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OMG. The book is very, very aptly named. It's a good thing a few bookstores outside US released this early or I would have gone on a Dresden starvation early.

What to say about the book. Wow. It was... just mroe than most of the other books. It was the "movie" of the Dresden Files. You saw everyone who was still breathing, a lot of things were given "Aha!" moments, and it quite literally was a very surprising, touching and crazy book all together. A lot of sad moments too and the first time that an ending from the Dresden files had me looking for the next release date of the book. (becuase yes, there is this weird cliff hanger at the end of the book! Argh!)

I love the pop culture of this book, and yes, I am always a fan of the sarcasm.

I am just thoroughly amazed at how many women fall at Dresden's feet. It's quite a growing number.

Changes, is truly a big leap, and a definite ending to the Dresden Files as we know it. I wonder what will be next. Damn it. April 2011, I better have time to read this book.

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