Jul. 4th, 2010

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I really tried to like this, but the writing style simply isn't something I would go for. World building is unique, we are at an alternate Boston, where zombies and demons are a result of the plague and are all lumped together in a zone that the humans had called dead town. Enter Victory Vaughn who kills demons for a living. It's unique amongst a saturated market of urban fantasy.

Although a lot of people have read demon killing females before, I promise that Vicky's fights are unique and the demonology, based largely on Welsh Mythos, is also a fresh take.

What I personally didn't like about the book was the writing style. The author falls into the trap of trying to explain her entire world in her initial chapters, which makes reading the story an info dump. There were a lot of cliched lines in the book, in weirdly written sentences: "He died for you, how DARE you dishonor his sacrifice!" see.

Vicky was an uninspiring lead, who also comes across as completely bipolar. In one segment she goes from "You BITCH!" one minute and being sober asking what the world means the next.

And if the lead was uninspiring, her supporting characters were completely unlikeable. Tina was just plain idiotic, Kane was too activist to be likeable, Daniel who was too boring to be remarkable and Juliet thefiller roommate vampire, because urban fantasies need vampires in the stories. Tina through sheer stupidity almost gets the lead killed a dozen times, which she seems barely sorry for and doesn't ever learn from. Kane's lobbying for human rights is always more important than Vicky (understandable, as it really is more important) which, if Vicky does not commit to, or Kane does not give enough down time with Vicky, something I'd rather they broken off completely than keep filling up pages I had to read. In fact, I really wonder why Vicky would actually try and look at these two men when she says if she gives birth, she will lose her shifting powers completely.

The plot was predictable, and not even worth the read through for a mystery. As a social-political book, it lacked the focus on the paranormal's rights because Vicky was not interested in the politics. So, a good world-building, does not make up for a bad plot and extremely unlikeable characters. The book is a waste of time and money. I'd much rather read Lillith St. Crowe's Jill Kismet or Dante Valentine (first two books only) if I wanted to read a demon slaying urban fantasy, or Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson if I wanted to read paranormals trying to get rights for themselves. Both are better written than this.

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