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It's one of the anime I watched while growing up. It was really hard to look for subs of this, but I found some dubs online. Which was ... yech. I liked the Tagalog dubs better (a first), because Zorro was written in Spanish ruled California, therefore the words Commandante Raymundo rolled off the tongue better, and was more apt than Commander Raymond. And of course they changed Diego de la Vega's name to Diego Vega! Since Tagalog has a lot of borrowed words from Spanish, and since a lot of what was happening at the time was parallel to what was happening in the Philippines, I had (mistakenly) thought that Zorro had been a Filipino story before I grew up and found out it was translated into Tagalog for children.

That being said here are some episodes I managed to hunt down, and if you ever stumble on them online give me a holler.

Kaiketsu Zorro in Youtube, dubbed in english, with select episodes making it look like one movie.

Episode 8 English dub, done in two parts, in you tube.

Episode 44 English sub, with German(?) dub. I like this better than the English dub. Mostly Gabriel centric, the uploader took out parts without gabriel in it.

I can't find more but it seems most of it was uploaded in Spanish and Polish. I approve of the Spanish dub, except that the sound quality makes it ... sound so much dubbed.

Anyway if you stumble on english sub drop me a line too.
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My sister has been watching Gundam the entire vacation and wanted me to share watching mechas with her. Since I wasn't much of a Gundam ANYTHING fan, we changed the mecha anime into Code Geas.

Code Geass was written by Sunrise (also makers of Gundam, but a different division I guess) and the character design was done by CLAMP (makers of Card Captor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth etc etc) which brings no end to doubles in the series. Suzaku Kururugi, the son of the late prime minister of Japan and now a Knightmare (name of the mechas) pilot looks like a grown up ShaoRan from the Card Captor Sakura series. Lalouch himself looks like Kamui or some permutation of from the X series. I'm not entirely a CLAMP fan so I can't say who looks like whom in the entire series but there are a lot.

Code Geass is set in a time after Britannia conquers 1/3 of the world (centuries after the EU was formed anda demolished). And they set up areas of responsibility around the world assimilating countries within their empire. The story takes place in Japan, (well it is Japanese Anime you know) renamed Area 11 after its conquest. And therefore, people are called Elevens (half of the time I called them elven, honestly, me and my dyslexia... until I heard the voice actor saying Eleven), and that there is discrimination between Britannians and "numbers".

Lalouch is the eleventh prince of Britannia, thought to be dead from the initial invasion of Japan and is in hiding with his sister under the protection of the Duke of Ashford. In a freak accident (isn't it always like that) he found C.C. (once rumoured to be a witch) and entered a "promise" with her (a geas haha) which is entirely unclear at the moment, which manifests in Lalouch as an ability to make any person do anything he wills them to do. With the geas he starts a methodical revoloution against his home country Britannia with two goals in mind: primarily, find happiness with his sister Nanally and find out the killer of his mother, Empress Marianne. The establishment of Japan as a nation is just a side dish (haha).

What's good about the series is that it's never boring and is completely funny at times (okay, sometimes only... comic relief comes from school friends) and the history of each character unfolds just as you watch it. What you do know is why Lalouch is motivated to start a rebellion. A good thing about Lalouch is, although he has a brilliant mind, he has his character flaws. He's not athletic, and he's definitely more than a touch arrogant. What I like about Lalouch is that he is extremely brilliant, other than the tactical mind, you can see just HOW brilliant he is, when faced with enough facts about an opponent (in one instance Mao) he came up immidiately with 17 different ideas on who Mao was, one of which was correct. What you do see is that he and Suzaku are mirror images of each other. They both believe in change, but they have different ways of achieving it. Sometimes the way Suzaku is noble is the reason you want to bash him in the head. (But my sister and I agree that for government to change, there are going to be some hard choices, and there's never going to be a radical enough change if there is no war, no rebellion and no faction to start anything.

Also, you never forget that the main characters are 17 year olds. They do make mistakes that 17 year olds do. You know, never think about consequences until something strikes close to home, think that the world revolves around them etc etc.

Politically, and strategically, I think the anime is brilliant. Well, in my humble opinion anyway. And I'm not really much of a strategist. Lalouch makes an extremely good strategist and his sister Cornelia, a good counter-strategist to him. But the story itself is dark and full of heartache. Any war is. There are a lot of things that you wish, ahh war could have ended here, but destiny, in the form of the scriptwriters, didn't really plan for it to end that way ;p

The mecha design is also pretty cool. Apparently a lot of the people are saying that it is one of the more realistic mecha designs out there.

