us out to dinner with his current 'girlfriend' in EDSA Shangrila.

I was *stuffed* full.
There were 20 interactive menus. What is an interactive menu? Remember whenever you check into a hotel and at breakfast you tell them what kind of eggs you like? soft boiled, hard boiled, omellete (with your choice of cheese, pepper, ham, bacon, tomato, onion?) Well it was something like that. My sister and I ended up tasting only HALF of the menu before we became so full we couldn't move.

The interactive menus were:

1) Risotto
2) Siu Mai

3) Pizza
4) I'm forgetting a station in the italian/american area because I didn't have time to eat there...

5) Lechon (kind of ordinary...)

6) Ham (that you placed in something that looked like a quesidilia)

7) Sushi bar
8) Noodles bar (we never did get to ask the chef to make us noodles/soup, we were too full by teh time we noticed it.
9) Lobster/ Shrimp / Oyster Bar

10) Fresh fruit Shakes/Bar (another ordinary place)
11) Salad

12) Crepes
13) Halo-halo
14) Sherbet
At least I think it's sherbet. They take three scoops of ice cream (either vanilla, chocolate or strawberry base) and then you choose a fruit or CANDY and they MASH it all together) then they top it off with a chocolate bar. URGGG

15) Chocolate fountain (the curlprit why we COULDN't EAT anything else)

I'm missing the five other areas that I didn't have time to look at.

BONUS: since it's valentine's day, when you order their extra expensive drink you get a stuffed toy. (THat's a bear lodged in a heart)

Half of their food is molded in hearts. (yes, even their sushi, was heart shaped) and half of the desserts had chocolate hearts on them... there was an entire SHELF full of desserts. The shelf was taller than me!

The waiters/waitresses had glitter tattoos on their faces because it was Valentine's day.

They were giving away long stemmed red roses to the women and chocolates to the men (for everyone who eats there) and a 40% discount card in Rustan's shopping mall.

AND a lot of people were wearing PRETTY dresses. Haha.

We should eat out on special occasions more.

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