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So I was reading over the weekend. a lot of Mai x Zuko Avatar goodness. And out of the blue Charlie x Draco pops up (and I can't even begin to explain the many ways that that's just plain weird... because... I stopped reading Potter at book 2, and the mere fact that I had to look up who the hell Charlie Weasly was in GOOGLE is a mere testament to its weirdness.)

That said, I actually read most of the CharliexDraco fics out there and then slid in to another weird shipfest, Supernatural Castiel x Dean. Oh Well, there, I just can't begin to imagine the ways that that's plain wrong. First off I ship them at the beginning of Season 4, where Castiel was just some ambigous sound and fluttering against the light and burns out Pamela's eyes. (And in this case, though I do KNOW who Castiel is, I had to google the guy to remember his face, becuase it's been a year since I last watched this show.)

Now well, I got into the ship (and my brain was blown into kingdom come) quite literally, and I had to WATCH Castiel in season 4 now, right? So anyway, though this show, Supernatural, is not really scary, and a lot of it is a bit overdone, I really really watch the show because of the humor in it.

I mean really, at the beginning, they pay homage to the X-files by Dean alluding that he and Sam were Scully and Moulder. And the references to a lot of TV shows and real figures are just so hilarious that you have to watch it for mere laughs.

My most FAVORITE episode, though has to be Season 4 Ep 18: The Monster at the End of this Book, wherein a writer ... well writes about them, and Sam and Dean find out. Oh GOD, just coming to terms with their fans was sheer winner. "Oh it gets better." "What's slash?" "You know, Sam SLASH Dean." .... "They do know we're brother's right???" Oh God, face-palm right there. And if in season 1 I didn't care much for the acting I so love it now. Bwahaha, they should have let the writer write up to Castiel. I'd want to know what Dean's reaction to a Cas SLASH Dean is. Bwahaha.

BUT the real winner for me is the prophet's words saying: "Writing yourself in teh story as one thing, but as a prophet? That's M. Night level douchiness."

And there.

That's why Supernatural is a winner for me. Because they're not scared to say the truth. And they're not scared of evil fan girl slash either. It's the entire reason why the show reached Season 6 even though they only planned for 5 seasons.

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Gah. So many places to post!

Date: 2010-10-15 08:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"Writing yourself in teh story as one thing, but as a prophet? That's M. Night level douchiness."

THIS. And the part where Dean's reading about himself sitting in a laundromat, reading about himself sitting in a laundromat. Here be meta!

The bit about M. Night was doubly fun b/c of the relevance with the Avatar live-action adaptation.

What'd you think of season 5 and how the Kripke years ended?

Re: Gah. So many places to post!

Date: 2010-10-15 03:21 pm (UTC)
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Haha yeah so cuuute.

Haha I know. I was laughing the entire season 4 and five. It was soo funy.

I thought that I rather missed the entire epic battle, but through the entire series, I always thought that supernatural wasn't about epic battles but about these skirmishes.

I thought that it was going to lead to an eternal battle of brother against brother, just thought it was a cop out that it wasn't Dean, but then again, this story is a story about redemption and hope. If Dean had been stuck down with Sam, there was nothing pulling either one of them back to the world. Becuase they had each other. Lucifer and Micheal being trapped together, and the world being more of the same, was a good ending, even though it wasn't expected.

Chuck being god/prophet ascended directly into heaven was also a good ending.

I really think that season five, though it didn't end with the way I wanted it to end, was the best possible ending.

besides, they were getting all emo three episodes to the end and I could't stand the angst.

Re: Gah. So many places to post!

Date: 2010-10-27 08:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I don't know...Season 5 felt uneven with all the stand-alone's and the pacing especially after being spoiled with the great plotsy season 4, which was the one that finally hooked me into the series. S4 was so intricate and tied so many previous storylines together while S5 felt like the story was floundering and also that the writers kept the good stuff until the second half of the season. I wasn't expecting an epic battle(a small one would have been nice though) since budget's been cited again and again as a reason why something was cut or why there was so little of another thing.

Curious. Why did you expect an ending where both brothers are eternally fighting in hell or the cage? True that the boys are the vessels and have been feuding for what seems like forever amongst themselves but Kripke kept on saying how Supernatural's about family and free will, so I thought it would be solved the "human" way. The way S5 ended was well enough but there wasn't much chemistry between Michael!Adam and Lucifer!Sam. They just talked and nobody threw a punch until Dean got there. How did you want S5 to end?

Oh, Chuck. Clever plot, clever character. And he got all cleaned up before he ascended! Bye-bye bathrobe. Wonder if we'll see him again.

And gods, yes, there was so much angst (and still is) but then again, it's Supernatural, the angst is normal. Especially with the fallout from the vampire episode. Predicting heavy angst with a good chance of emo brother talks. Can't they just get along?

And I love that pic of Castiel and Dean.

Re: Gah. So many places to post!

Date: 2010-10-27 10:07 am (UTC)
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From: [identity profile]
Ah true, but you see, I only watched the episodes with Castiel, because I ahve board exams so I needed to shorten watching time, so it might be the rason why I didn't feel as cheated as you did. Which in retrospect is probably a bad thing.

No I didn't expect the brothers eternally fighting. I expected Dean to be Micheal at some point and Sam to be Lucifer at some point. Adam was total cop out for me. I just thought that if it ended up that Dean had indeed gone as Micheal and Micheal would do exactly the same thing, then Sam and Dean would be stuck in the cage intead of Adam and Sam. And well Sam was let out with some unexplainable reason. The human way was all right for me. But yes, I didn't like the all the talking in the season ender! Geesh. I liked Chuck writing it out, but everyone talking just seemed to be total anathema to CLIMAX.

Oh totally cleaned up. Looked like a completely different person. Probably not, since the writers really wanted everyone to wonder who the hell Chuck is, which wouldn't happen if he appears because we get to answer questions. Unless he goes incognito... haha well... It's supernatural anything's possible.

Uh no spoilers for anything past 6x3 I had to stop watching to study. I have a major exam tomorrow.

EditYes, it's sooo pretty. I had to add that pic of Castiel and dean :) Now I need one of Charlie draco... (Quite... impossible now that I think about it) to complete the picspam of my shipping this month.

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