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In an effort to promote Dakota Fanning as Jeanelle Angelline (of the Black jewels Trilogy) I made a few icons for everyone :)

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I am not quick to judge an author in Plagiarism, I think that there are only so much material in books and therefore it is difficult to find ideas that are completely new.

However, I really can't stomach Sunny's Monere series.

I vowed not to read this series AGAIN ever, but I think someone needs to point out all the similarities in Sunny and Bishop's Dark Jewels and LKH's Meredith Gentry Series.

If you have more lines to add, not themes, but exact lines of the books that are the same in Sunny's Monere series and other books comment and we'll add it. Honestly. This has got to stop.

"Each territory is ruled by a Queen," Gryphon answered. "And the land is divided into many territories."
--Sunny, Mona Lisa Awakening


The Blood villages within a District would look after, and treat fairly, the landen villages that were bound to them. The District Queens would serve in the Province Queen's court. The Province Queens, in their turn, would serve the Territory Queen, who was chosen by the majority of the darker-Jeweled Blood, both male and female, because she was the strongest and the best.
-- Anne Bishop, Daughter of the Blood

They are full-blooded warriors, stronger and faster than you. Fear not, you will be drawn to them in the same manner as you are drawn to me
--Sunny Mona Lisa Awakening


It wasn't just the magic that had drawn the males. It was the inner radiance housed ithin those female bodies, a luminescence that some men had craved as much as they might have craved a light they could see glowing in a window when they were standing out in the cold. They had craved that light as much as they had craved being sheathed in the sweet darkness of a woman's body, if not more.
Males had become Blood because they'd been drawn to both.
-- Anne Bishop, Daughter of the Blood

"If Mona Sera detects the intimate scent of her men upon you, she will slay you all. She will kill you because she will see you as attempting to take her territory, her men. She will destroy the men who dare touch you because she will view it as betrayal against herself, a rejection. And as you can see," he grimaced and gestured at himself, "the lady does not take rejection well. If, in the unlikely event the men manage to constrain themselves, do what you can to seduce one or two—all would be best—and make them yours.
-- Mona Lisa Awakening


Sholto was one of the Queen’s Guard, which meant he couldn’t sleep with any sidhe except her. She didn’t share her men, not with anyone. The punishment for breaking the taboo was death by torture.
-- Meredith Gentry

An entire scene here... with Gryphon and Mona Lisa in Mona Lisa Awakening mimicks Doyle and Merry's scene in A Kiss of Shadows. Where Gryphon and Doyle are both wounded and Mona Lisa and Merry are wearing nothing underneath their night shirt and though Mona Lisa convinces Gryphon to lie with her, in Merry and Doyle's case, Merry didn't tease Doyle but brought him with magic accidentally.

In fact, Gryphon mimicks Doyle to the extent that Gryphon is also a Falcon and Doyle is an Eagle.

There has never been a Mixed Blood Queen before.
-- Mona Lisa awakening


Meredith is the first half-sidhe Queen in Unseelie court.

As you see, males may gain power from joining with a Queen
-- Mona Lisa Awakening


"No one who has not become a god can sleep with Merry until we understand what the chalice and the Goddess want
-- Seduced by Moonlight
Doyle referring to Merry bringing back the Raven's godhead through sex.

Demon dead was perhaps a more accurate description. They were not creatures from hell as we think of them, although they did live there—in Hell, that is. Demon dead are Monère who died, yet retained enough psychic energy to sustain their existence in another realm—a forever twilight where no life, no colors, existed
-- Sunny, Over the Moon Anthology, Mona Lisa Three


He'd never feared anything in Hell, but he'd always felt an aching despair for the cildru dyathe, the demon-dead children. In Hell, the dead retained the form of their last living hour. This cold, blasted Realm had never been a kind place, but to look upon those children, to see what had been done to them by another's hand
-- Daughter of the Blood

And another disturbingly SAME scene:

"You… uh, you're not going to eat me, are you?"

"Not yet," he growled. "My hunger for you is too great for such restraint this first time."

"Amber," I said almost desperately as his head dipped down, as I felt the brush of his lips and the alarming edge of his teeth stroke over the base of my neck where my pulse bounded suddenly like a desperate thing. As he lingered over it, fear and desire pumped my heart equally. A delicious combination, that edge of danger. But only if I knew there truly wasn't any.

"Amber," I said more sharply. He lifted his head, his nostrils flaring, his eyes dilating as he breathed in my fear-tanged arousal. "I mean as a meal. You don't see me as food, do you?"

He shook his head as if coming out of a daze. His eyes still looked cold, inhuman, but his voice, his voice was the Amber I knew and loved, warm with reassurance… and a bit of amusement. "No, love. I want to fuck you. Not eat you."

"Oh good." The tension left my body, leaving an almost painful, sagging relief in its wake.

His body shook. His breath hitched against my skin as he bent his head once more to my neck. "Amber." Alarm kicked in once more. Had I hurt his feelings?

His head remained lowered.

"Amber, you're not… crying, are you?"

"No," he choked, his breath huffing against me.

"Look at me."

He did. Mirth danced in his eyes, not tears.

"Beast," I said succinctly.

"Don't worry," he choked out, "not too much of one."

His body shook with the laughter he was trying to suppress. "Don't be mad, my love." But his words were ruined by the shaking merriment of his heaving body, and he suddenly lost the battle. A shout of laughter burst out. Then another, and another, until he was fairly howling with it, shaking against me not with lust but with hilarity.

