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I'm soooo happy, this october, the re-written Masques will finally come out! Although the story is going to be the same (I loved all the characters and the plot), there are some changes which I think will be for the better.

There were some abupt POV changes in the book, from Aralorn to Wolf in one scene which sometimes made for confusing reading. and of course something that most authors with lots of books under their belt never do anymore. So I think she might have fixed these errors.

Anothing thing she fixed is that a lot of Wolf and Aralorn's past is told from backstory and there are new scenes and an entirely new perspective on it.

Not to mention that the original Masques has been out of print for some time now, and in November the sequel, Wolfbane will be out, so a good refresher would be to buy it. I am SOOO happy that my father is going to be in the US this october (and me too if I get my VISA), so that I could get this book!

I can't hold my excitement.

Here's a sample chapter from Patricia Brigg's site ( I hold this mask on my face... )
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*sigh* well, more appropriately urban fantasy is killing every other genre.

Well, I have noticed that once a person is starting to write in the Urban Fantasy genre, every other book goes on the backburner. I'm not saying it's the author's fault, becuase, hey the author is writing where the money is, or where the publisher wants her/him to write. But I am following several authors who have stopped writing traditional fantasy or even chick-lit, put it in the back burner and write urban fantasy every six months.

I am not complaining about the urban fantasy, I love the genre (when the writing is good... and it is quite easy to fuck up writing urban fantasy for someone who isn't experienced in writing fantasy in the first place), but sometimes I wish the publishers would allow a fantasy or a traditional chick lit book to be written in between all of that ass kicking chick. For example, Jim Butcher releases the Dresden files every year, but manages to sneak in a coupe of Codex Alera in between. (okay, so that's not ass kicking chick.. haha) or Moning still writes her traditional romance between writing the Fever series (although, I really am not a fan of her traditional romances, go figure).

I guess having less than 10,000 copies sold for the non-urban fantasy series weighed with a whopping more than 500,000 copies for a good urban fantasy would have an obvious winner. That said, publishers really have no choice but to buy the manscript that crunches the numbers. But still, it's sad for the other genres, especially since urban fantasy is starting to get so saturated, that most of the ideas are already flung in the open and enjoying a book depends on finding the best author to write down the good idea or the first author who wrote in the genre.
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I am so enamored with the entire Dark Jewels trilogy that I had to buy myself a copy of the Japanese Invisible ring since I liked the covers, and they have a tendency to draw in the middle of books here. So I wanted a copy.

Two cities and ten bookstores later I realized that knowing "Kono hon ga, arimasu ka?" (Japanese for: do you have a copy of this book?) was not going to cut it. It's either it is because it had so low ratings in Japan, or there are only so much translated books that Japanese people buy, or they're more into manga. Gah, I wish they had translated Dark Jewels trilogy instead of the Invisible Ring. So that all of her books are here, (and probably would have had better reception here if that was what they sold here.) Girls are big fans of this type of fantasy here anyway.

THe point of this post is... after searching for 9 days in ALL the bookstores I've been to, I decided to heed EVERYONE's advice and order it on, where they are selling the book for the grand prize of a second hand copy for 1YEN (that's the cheapest book I've ever bought EVER) and whose shipping costs (Y350/book) was quite more than the book itself.

I now have to call my hotel room in Osaka to tell them that yes, I am planning to be in the Hotel by the sixteenth and that I have a shipment of something coming over by tomorrow, and could they please recieve it. (As shipment here in Japan is QUITE fast... I ordered a book tonight and it would be coming today or tomorrow.... haha)

Anyway... I am hoping I get my book in Japanese (yes, even though I can't read it)I am planning to learn it someday...)
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I was apprehensive about this book since the blurb showed that it was the sequel of characters from The Invisible Ring. A Grayhaven and a Queen from Keeler, and out of all of the books coming out of the series, The Invisible Ring, though shed light on the spell Jeanelle weaved during Queen of the Darkness was more of a romance story set in a fantasy. It was predictable and it held my interest solely because it was a book in the series that has become my best loved series.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this was indeed a sequel set after Tangled Webs, and though it does contain a healthy dose of the Grayhavens and the Gray Lady's Territory, it also involved a good measure of Jeanelle, Daemon and Seatan (not much of Lucivar and Surreal has taken a vacation after starring in One entire book and two Short stories). This book also managed to tell the readers what happened to Terrielle (sp?) after the purge of the Blood that happened in Book 3 while showing the dynamics of a marriage between The Sadist and Witch as well as the dance between father and sons (as always, the books are strongly about family ties, a reason why I enjoy reading her books so much and a reason why it definitely pulls heart strings.