Watched it through Shisen Subs, (the acronym Shisen subs Quality control SHS QC had me laughing because I took high school in School of the Holy Spirit of Quezon City which is exactly SHS QC) anyway...

There is a manga adaptation to the series which I also want to see. But then since the anime is the original, I like to watch that more. I already finished the first season and am waiting for the second season to end haha. (It just started this month)

The series is going to be played in Adult Swim in Cartoon Network with English Dubs (urg)... but I would really recommend watching it.

Because of the large amount of fans and awards the first season generated there's going to be a season two starting this month Lalouch Rebellion R2. ;p Anyway... wait did I write about DC 11? the movie? hated the subs taht were released so I wasn't really satisfied with what happened but still... I'm waiting for better subs and the new movie 12 is going to be released in Japan next month :) *excited* I completely forgot to check trailers.
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I just finished watching Ouran High Host club (in youtube, since it's still unlicensed).

The shoujo comedy was a good choice to waste time with. It was hilarous becuase the cast of characters blend so well together (and for girls like my sister who believes there's shounen ai in everything we watch, satiates her).

One good thing about Ouran is that it could blend the saddest part of human emotions and then make a complete turn around and make you feel light and happy in spite of all the problems. Becuase in the club, everyone is broken in some way, and BECAUSE they are tragically flawed, they are endearing.

Haruhi as a central character has a good personality. A bit oblivious to suggestive comments, but is genrally loved by the club (even if she is dirt poor). Tamaki, the president, might come off too strong... either with the paranoia, the Haruhi love, the hiding in the corner, or my personal favorite in the anime, "Kyouya! Mon Ami! Kyouya! Mon Ami!" (and hopefully you can believe he's half-French while listening to him speak supposedly foreign Japanese -- my sister says that the seiyuu's Japanese while subbing Tamaki does sound a bit weird) but he's the ... figure that holds everyone together (unwittingly or not). Kyouya as the shadow king is also extremely well played. Kauru and Hikaru as being evil/misunderstood is another central plot point in the anime (which any way I look at it turns into a lose-lose situation if they ever grow up)

Unexpectedly, the fight scenes in the anime was well drawn/animated. (I mean it's shoujo, you don't really expect shoujo to have good fight scenes look at Fushigi Yuugi or... ahh.. Shounen ai Kyou Kara Maou). It's not within the standards of Full Metal Alchemist, but it's passable. The movement is fluid, and since you're not watching this for the action scenes anyway, pretty good.

There's not much difference between the manga and the anime (of course the manga is still running in Japan, so the ending in the anime is totally off kilter). Except that the twins are played out to be more humane/less evil in the anime. (You have got to gape at the amazing seiyuu who dubbed the twins. You have to hear them together to understand). And the manga has more funny moments.

The sad thing about the anime, was that they weren't able to add Mori's brother (unlike in the manga) and the Zuka club episodes were dragging (especially with all of the shoujo-ai undertones). Another thing that I would have liked to see in the Anime but didn't reach it, was the school festival. The anime also didn't play up on both Kyouya and Tamaki's background. In the anime, Kyouya's family was more sinister than in the manga.

On a final note, other than it being a fun read/watch witha good deal of heart wrenching moments, I could waste my day looking at all the references to other anime/cultures. Kyouy's laptop is a parody of the Mac powerbook wehre instead of an apple in the cover, a pineapple appears and Renge mentions Edward Elric of Full Metal Alchemist several times. OH and it's also fun trying to distinguish who Kaoru and Hikaru is once you get the hang of it (their voices and attitudes) without looking at the telling hair parting.

Ouran High
Manga Licenced by Viz
Anime Fansubbed by Lunar
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I must admit that since May, I've been dying to watch this movie (nothing piques curiosity more than having Ran say, "Goodbye Shinichi" in the trailer). As graphics go, you could already see from both movie 9 and 8 that they're incorporating a good deal of CG into the background. So in the intro (you know the one that explains to you why a 7-somethingish year old kid has such a brilliant mind)... I enjoyed all the clicking mouse thing (even if I have watched the intro 10 times already).