Oh, the bastard! He was laughing at me!
---- Sunny, On the Prown Anthology, Mona Lisa Betwining


"Are we having fun here, Doyle, or are you going to eat me?" My voice was a little steadier, firmer.

"This first time I would not trust myself to put my mouth to such tender places."

It took me a second to realize that he had misunderstood me. "I don't mean eat me in the euphemistic sense, Doyle. I mean, am I food?" My voice sounded utterly calm now, ordinary. Pinned to the bed by his body, his eyes still animalistic and wild, and I sounded like I was in the office, talking business.

He blinked and I saw the confusion in his eyes. I realized that I was asking him to think too deeply. He'd given himself over to a piece of himself that he rarely let out. That part didn't think like a person.


He put a hand back to touch the blood on his back, as if he hadn't felt it until that moment. He propped himself up on one elbow and stared at the blood on his hands. Then he threw back his head and laughed, laughed until he collapsed on top of me again, and when he finished laughing, he cried.

--- LKH A Caress of Twilight

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After years of waiting for the next book, anther book in the Jewels series has come out. I was so ecstatic. Really.

As a standalone story it was great. It was in keeping with the mysteries set up by Surreal and Ranier's brief stint in a short story Anne Bishop made in Powers of Detection titled The Price. Although Ranier was already introduced as a dancer, as a member of the Third Circle and as a Purple Dusk Warlord Prince in Daemon & Jeannelle's short story in Dream's Made Flesh

The premise here is that Jeannelle and Marian are making a spooky house for landen (read: people who do not have magic for the Bishop uninitiated) children. At the same time, someone else had made a house but of more sinister intents than fun and games and trapped Surreal and Ranier in it.

The plot is pretty straightforward, and you know EXACTLY who's to blame for the entire incident, and what is going on in both camps (also in keeping with Bishop's books where it's only character blind and not reader blind), but the book was still a wonderful read.

Unlike Invisible Ring, a prequel for the Dark Jewels released before Dreams Made Flesh, Tangled Webs is as unpredictable as walking into a haunted house in a fair. You don't know what surprises are waiting for you and you don't know what's going to happen next. Not a thriller really, since it wasn't really meant to scare you, and not a mystery exacltly. I guess it's still solidly in the realm of fantasy with some hints of suspense.

What was strong in this book was the sense of family. Of how the High Lord of Hell understands his two sons, and how his sons love him and the people in their (admittedly extremely extended) family. I was teary eyed in lots of ways. (Especially in part one, part one was NOTHING BUT family ties) You also get to see a lot of Lucivar's insecurities in this book (much like we all saw Daemon's own flaws and weaknesses in Queen of the Darkness and Dreams Made Flesh.

And just like in the rest of Ms. Bishop's books, though there is admittedly one main character, they all have equally important parts in it. Saetan, Lucivar, Daemon and Jeanelle all share in the movement of the story (I mean, I was FRUSTRATED without end when in Heir to the Shadows, Daemon had a what... ten page coverage.). I guess this was also a way to show that though an entire war was won and lost, that life goes on for the main characters too. Of the lives they lived after the entire War with Terille (sp?). I was curious after all, and though Dreams Made Flesh did quench some of that thirst, it hadn't showed me entirely enough of what a married Daemon and Jeannelle would have been like, especially since they were dealing with their own internal problems (although I guess Dreams Made Flesh was entirely for their internal problems).

I think this book also managed to build in the world more, if that was possible. There are some things that I didn't understand about the blood, that I understood more in this book, or rather there were more details in this book that didn't find a place in the previous books (like the concept of a Dark House, and wow even the genetics of the blood hehe and how Keeler Territories work) that type of thing.

I think the only thing that wasn't fulfilled here was my craving for more Saetan. I miss Seatan in the stories, although I must admit that his short in Dreams Made Flesh Zuulaman (sp?) was abundant in Saetan enough for me to know how he managed to stay with Hekatah that long and how he lived before becoming Demon Dead. I wonder if there are going to be more Saetan stories in the future, but it's highly doubtful since as the story said, Saetan was already becoming old. Although haha -_- age boggles the mind in Blood terms.

After reading this, it has reminded me that though Jeanelle is Witch and has been shaped by many dreamers, Jeannelle was born into a short lived race. If I remember correctly, Hyallians and Eryiens and all of the long lived races have dark hair and dark eyes, none of which Jeanelle has. There are three long lived races, but I only know of Hyallians and Eryiens... or maybe I'm forgetting something?

Haha, what I'd love to see if the author would indulge the fans in another book? A baby off Jeannelle and Daemon. Nothing is better than a big strong male brought to his knees by a swaddle of infant. Haha, and there's too little High Lord-grandson interaction! We all know the High Lord is extremely fond of children (He really was too cute when he dealt with Memphis and Pro...ugh can't remember his other son's name...), but there's really not enough of it. More Tersa too, I like her a lot... but it's really difficult to have Tersa involved too much, I think writing her must be difficult because in order to write her, you'd have to think like her, and the way she thinks isn't the easiest to understand.

Hopefully, there will be more Dark Jewels in the future,(but since the main story arc is finished, it would be difficult to keep coming up with short plots) but whether or not there will be, I am extremely happy with this particular book.

Lee sidestory for Ephemera? Anyone?

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