I'm so very happy with the book and hope, as always that there would be more, but if it was meant as a last hurrah for the entire series, The Shadow Queen has done well in its goal of tying both the prologue and the series together.
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After years of waiting for the next book, anther book in the Jewels series has come out. I was so ecstatic. Really.

As a standalone story it was great. It was in keeping with the mysteries set up by Surreal and Ranier's brief stint in a short story Anne Bishop made in Powers of Detection titled The Price. Although Ranier was already introduced as a dancer, as a member of the Third Circle and as a Purple Dusk Warlord Prince in Daemon & Jeannelle's short story in Dream's Made Flesh

The premise here is that Jeannelle and Marian are making a spooky house for landen (read: people who do not have magic for the Bishop uninitiated) children. At the same time, someone else had made a house but of more sinister intents than fun and games and trapped Surreal and Ranier in it.

The plot is pretty straightforward, and you know EXACTLY who's to blame for the entire incident, and what is going on in both camps (also in keeping with Bishop's books where it's only character blind and not reader blind), but the book was still a wonderful read.

Unlike Invisible Ring, a prequel for the Dark Jewels released before Dreams Made Flesh, Tangled Webs is as unpredictable as walking into a haunted house in a fair. You don't know what surprises are waiting for you and you don't know what's going to happen next. Not a thriller really, since it wasn't really meant to scare you, and not a mystery exacltly. I guess it's still solidly in the realm of fantasy with some hints of suspense.

What was strong in this book was the sense of family. Of how the High Lord of Hell understands his two sons, and how his sons love him and the people in their (admittedly extremely extended) family. I was teary eyed in lots of ways. (Especially in part one, part one was NOTHING BUT family ties) You also get to see a lot of Lucivar's insecurities in this book (much like we all saw Daemon's own flaws and weaknesses in Queen of the Darkness and Dreams Made Flesh.

And just like in the rest of Ms. Bishop's books, though there is admittedly one main character, they all have equally important parts in it. Saetan, Lucivar, Daemon and Jeanelle all share in the movement of the story (I mean, I was FRUSTRATED without end when in Heir to the Shadows, Daemon had a what... ten page coverage.). I guess this was also a way to show that though an entire war was won and lost, that life goes on for the main characters too. Of the lives they lived after the entire War with Terille (sp?). I was curious after all, and though Dreams Made Flesh did quench some of that thirst, it hadn't showed me entirely enough of what a married Daemon and Jeannelle would have been like, especially since they were dealing with their own internal problems (although I guess Dreams Made Flesh was entirely for their internal problems).

I think this book also managed to build in the world more, if that was possible. There are some things that I didn't understand about the blood, that I understood more in this book, or rather there were more details in this book that didn't find a place in the previous books (like the concept of a Dark House, and wow even the genetics of the blood hehe and how Keeler Territories work) that type of thing.

I think the only thing that wasn't fulfilled here was my craving for more Saetan. I miss Seatan in the stories, although I must admit that his short in Dreams Made Flesh Zuulaman (sp?) was abundant in Saetan enough for me to know how he managed to stay with Hekatah that long and how he lived before becoming Demon Dead. I wonder if there are going to be more Saetan stories in the future, but it's highly doubtful since as the story said, Saetan was already becoming old. Although haha -_- age boggles the mind in Blood terms.

After reading this, it has reminded me that though Jeanelle is Witch and has been shaped by many dreamers, Jeannelle was born into a short lived race. If I remember correctly, Hyallians and Eryiens and all of the long lived races have dark hair and dark eyes, none of which Jeanelle has. There are three long lived races, but I only know of Hyallians and Eryiens... or maybe I'm forgetting something?

Haha, what I'd love to see if the author would indulge the fans in another book? A baby off Jeannelle and Daemon. Nothing is better than a big strong male brought to his knees by a swaddle of infant. Haha, and there's too little High Lord-grandson interaction! We all know the High Lord is extremely fond of children (He really was too cute when he dealt with Memphis and Pro...ugh can't remember his other son's name...), but there's really not enough of it. More Tersa too, I like her a lot... but it's really difficult to have Tersa involved too much, I think writing her must be difficult because in order to write her, you'd have to think like her, and the way she thinks isn't the easiest to understand.

Hopefully, there will be more Dark Jewels in the future,(but since the main story arc is finished, it would be difficult to keep coming up with short plots) but whether or not there will be, I am extremely happy with this particular book.

