Mar. 30th, 2010

ice_of_dreams: (poison)
How to train your dragon is a story about Hiccup, a kid who lives in a tribe who kills dragons everyday, and has to convince his tribe that they had it wrong all along, and that they could train their dragons.

Another family oriented film from dreamworks. Loved it so much because of Hiccup's wit, his sarcasm, his need to fit into his family when he was obviously an oddball and the way he tried to handle things his way (the stupid and crazy way).

I also loved the cuteness of Toothless, and though he was modelled off Stitch, from Chris Sander's previous works becuase they have the 'same personality flaws' I can't help but love toothless better.

And I really really love the sarcasm, did I mention I love the sarcasm? (And its execution).

Although based off a children's book, How to Train your Dragon has a lot of dissimilarities from the original, first off is the fact that in the book, the Dragons were being trained by the vikings in the first place, not being killed off. And that Hiccup's best friend is a guy named Fishlegs which was replaced by Astrid (voiced by America Ferrera, because obviously, you need a romantic interest in films for the grown ups and that's not quite necessary for a kid's book).

I'm going to buy the DVD as soon as it's out. Does anyone sell 3D DVDs now? haha

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