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I've been a fan of Angela since she started writing The Forgotten Game. It was also a bonus that she adored Rendezvous with Fate so much ;p and that her site is fantastic. Her site is also updated a lot. (Unlike mine which gets updated when I'm free)

This is actually a little note to myself to read and review too. I haven't read this in a while (I haven't been haunting the FFML in ages. I haven't even posted Rend for RAAC archiving yet.), mainly because as I said, I've stopped reading Ranma fanfiction when my computer crashed.

Title: The Forgotten Game
Genre: Supernatural / Romance
Status: 30% complete at 11 Chapters, last post November 2007

Based off The Forbidden Game Trilogy by L.J. Smith
Ranma and co are transported into a twisted game where everyone must face their worst nightmare-- as ordained by Gabriel, the Shadow King, who seeks Akane as his prize.

Initially I confused her with June KaraOhki Geraci who wrote cinders... but anwyay...
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Genre: Dark / time-travel (author classifies it as action/drama/dark)
FF.N: no known ff.n link
Status: Incomplete at 1 chapter. Author stopped posting after October 2000
Site: Site no longer existent : ARCHIVE.ORG: Dreams Come As they May Site

*sigh* is there a use for recommending things that are DEAD anyway? Really... I don't know if it'll suddenly come alive with my prodding stick. But there it goes, it's pretty much dead. *sigh* I'm recommending it for completion. After all, I'm kind of resigned that a lot of the fics that we see right now will die sooner or later. (Fanfiction is not like selling yourself to paid books after all. Fanfic authors do not have an obligation to fans to finish), because it's for fun. I should recommend some other things.

Summary by Author:
A new visitor from not-so distant future has come to Nerima, looking for Ranma. As the result, there's TWO Akane Tendos traipsing around the city, with their eyes set on Ranma.

With her sanity already strained by two years of failure in her attempts to find her finace, Akane isn't going to let him slip through her fingers this time. Once she has claimed him, she will not let anyone take him away from her... not even her own younger self, no matter what the cost...
This series is on its own page.
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Genre: Dark (?)/What if.
FF.N: no known ff.n link
Status: complete at 30 chapters
Site: Ranma 1/2 Stories by Allyn Yonge and D-chan

There are a couple more fics in the page, I just didn't like them at the time, or haven't read them yet. I stopped reading fanfics when my harddrive crashed last 2004.

This is a diffrent take on the Ranma 1/2 series. In this story, Ranma has become exactly like his father. You know what they say, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." They arrive at the Tendo dojou with the intention of robbing it out from under their hosts. Unfortunately they weren't counting on the blooming relationship between Ranma and this new Akane.
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Map of Japan with Ranma daimyo influences [here]
Japanese Feudal Hierarchy [here]
Rendezvous with Fate fanart [here]

In a world where Akane never knew Ranma, never knew the Saotomes and is currently married to Ryoga Hibiki, she's never been more content.. Until she dies. She finds herself in the past, in the body of Kodachi and married to Ranma. Now she's lost.
Genre: Alternate Universe/ Medieval Japan
Main story link: [here]

Recent Chapters links:
Chapter 20: April to June
Final chapter and therefore has no summary. :) Rendezvous with Fate 1998-2007 :) Finished. Editing for FFML, and then off to RAAC. Still editing some of the chapters for mediaminer. Will be updating my webpage hopefully before classes start (which is next week... and I'm going to medical internship this coming april, so I really need to do it soon or goodbye webpage until two years)

Epilogue 1 

Epilogue 2 will take a while, but then it's almost a stand alone.  It's 30% complete. 

As it is, though, Rend is finished.

Thank you to Ellen Kuhfeld, Dream & JM for everything. Especially my dedicated readers and reviewers. (I mean 9 years is a long time to wait for something to finish) Comments and Criticism welcome.

Next story is being worked on. The inu yasha one is ... hohum in the design phase, but the next ranma fanfic is already in chapter 6. It will be shorter, more contemporary because I want to leave all technical first while I'm going into internship before I return to research heavy medieval Japan (yes, I have another story for RxA in that setting plotted out in my head). Haha, wait and see.

Other posts related to Rendezvous with Fate, inspiration, basis etc. [here]

for someone standing at the peak of happiness it's an obligation...
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Well the only reader of my fic recs requested them :p so here it is: 

Title: Fate of Love
Author: Jason Wong
Summary:  Just what makes the Ranma we know, well - Ranma? Is it the martial arts, the fiances, or maybe the challenges that make up the heir to the Mutsabeto Kakuto Ryu? But one day Ranma awakens with the feeling that there is something growing within - telling him what he should do, how he should act, how he should dress. Who he should love. The Anything Goes heir won't stand for it - he just wants to be left alone to be himself.  Trouble is - who is he?