Lee sidestory for Ephemera? Anyone?
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Parents going stateside. I'm logging in my $100 worth of books in Amazon to get here.

Suggestions in the Dark Fantasy/Urban Fantasy/Romance Fantasy genres anyone?

I'm looking for something similar to Moning's Fever series. Or Bishop's Dark Jewels. Or Vaughan's Warprize. Or Brigg's Hurog/Sianim. Or LKH's Meredith Gentry.

Suggest away, I probably read some of the list already so go and reach beyond $100. Bwahahaha.
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I take it back. I am equally enamored in the Mercy Thompson series as I am with her Hurog and Raven and Sianim stuff.

I almost cried four times when I read this book. Maybe it helps that, unlike Princess Meredith, Mercy isn't turning out to be a six to one girl.

It's a mystery, (I can't remember if the first two books were a mystery or not, but I know the first book were warewolves and the next were vampires so maybe they were), and I like the pack dynamics, and the fact that Mercy isn't well loved by everybody. Maybe what I love about this book is that though Mercy has qualities to be irritating, she's equally determined not to be ruled and she stands up for everything. OH... and this book deals with the fae. And unlike Hamilton's take of sex and violent torture, these feel more like the original faery tales. (You know, burn your eyes out, eat little children type of fae).

I don't have enough things to say about this book. (or the series... I really want to... but arg.) I'm off to read Sunny first then off to retire and read more medicine
Spoilers )

Some rants against Mona Lisa Craving.

Arg. I hate the fact that Sunny is using the words "demon dead". I hate the fact that Sunny is saying that Mona Lisa won't have an afterlife in Hell as Demon Dead (yes, Jenelle doesn't have that choice either becuase she is Witch and she burns more fully and goes into the darkness.)

And therefore I am putting off READING her poor excuse of creativity and dumping it until tomorrow when I can laugh about it.
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I wrote this sometime ago, and sine I haven't been posting anything lately, I wanted to post this.

Belladonna by Anne Bishop )
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Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Sci-fi Slightly alternate universe
FF.N: (Really difficult to find since Ten is attached to so many chapter names. *sigh* but worth the long look)
Status: Last Update was 06/24/04 at 21 chapters
Site: Ten: Perfection has a Price

One of my favorites. Really great author.

FF.N Summary:
Ranma Saotome is the sole living heir to the Saotome school of martial arts. Living the life of a nomad, she wanders from town to town; seeking answers to questions she does not know how to ask, wielding a power she cannot fully understand.

Summary from the Author's site )
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I've never felt the urge to pick up the proverbial pen and start writing fanfiction more so than having finished Fire Rose. I thought that after waiting for nearly ten years for that book to finally wind up on my shelves I would have been a little happier with it at least.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled with how 99% of the book played out. Except the ending. I've always prided myself in thinking that I take good endings along with bad endings or neutral endings quite well... for example, I admit quite wholly that Vision of Escaflowne's ending could not be done in any other way that would end up too cheesy and would require either Hitomi or Van to make a sacrifice of immense proportions. But let's focus on fire rose.

After putting down fantasy books in college to favor Romance novels, this has actually been the first time that I've sat down and finished reading something from my favorite genre and it disappoints me. Not in the sense that good triumphs over evil, because in the end it really does... and leaves the main characters happy in their current state of affairs, something which I think in all essences, Jason Cameron would not have tolerated at all.

spoilers about the plot, ending and segments in the book )

All in all, I had been comparing this book to Beauty and the Beast, and the author, really meant it to run along those lines. But although Beast had always run into the happiest possible ending (just take for example, Psyche and Cupid, the Polar Bear King and the numerous versions of Beauty and the Beast there are), Jason isn't granted that same leeway although he is dubiously granted his peace.

I think it would do well for the Fire Rose to have a follow up book, a small one and not necessarily a novel, or a re-release of an epilogue as well as the final confrontation with Jason's arch enemy along with the empotional aftermath, just to see how Jason is coping up with his new life and come up with a believable tale of Rose falling into love again with Jason. Maybe it's time for me to hunt down good fanfiction of Fire Rose. If there exists such form of fanfiction anyway.
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Premise: Rapunzel written from the eyes of the villain.

Should be script format because will be acted out.

Rapunzel )

I was the narrator witch!! Yay, and my acting prowess showed, I was congratulated!! Hehe (don't mind me I'm inflating my ego bit by bit.)

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