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I'm soooo happy, this october, the re-written Masques will finally come out! Although the story is going to be the same (I loved all the characters and the plot), there are some changes which I think will be for the better.

There were some abupt POV changes in the book, from Aralorn to Wolf in one scene which sometimes made for confusing reading. and of course something that most authors with lots of books under their belt never do anymore. So I think she might have fixed these errors.

Anothing thing she fixed is that a lot of Wolf and Aralorn's past is told from backstory and there are new scenes and an entirely new perspective on it.

Not to mention that the original Masques has been out of print for some time now, and in November the sequel, Wolfbane will be out, so a good refresher would be to buy it. I am SOOO happy that my father is going to be in the US this october (and me too if I get my VISA), so that I could get this book!

I can't hold my excitement.

Here's a sample chapter from Patricia Brigg's site ( I hold this mask on my face... )
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