However, when I watched the movie, I was a bit disappointed. The case was extremely easy to solve. You knew what the twist was, as Heiji put it, "You don't need a great detective to solve this case."

Getting all of the characters (minus one) was a novelty though (even if some of them were REALLY squeezed into the plot. This mainly Kudo and Hattori working together case, although it wasn't completely a Hattori movie (unlike Movie 7 - Crossroads in the Ancient Capital). Interaction between the other characters and Conan was sparse. Although for all the Haibara fans out there, I liked her in this movie. And, I guess, having the detective boys out of Conan's way is a bonus.

At least in this movie, Shinichi knows English instead of staring dumbly at Roman characters (which we all know he can read anyway) and waiting for an English translation, unlike some other movies. This is probably the single movie where Shinichi didn't have to say "Oh, I learned this in Hawaii with my dad." [and don't let me start ranting about the out of character-ness of Shinichi in the tv drama special -_-; he treats ran extremely bad and... Ran just takes it (I mean look at the first episode/case in the manga, Shinichi may forget that Ran isn't a mystery freak but he looks out for her) ... and they really act so badly.]

If you're mainly looking for a romantic seguey, uh it's better to check out movie 9 Strategy above the dephths and/or movie 4 Captured in Her Eyes for Shinichi-Ran and movie 7 for Kazuha-Heiji. And in some movies, since Kaitou kid doesn't show his true identity, there's a hint of Sonoko-Kid. Although for this movie a Conan-Ai might be stretching it. (haha another pair up I'm partial to.)

Anyway, I watched this for completion, but so far my favorite is still Movie 6: Phantom of Beika Street and for Ran-Shinichi Movie 4: Captured in Her eyes
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Every summer I manage to splurge my money on anime so that I could watch for the entire time I 'm going to be stuck in school. Unfortunately for me, I didn't manage to pick up any of the gems like Junni Kokki this summer, and 'picking up' Full Metal Alchemist was due to my sister.

I added Tsukiyomi to my list because it had several things I'm interested in: it's a vampire story, it's about a miko family (or rather a spiritualist family, so you get to learn about ofudas and youkai if I really wanted to start on that far off Inu Yasha fic) and the main guy is a photographer.

Unfortunately, other than the rather tasteful elements, I should have gotten the hint from the entire entrance song, Neko Mimi Mode. For those who don't understand it means "Cat Ears Mode". A plot device which has been sadly used over and over again in the entire anime by all of the 90% of the women (by its sheer "kawaii" value *shudder*). Half of the time I didn't know of I was watching fan service or not. There was one time a GUY wore it and I was shouting in frustration all the while.

The fight scenes were bad. Admittedly I did get to learn a couple of spells, or ideas for spells if fic opportunity arises, but other than ofuda throwing and chanting by our miko family, most of the main vampire fight scenes were painted in these grotesque abstract backgrounds which is almost painful to watch.

When I think the plot is already veering towards a more serious side, they hit me with their comic relief, which comes in the form of a) the cat ears *urgh* b) the bratty vampire princess or c) the large vat falling out of nowhere. Letter c could be acceptable if they didn't use it so often or if they didn't use it in the middle of the goddamned fight scenes.

Some of the twists, I saw coming from episode one.
spoilers abound )

Also, the entire story revolved around Hazuki and Kouhei's "relationship" too much, disregarding the growth of the corollary characters. You understand that Seiji and Kouhei are very close cousins, but you don't understand why. You don't see them interacting except in episode one and the last episodes. You know that Kouhei and Anzai have been friends since high school, but you mostly see Anzai as a co-worker and not as a friend.

My eyes virtually crossed at the lolitaness of this entire anime. *sigh* I guess that's what I SHOULD have checked first. It was screaming loli all over and I didn't KNOW. My brain was screaming that while thinking: Kouhei should be more anemic since every female vampire on the show takes a bite off of him at some point or the other.

I now know that... I should NEVER trust a three star rating. -_-; And ALWAYS check the plot events with wikipedia first.

On the upside though, after every episode CG art (I think it's fan art sent to the station) is displayed. It makes for good wall paper. -_-; disregarding the sheer amount of pics with cat ears (I know what was I thinking picking up a cat girl anime?) there are good ones too, particularly Elfriede with grandpa :)

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