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So I was reading over the weekend. a lot of Mai x Zuko Avatar goodness. And out of the blue Charlie x Draco pops up (and I can't even begin to explain the many ways that that's just plain weird... because... I stopped reading Potter at book 2, and the mere fact that I had to look up who the hell Charlie Weasly was in GOOGLE is a mere testament to its weirdness.)

That said, I actually read most of the CharliexDraco fics out there and then slid in to another weird shipfest, Supernatural Castiel x Dean. Oh Well, there, I just can't begin to imagine the ways that that's plain wrong. First off I ship them at the beginning of Season 4, where Castiel was just some ambigous sound and fluttering against the light and burns out Pamela's eyes. (And in this case, though I do KNOW who Castiel is, I had to google the guy to remember his face, becuase it's been a year since I last watched this show.)

Now well, I got into the ship (and my brain was blown into kingdom come) quite literally, and I had to WATCH Castiel in season 4 now, right? So anyway, though this show, Supernatural, is not really scary, and a lot of it is a bit overdone, I really really watch the show because of the humor in it.

I mean really, at the beginning, they pay homage to the X-files by Dean alluding that he and Sam were Scully and Moulder. And the references to a lot of TV shows and real figures are just so hilarious that you have to watch it for mere laughs.

My most FAVORITE episode, though has to be Season 4 Ep 18: The Monster at the End of this Book, wherein a writer ... well writes about them, and Sam and Dean find out. Oh GOD, just coming to terms with their fans was sheer winner. "Oh it gets better." "What's slash?" "You know, Sam SLASH Dean." .... "They do know we're brother's right???" Oh God, face-palm right there. And if in season 1 I didn't care much for the acting I so love it now. Bwahaha, they should have let the writer write up to Castiel. I'd want to know what Dean's reaction to a Cas SLASH Dean is. Bwahaha.

BUT the real winner for me is the prophet's words saying: "Writing yourself in teh story as one thing, but as a prophet? That's M. Night level douchiness."

And there.

That's why Supernatural is a winner for me. Because they're not scared to say the truth. And they're not scared of evil fan girl slash either. It's the entire reason why the show reached Season 6 even though they only planned for 5 seasons.

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ARGH. ARGH. I knew that if I watched a Sony produced film it was going to be 50-50 (again), but I ended up watching Gabriel anyway. If only because it sounded like Constantine and I'm a big sucker for Constatine like movies.

Gah. Gah. Gah. It was Constantine like. As far as the premise goes, of course it can't be not Constantine like if you're dealing with Heaven, Hell and Angels and Fallen. However, where Constantine succeeded, Gabriel utterly failed.

The plot was extremely SLOW going. Even the action scenes were slow. You were watching things for five minutes when you could actually condense it to a few seonds. Everything was too unrealistic. So you get the entire feeling of BAD MOVIE BAD MOVIE BAD MOVIE from the start (sort of like when you were starting out watching The Covenant, there was this niggling feeling in the abck of your mind that something was wrong, you just can't pin point it.) which started on my senses right when Gabriel fall from the cosmic high to becoming human and entered the world to rid humans of the fallen.

There was no bad acting, because there was no need for acting, so to speak. Gabriel, played by Andy Whitfield was at least eye candy. Michael Piccirilli who plays homosexual (or probably bisexual) Asmodeus is also eye candy. (ALTHOUGH, he would have been better eye candy in his original form, for some odd reason the image of gay in the movie couldn't be reconciled with rugged the way Micheal Piccirilli is... good looking. I had to compare the Asmodeus pictures and the Micheal Piccirilli pictures and see the big difference.) Dwaine Stevenson, playing Sammael (originally picked to play Gabriel) also looks better without his makeup. (Honestly, is there rule that says Fallen guys have to look ugly? the costumes were reallt bad looking)... they could have dones something, and the red eyes were all right (the white milky eyes with pinpoint iriss were not winnders)

There was a good idea somewhere... hmmm... wait let me see, like the wings of the angels while mortal were tatooed behind their back (and it says so much for the entire movie that that was the only good idea). Oh and that the blue eye effect was alays extrenely

The biggest twist in the end (which I am going to spoil becuase I don't want anyone making the mistake of watching the movie), that Micheal has taken the place of Sammael, was so obvious, especially after Raphael said "None of us saw Micheal, but we all felt him here. All force and power and we felt him weaken slowly and slowly until he was suddenly gone." solidified by the fact that after all of the comrades died Gabriel momentarily turned to the dark side and flashed red eyes instead of blue of the "light".

Of course I also somewhat kind of suspected that Micheal would try to lure Gabriel to the darkside and in the end sacrifice his last remaining power for him. All that love going around.

What would have piqued my interest as a girl would have been a continuation of the fact that Amatiel, who had been tricked to becoming mortal by Sammael (the original one) had some fleeting romantic interest in Gabriel in the mortal world, but he's going to forget about it once he returns to home base.

Of course nothing will come of it because Gabriel actually killed himself after he killed all of the fallen. (What a tie), leaving Amatiel as the mortal Jade, looking out of Gabriel's hidey hole in the break of dawn. *sigh* really, nothing is happening iwth the movie.

Okay off to play Resident evil 4. :0
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Before starting the movie, I knew it was going to be 50-50 for me. It was action, something I liked well enough in my movies (not my books) and it was about history, so some good points about it. I was scared that it was going to be entirely bloodchillingly take his head off.

It was.

What was the plot the plot.... ahh yes. Vikings came to North America to steal the land from the natives "savages" and trying to do so kill everyone in the land. For no apparent reason, after they won, they left the Americas and went back leaving a young boy, later on known as Ghost, there. He was found by a Native American (they're actually the Beothuk people of Newfoundland in Canada but that's not movie related) woman who guilttripped the rest of the Elder council into taking on the boy because otherwise, they would be the savages.

Fast forward to fifteen years later, boy is now a man, who can't become an Indian brave because he has not come into terms with his "past". While he's out with his little sister, he leaves said little sister to wander by herself and him to go far of and skin animals. Little sister then goes of, is attacked by Vikings, and by doing so leads Vikings back to her village, where they slaughter everyone. Ghost comes back too late to save anyone and goes into vengeance mode.

The location of the filming was great. Half of the time I was wondering if they cheated using digital graphics or if it really was God's gift to mankind. So it's great for screencaps of nature, I think it's even better than Lord of the Rings for pictures. Even the Pathfinder's house looked great. I wonder and will always wonder how great they got the coloring off this movie. In the end, near spring when they already won, it was washed out, but I believed that was a bit of before and after anyway.

BUT I think that was the only thing going for the movie. There was no plot. There was only bloodletting, head cutting and lots of screaming thumps. (Funny, there was this one scene where a shield is flung over water, but since shield was made of rubber it was FLOATING instead of sinking... they actually had two sets of costumes one metal for show and one rubber for stunts). If I wanted to watch something a bit more substantial with lots of bloodletting, head cutting and screaming thumps, I'd go for Apocalypto. It had a better story, a well thought out plot and good cinematography too. Even the lead actor was better looking. I'd take Rudy Youngblood over Karl Urban any day.

It is a testament to the sad state of this movie that there are a handful of quotable quotes some of them recycled ones: One who lives by the sword, dies by the sword is an old classic. And a predictable one:

Gunnar(big bad viking): I am the last of your kind in this land.
Ghost:I am NOT your kind.


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