My absolute favorite Ranma x SM crossover. It doesn't matter if Ranma *might* end up with Rei. I think Jason Wong's writing is superb. This is the fic that led me to read all those Silver MIlennium fanfiction.  I sincerely wish that he starts writing again but *sigh* the last time I saw a *ping* from him was way back in 2002.

Title: Lines of Destiny
Author: Louis-Philippe AKA Phoenix
Summary: Ranma and Akane have finally graduated from Furinkan and moved to the Juuban district to continue their life together. One would think that their marriage would mean a peaceful life from then on. Wrong.
Link: Phoenix' Den

One of the most well known Ranma x SM crossovers in the fanfiction industry. (Back when I was extremely active in reading fanfiction anyway... might not be the case now since there hasn't been any updates in quite a while) It's been said that this piece is the start of all the other "Ranma's curse as the senshi in the past life" and has been done well spiel. Too bad the last update was 2000

Title: A Call to Action
Author: Mike Koos 
Link: Studio Mako Chan
Summary: It's easy to believe you've seen it all, more so to act as if you have. But Tendo Nabiki, who's hiding a few complex secrets of her own, comes closer to that claim than one might believe. 

A Nabiki as Senshi of the Earth twist. I always did like Nabiki

Title: Different Colors
Author: Ellen Kuhfeld
Summary: Ranma and his Cat, Akane and her Mallet, come to terms with one another. Basically Ranma, with a dash of Tenchi and a dollop of Sailor Moon. Oh, and werebears. Werebears are very good teachers. Sleep in class at your own risk.
Link: :: Ellen Kuhfeld
A witty piece, still can't get over the fact that Ranma speaks english. Is on teh lines of Ranma gang meets Juuban crew.

Title: All the Small Things
Author: Slacker
Summary: During the Silver Millenium, there were nine Senshi. In the present, there are nine Senshi. Yet, Sailor Moon was not present in the Silver Millenium. Who was the ninth Senshi? The Senshi can't remember, and Pluto won't tell. Yet the ninth is awakening, and will encounter the rest soon

Title: All Relative
Author: John Martin Lotz
Summary:  Following the death instructions of Genma, a cursed Ranma heads for Juuban, and his cousin Haruka Ten'ou. (Dark/WAFF) Sailor Moon/ Ranma ½ crossover.
I'm unsure if I still like this. And I can't remember if Akane is anywhere in the past or the future, there's still too little to say what it's about.
Link: The Lost Library of Florestica :: John Lotz

Title: Half Moon
Author: SKJam
Summary: What if Ranma were engaged to Sailor Moon?

Generally I stay away from these types of fics, because I'm a RanmaxAkane type of gal and  with fics like this, it's sort of like reading the manga, all over again, but there's this Usagi in the middle instead of Akane. AND since you're reading the manga, you actually know how it's going to end. But I really like SKJam's writing style. Hence the reason why this is here. 

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Genre: Prelude
FF.N: Unknown
Status: I guess 2001
Site: The Ranma Preludes

Another one of my favorites. This is a collaboration, wherein the prelude of one character is made by one author.  Includes some really old (or at least well known) names in the Ranma fanfiction-dom (Gary Kleppe, Mike Koos, Sean Gaffney, Richard Lawson & Mark Doherty to name a few...)


There is always an event that defines who a person will become, what a person will accomplish, and where a person's destiny lies. Sometimes, if the fates allow, the event is chronicled for all time so others may learn its lessons. And sometimes, those chosen are remembered for it.

These are the stories of those events, and how they shaped the future -
the future that would become Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma ½.

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Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Sci-fi Slightly alternate universe
FF.N: (Really difficult to find since Ten is attached to so many chapter names. *sigh* but worth the long look)
Status: Last Update was 06/24/04 at 21 chapters
Site: Ten: Perfection has a Price

One of my favorites. Really great author.

FF.N Summary:
Ranma Saotome is the sole living heir to the Saotome school of martial arts. Living the life of a nomad, she wanders from town to town; seeking answers to questions she does not know how to ask, wielding a power she cannot fully understand.

Summary from the Author's site )
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I'm starting going over my list of favorite fanfiction and decided to copy them from my site to my livejournal site.

Dynasty by Sydney Kyle
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Statys: On Hiatus since 2002
Site Enter the Dynasty

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